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  1. cool band but I'll one up you (personal preference)
  2. Part of it was self inflicted. I didn't want to leave where I was living unless it was to commute to an IMA job (which all got bought up by the time I figured out what that was). Had I been open to moving which I wasn't due to my wife's job and me not wanting to leave, I probably could have done that as well. Point is hopefully this works out and hopefully I won't have to deploy again after a short tour I'm on, though it doesn't give me dwell time and technically I'm not protected. Wonder if they will offer me a 2 year bonus when this one is up to get to retirement? My guess is they won't. I think when I signed mine you could do single years at a time? Or maybe 3 years was the min I can't remember. Either way I'm planning on getting no bonus my last 2 years and I also think there's a 98% chance it won't go above the 2020 AVB.
  3. Yeah man see that’s the thing. Everyone says just go to a guard unit but some are highly competitive. Sure if I was willing to commute to one in a place I didn’t want to live (if they even hire me) and probably commute to my airline job, I might have had a chance with that route, but at what cost? The units in the place I will retire and want to live basically told me they had one or 2 slots and every major on active duty at the base, plus a lot of other bases, was rushing it (pre Covid). So that didn’t leave me with many options other than cross train or do IMA/ Cat E reserves which I wasn’t getting much traction with either. After 15 years when I made the decision I didn’t want to completely throw away my retirement and be forced to work for an airline for the following 20. there’s always gonna be hindsight bias but the truth is even now I feel like I did the right thing at the time and don’t regret it. Had I reached my ADSC today, or reached an ADSC with 12 years TAFMS, it would be a different story. Lots of variables to consider.
  4. So I was getting ready to get out and fly for an airline a few years ago. Then covid hit, I withdrew my separation, got a good follow on assignment, and stayed in while taking the 3 year 2020 bonus. After the bonus is up I have 2 years until retirement. I've thought many hours about both options. The uncertainty in March/ April of 2020 was just too great and I boiled it down to this: Stay in and retire (5 years to go). Did a good job saving and investing (though market peaks make my performance/portfolio look good at the moment, who knows in a few years) and shouldn't have to work again after I retire as a Major. If airlines kick back up in a year or 2 oh well, I get a retirement and not having to work. Option 2: get out and hope for the best. If airlines pick up, I'm a genius and make a lot of money but gotta work a while. If things suck for 5 years or more it was a bad decision. Plus not a lot of guard/reserve options during the start of Covid. Option 1 made sense for me. Good assignment and 3 yr bonus. I'll be able to stay in my mws until retirement (God willing). Point is everyone has a different situation, though right now things are looking greener on the outside.
  5. LOL. It is funny that a 100k/yr bonus was recommended and they actually chose to go the opposite direction w/ worse terms (that said this report came out after the 2021 ACP was decided, however the Rand study did not). I just want to hear one person who has been in these conversations explain why they chose to ignore recommendations. If I was a betting man, the status-quo will continue with the 2022 ACP. In 2023 once they realize that a mistake was made, they will up it to the past 35k/yr to get a marginally higher take rate and call it a success.
  6. That's kinda the point of the read. Yeah I'm sure it would be helpful to have people that are qualified, just like it would be more efficient to have all the rights of a personalist so I wouldn't have to keep going to the MPF to get 3x orders amendments because they don't know how to do their job. The argument is, support doesn't support, so we take on more responsibilities or else things don't get done. Doesn't mean that's how our time is best spent, though.
  7. So anybody read the NCMAS final report? I found it bored one day on AMC epubs. Here's a link: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?pdfurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalsecurity.org%2Fmilitary%2Flibrary%2Freport%2F2020%2Fncmas_final_report_20201201.pdf&clen=6750997&chunk=true Chapters 8 (additional duties) and 10 (bonus improvement) stuck out to me. Apparently there was a timeframe for a response from SECDEF of 120 days, but I have no idea where that timeframe lands and as far as I know there hasn't been a response. Pretty interesting read, but it sure seems we are going the opposite direction WRT the bonus. One of the best quotes “'Additional Duties. . . We have an instructor pilot trying to get a forklift license.' —USAF Junior Officer"
  8. I know some guys who have done this assignment and I was looking into it at one point. From what I hear you do receive an ATP (and a very expensive type rating). I believe the TDY was 2 months or so to learn the aircraft. Yes 6 months though I knew a guy that voluntarily extended for an additional 6 months (and when he got back got non Vol’d to UPT, thanks AMC…). Current location Dahfra. Unsure if it’s all PIC or not but you upgrade to IP out there in fairly short order… either way you split primary and secondary and “pic” time isn’t logged anyway. seems like a real cool assignment. Though with AFG shut down not sure on the hrs anymore. I’m sure you can look up the unit in the GAL and email an ADO or something. Good luck!
