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  1. HDESP

    Honest feedback

    Averages were PCSM 83 GPA 3.22 Flying hours 86 But those averages were for Last reserve board and I do not believe they play a huge role in selection for anything really. Id also like to re-iterate I am in a similar position as you and I am in no way qualified to answer these questions, just my opinion from what I have been told when I asked similar questions. Just be the best person you can be and take the time to visit the Units you want to join. If they like you, your scores will matter much less. I know its not the answer either of us want because it would be great to have a specific threshold to meet and then they hire you off the bat, but because the way Reserve and Guard hire for their unit its really up to each unit individually to decide who they want as long as that person meets the minimum scores required. Maybe someone more qualified will answer, either way good luck!
  2. HDESP

    Honest feedback

    I don't imagine any unit would care if you were selected by another unit. I could almost see that attempting to use it as leverage will be seen as a negative, as it seems kind of manipulative. I was recently picked up for unsponsored but I can tell you the average scores for the board I was on was P91 N72 AA60 V63 Q55. From what I have heard from asking around other units the whole person concept is what they initially go off of and if they have two people they really like then it goes down to the scores. You didnt post your GPA or PCSM or Flying hours so I am not sure I can form an accurate opinion on your scores other than good job on the Pilot portion of the AFOQT. Id personally like to say congratulations on receiving heavies, I was a previous 1A251 and being apart of a crew was what made the job fun and exciting. I can understand wanting to try for fighters as its probably your only opportunity to do it now, but I dont think viewing your heavy unit as leverage does well for the whole person concept. I could almost see it as a negative if you mentioned it because just getting a position in a unit is something people are currently fighting to receive. Kind of like dating a girl and telling her if a hotter girl accepts you then you're going to bounce. Anyways good luck applying but if it doesn't happen I am sure you are going to love heavies! Imagine all the bathroom breaks in flight and food you can cook in the ovens.
  3. HDESP

    What step(s) do I take

    There is a program that lets you go to the academy I think before you are 22, I say forget about doing your CDC's as they are pointless unless your supervisor told you to do them by a certain date. I think finding out about that academy program is your cheapest, safest bet in getting what you want. Edit: https://www.airforce.com/frequently-asked-questions/high-school,college/what-are-the-eligibility-requirements-for-the-air-force-academy-or-prep-school I wouldnt worry about AFOQT or PCSM yet either, if you haven't started school you have a long long time before they become relevant.
  4. HDESP


    I ran into three people who are in ROTC saying there is a program or option that isnt talked about much for people to go from ROTC to Reserve/ANG. I am not sure on how it works but the vibe I got is that they essentially get hired before they graduate.
  5. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Thanks man, have fun with your future classes!
  6. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Thank you everyone for the responses, I am currently building up a PDF package that I can email and a few print outs that Ill place in folders. Ill definitely check out BogiDope.
  7. HDESP

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    Fighters would be very cool, but I am mostly Aiming for C17 or depending on the Location the C130J
  8. Hello! I am a prior enlisted load master for 6 years. Separated to go to school full time. I currently have my PPL and Instrument Rated, approximately halfway with my Commercial. I am 27 years old. AFOQT Pilot: 82 Nav: 88 Acad Aptitude: 63 Verbal:95 Quantitative: 27 PCSM: 81 At the time of the test I had 115 hours but now I have about 150 I am expecting to finish the year with just over 200 hours and with my current scores that should give me an 85 PCSM. Currently have one more full semester of school till I achieve my B.S in Aeronautics and holding a 3.92 GPA What I would like to do is get a job either guard or reserve in an actual aircraft in a decent location. I am not picky. I currently submitted a package for un-sponsored May board with hopes that If I do get accepted that will help me seem more appealing. Fingers Crossed. Let me know what you think my chances are and if you have any information that you believe would be helpful! All is welcome.