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  1. I think it all comes down to how bad your eyes are and if you really only want guard/reserve or if you could live with AD. Under the assumption you only want guard/reserve I would do this. 1. If you want to fly heavies, apply for a loadmaster job 1A2XX at the unit you want to fly for. You get a FC2 physical which is less eye intensive but during one of my flight physicals later on, not my initial. I asked about doing the Pilot version when I was a load master and flight med let me. ( I attempted to transfer to be a Helicopter Pilot for the Army). This could potentially show you if you could get medically DQ'd early on. If you want fighters id follow the advice of those who posted before me and go AFE or crew chief. 2. Clep a bunch of classes during your enlisted tech school, they are free the first time you attempt them. I clepped my English classes, math, science, computer basics, Social Science and History. You can even clep public speaking. My point being this will help make up for the time you spent in Basic and your other tech schools. 3. Once you get to your main job I would grind through school and attempt to get flight hours at a 141 school. Assuming you did a 4 year enlistment you should be right on course with your peers. But now you have prior service, a degree, and flight hours. With experience as Aircrew with the Unit you hopefully still want to fly for. If you dont care if you go AD. If you know in your heart of hearts you want to serve then go to the Academy in my opinion. 1. Apply for the Academy 2. Apply for ROTC Disclaimer: I did not go any of those routes but the guard/reserve one is what my friend did and it worked for him. I was AD for 6 years because I wanted free college, I clepped a ton of classes during tech school and then did one or two classes at the education center at my base. I had 80 credits after 6 years because I was slow rolling it. I separated and went to school full time and choose a degree that allowed my Post 911 to pay for my ratings. I applied for the Reserve board as Unsponsored got accepted and I am currently waiting on my dates. If I could do it over again differently I would of at least tried for the Academy or ROTC when I was your age. I believe being prior enlisted makes me more competitive but I don't look down on people who haven't enlisted, infact they seem just as competitive. I don't think hiring only from within is a solid strategy and could potentially limit diversity but I am not currently an Air Force Pilot and know nothing about hiring. So my opinion doesnt mean shit haha. As most active duty pilots were never enlisted before and most of them are great people who all have different backgrounds and methods of becoming AF pilots. Overall if you are floating the idea of joining the Air Force you should probably just go to a school that you want and look at ROTC and then do your PPL in your free time to see if you even enjoy flying. No need to sign anything right now because the Air Force will always be there and you have plenty of time. Good Luck!
  2. AH18 Thanks for the response!
  3. Hey, I looked around and haven't really found any information directly related to unsponsored UPT students who haven't found a unit being assigned a unit. So I was selected with a Primary Unsponsored slot and was under the impression that if an Unsponsored candidate does not find a unit to sponsor them, then the Air Force will find a unit for them. Does anyone know or witnessed an unsponsored UPT student have their unit selected for them because they did not find a unit, how did it work? Were they given a list of units that were critically manned and they choose from the list or did the Air Force email them a set of orders with the Unit on it and that was that (How I feel it would happen). I have a strong feeling that because Unsponsored students automatically track T1's that they would most likely be sent to a Tanker unit or a C-130 Unit, I am not saying this as a negative I am just trying to gauge which units are probably hurting most for pilots in the reserve. So if you know anyone who went the unsponsored route and did not find a unit in time and had the Air Force find one for them if you wouldnt mind sharing your story or theirs I would be interested in reading that, and if you have opinions on what you imagine the Air Force would do feel free to post that also. Thanks
  4. HDESP

    USF (det 158) rated slots/ questions

    Hey I was enlisted and didn't separate till I was 25, my advice is you've got plenty of time so do not worry too much. Utilize Tuition assistance the best you can and try completing some cleps. I clepped the shit out of some classes and it saved me a ton of time. I think there is a limit to how much cleps you can use towards a degree but its free so why not do it if you think you can pass it. Go to the education office and talk with one of the colleges nearby and take a few classes or register online for a school and keep pushing. The good news is some of the training you received in the Air Force colleges will count as credits and that will put you closer to your Degree. A different path is I think you can apply to the Prep school for the Academy if you are under the age of 22 and are Single with no Dependents. This could be a path, I knew a guy who wasn't that smart and he managed it. Anyways keep pushing you have got plenty of time.
  5. Yeah, I was prior enlisted and I dont feel like I have an advantage. I would suggest getting some flight hours and at least get past your solo. I have only seen a few squadrons demand a PPL. Good luck!
  6. HDESP

    OTS Chances...

