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  1. Sounds like you have it all figured out? There never was a decision, your wife told you that all along...🤦‍♂️ AF has taken care of you and will continue to “bend over backwards to make life better” for you..so, no real need to elaborate on anything. I wish you well and best of luck. As for your $32k per year added for 5 “extra years” - I’d love to see that math. With many DAL buds getting $75k on up in “bonus”bucks, but we won’t digress so I won’t even go there. In all seriousness, I wish you well, the AF needs you. 🍺🍺
  2. CLASSIC You clearly aren’t going anywhere, just trying to get others to justify your decision - Stick around as long as you can on the govt teat until they no longer want you, and at that point, you’re done (on their terms). Good luck if that’s 2 yrs or so out and the hiring boom is subsiding. But hey, you can tell everyone who don’t care “I was a commander”. A few gems on here that will not fit your narrative but worth considering. I’ll add my own. 1 - Command is overrated these days 2 - If you are behind the curve on promotions and just “always wanted to make LtCol”, we
  3. “are there major differences between reserve select and reserve retired?” yes - age 60. Unless you have (7200) AD ret points, you no longer qualify for Tricare (Reserve) For Life until you reach age 60.
  4. Yes, your supreme leadership has won the worst of the worst status of all services year in and year out for decades. Lead on bro!
  5. Ask “Siri how old is the president?”
  6. bcuziknow


    No I just read the headline 🤦‍♂️ Did I miss something positive? The bonuses to the banking group?
  7. bcuziknow


    For all the sheeple out there - jus sayin~ https://www.expressnews.com/business/article/San-Antonio-s-USAA-Bank-hit-with-85-million-15648840.php
  8. 3. Not entirely correct. Should you take any extended tour 6 mos or greater AD time (i.e. AGR, USERRA and/or LWOP-mil) will count ONLY if you buy it back (for retirement purposes) or pay the equivalent Civ missed FERS deposits.
  9. Sorta correct - a few more variables than you make it sound, but its a plan. For starters, the $5k/yr $125,000 "double dip" theory isn't free. You do have to buy back the FERS time you missed to get retirement monies for it (currently at a rate of 3% mil earnings). It accrues interest if not paid back within 3 yrs/ - of course many already know you cannot collect a AD ret (7200 pnts) and combine that time with a FERS retirement - so, there is an ART (no pun intended) to maximizing the govt checks...but when done correctly, you can safely retire well above 6 figures. bcuziknow….;)
  10. No..2008 forward if you want credit for it.
  11. I hope someone copied the long post I just did...accidentally deleted it? still trying to figure out this site.
  12. What part of this do you all not get? “I’m still active duty and thus don’t qualify for USERRA protection”
  13. BLUF: As you suggested “obviously get the help you need” Re; sleep issues and CPAP - it’s not the “easy rating” some say, it actually requires a rather scientific sleep study which will determine if you in fact have sleep apnea, to what degree, and whether you might require a CPAP or BiPAP machine. If your definition of “panacea” is a 50% rating (requiring CPAP/BiPAP machine) which = $1000ish mo tax free the rest of your life (plus other various benefits), then it’s all relative. NOTE TO SELF: Bilateral plantar fasciitis now = 50% $1000ish mo tax free the rest of your life (plus
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