  9. The problem is if I get tax free the month of Sept, it’s already too late to change my MYPAY contributions to dump in traditional tsp contributions past the 20.5k limit, because when you change your contributions in MYPAY it takes effect the following month (oct). So I would get tax free for sept, but then try to add to my traditional tsp past the 20.5k limit in Oct, which isn’t the month I received tax free. So I don’t know if MYPAY/DFAS or the algorithm is smart enough to realize that and not just kick the money back.
  10. Nope you cannot add more than $20.5k (for cy2022) into a Roth TSP (unless a back door Roth TSP exists as mentioned elsewhere in this thread). My plan is to get to like $20.49k into the Roth at the beginning of the year, and then start dumping into traditional because I will be in a CZTE for almost all of 2022. My question was basically how do I do that through MYPAY and will the MYPAY system realize I’m in a czte etc. my wife has been doing the back door Roth (kinda sounds dirty) for years now but I never considered it could be something I could do via TSP. Imagine trying to get information on how to do that from anybody lol I mean I can barely get a voucher processed correctly let alone find someone that knows what a back door Roth is.
  11. Yeah I read that one before. So my biggest concern is accidentally going over $20.5k and then it locking the additional annual limit ($40.5k traditional) out so I’ll just have to watch it on every paycheck and figure out what month I need to drop the percentage, then on the following month start dropping into the traditional.
  12. I wonder if the system is smart enough to start dumping money past $20.5k into the traditional TSP if I am getting tax free on my pay stubs? Like after a few months I max the $20.5 and it sees I am in a CZTE and starts putting it into my Traditional TSP up to the $61k limit. This MIGHT be something the TSP people know but so far they've been basically unhelpful and always try to pass the buck to DFAS. This I don't really wanna press to test though and will probably have to watch my mypay stubs every month to figure out the exact percentage for my last month in the Roth TSP to shack it just under the $20.5k limit and then set up the next month for the traditional Roth annual additional limit. And yeah just the fact that DFAS and TSP have no idea how to answer my basic questions tells you something
  13. So your last paragraph is where I disagree on the execution. For 2022, the conclusion I came to was to max out my $20,500 in my Roth TSP by putting like 55% of my base pay into it, so I can get it finished in 4 months or so. Then after that is maxed out, I will use the annual addition limit to add another $40.5k into it before the end of the year. I will be receiving tax free for every month but December next year, so I think it's possible. The execution of it is the question. I'm thinking what others have said about DFAS/TSP/mypay whoever tracks this stuff will see that I am getting tax free on my pay stubs and I am guessing I will be able to automatically get up to the 61K annual addition limit, but I will have to press to test. This is all to say that I didn't realize one point: Had I known how this works, every time I got a monthly "tax free" on a mission, I was allowed to contribute to the traditional TSP beyond the $20.5k I put into my Roth TSP. So had I known that, I could have been dumping even more than $20.5k into the TSP every year I've flown missions overseas. That said, sometimes it takes a while for the tax free to hit my pay check, and when you edit your TSP contributions they take effect in the following month, so I don't know how to execute on that if the timing isn't perfectly lined up. Can you contribute to the annual additional limit the month after you receive a tax free? And yeah this process is frustrating and shitty because nobody knows anything when you call, and it looks like I will have to monitor every single monthly pay stub to figure out when to cut the monthly contribution down so I don't go over my roth limit initially, and then my annual additional limit after that.
  14. Thanks, I think I have a shot at maxing it out. Good to know the LES tax free triggers it. Do you have to contribute to the Roth TSP up to $20.5k first or can you contribute to traditional initially? I will have a month where I will not be in a CZTE at the end of year and figured it might be better to contribute to Traditional TSP first, since apparently I can always contribute to the Roth up to $20.5k. By normal contribution limit do you mean the initial $20.5k? Does that mean if I contribute $20.4k into a Roth that i am good to contribute $40k to the traditional, and that if I mess up and contribute $20.6k to the roth that it prevents me from contributing anything to the traditional? I know if you go over the money gets kicked back for the Roth, I just dont know if I am locked out of further contributions to traditional. Viperman: I can find random stuff on what the contribution limits are WRT the amount for normal and additional contributions, but the execution of it is what I wanna get right that can't seem to be answered by anyone. Also, for example, lets say I contribute 50% of my base pay for the first 4 months of the year in Roth and I am stateside, and max out the $20.5k. If I fly into a CZTE in June, does that now mean that I can contribute an additional 50% of my base pay into the Traditional TSP for that month?
  15. So I’ve tried TSP customer service, DFAS and myPers and nobody can explain to me how to allocate past the $20,500 for 2022. I don’t even know how many months I need to be overseas to max it, or if it’s prorated depending on how many months you spend overseas in a calendar year. Has anyone done this and if so how much can I contribute and how many months do I need to be overseas? What happens if I exceed the limits? Once I max the Roth TSP do I need to then reallocate into the traditional TSP or if I go a penny over the 20,500 allotment does it lock it out the traditional TSP? after hours on the phone I have no answers.
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