    I think personally you have a very strong chance. Just apply. Is your goal to become a pilot? Are you trying to stay AD or is guard and reserve something that interests you. Either way 4.0 GPA, 99 PILOT, none of your other scores are low (in my opinion), Your PCSM is pretty high considering you have 1 flight hour. If youre going for pilot, id stick with that as I believe you will have no problem at all.
  7. HDESP

    Honest feedback

    Averages were PCSM 83 GPA 3.22 Flying hours 86 But those averages were for Last reserve board and I do not believe they play a huge role in selection for anything really. Id also like to re-iterate I am in a similar position as you and I am in no way qualified to answer these questions, just my opinion from what I have been told when I asked similar questions. Just be the best person you can be and take the time to visit the Units you want to join. If they like you, your scores will matter much less. I know its not the answer either of us want because it would be great to have a specific threshold to meet and then they hire you off the bat, but because the way Reserve and Guard hire for their unit its really up to each unit individually to decide who they want as long as that person meets the minimum scores required. Maybe someone more qualified will answer, either way good luck!
  8. HDESP

    Honest feedback

    I don't imagine any unit would care if you were selected by another unit. I could almost see that attempting to use it as leverage will be seen as a negative, as it seems kind of manipulative. I was recently picked up for unsponsored but I can tell you the average scores for the board I was on was P91 N72 AA60 V63 Q55. From what I have heard from asking around other units the whole person concept is what they initially go off of and if they have two people they really like then it goes down to the scores. You didnt post your GPA or PCSM or Flying hours so I am not sure I can form an accurate opinion on your scores other than good job on the Pilot portion of the AFOQT. Id personally like to say congratulations on receiving heavies, I was a previous 1A251 and being apart of a crew was what made the job fun and exciting. I can understand wanting to try for fighters as its probably your only opportunity to do it now, but I dont think viewing your heavy unit as leverage does well for the whole person concept. I could almost see it as a negative if you mentioned it because just getting a position in a unit is something people are currently fighting to receive. Kind of like dating a girl and telling her if a hotter girl accepts you then you're going to bounce. Anyways good luck applying but if it doesn't happen I am sure you are going to love heavies! Imagine all the bathroom breaks in flight and food you can cook in the ovens.
  9. HDESP

    What step(s) do I take

    There is a program that lets you go to the academy I think before you are 22, I say forget about doing your CDC's as they are pointless unless your supervisor told you to do them by a certain date. I think finding out about that academy program is your cheapest, safest bet in getting what you want. Edit: https://www.airforce.com/frequently-asked-questions/high-school,college/what-are-the-eligibility-requirements-for-the-air-force-academy-or-prep-school I wouldnt worry about AFOQT or PCSM yet either, if you haven't started school you have a long long time before they become relevant.
  10. HDESP


    I ran into three people who are in ROTC saying there is a program or option that isnt talked about much for people to go from ROTC to Reserve/ANG. I am not sure on how it works but the vibe I got is that they essentially get hired before they graduate.
  11. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Thanks man, have fun with your future classes!
  12. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Thank you everyone for the responses, I am currently building up a PDF package that I can email and a few print outs that Ill place in folders. Ill definitely check out BogiDope.
  13. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Fighters would be very cool, but I am mostly Aiming for C17 or depending on the Location the C130J
  14. Hello! I am a prior enlisted load master for 6 years. Separated to go to school full time. I currently have my PPL and Instrument Rated, approximately halfway with my Commercial. I am 27 years old. AFOQT Pilot: 82 Nav: 88 Acad Aptitude: 63 Verbal:95 Quantitative: 27 PCSM: 81 At the time of the test I had 115 hours but now I have about 150 I am expecting to finish the year with just over 200 hours and with my current scores that should give me an 85 PCSM. Currently have one more full semester of school till I achieve my B.S in Aeronautics and holding a 3.92 GPA What I would like to do is get a job either guard or reserve in an actual aircraft in a decent location. I am not picky. I currently submitted a package for un-sponsored May board with hopes that If I do get accepted that will help me seem more appealing. Fingers Crossed. Let me know what you think my chances are and if you have any information that you believe would be helpful! All is welcome.