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  1. Recently went through the HC- schoolhouse being -38 trained. My stick partner was also -38 trained, and we didn't have many CRM issues, rather a pretty big personality conflict. Personally, once I realized that being more proactive as both PM/PF rather than just doing what the checklist said things got exponentially better, and was a pretty good primer for going to my OPS unit. Also studying* effectively** as I had 2 other aircraft to compare to when it came to systems, terminology and application meant I was translating relatable things rather than starting from zero. I didn't understand TOLD outside of the basics and SEROC post UPT, and after the schoolhouse and a few conversations with IPs it clicked. For the most part all of the new copilots that have come in the last year and a half are up to speed and willing to learn. We have three separate syllabi to complete post Kirtland before we're CMR, and I got those done fairly quickly due to manning and IRF requirements.
  2. And I've only seen two 11F select to 11S selects, and yes one did end up washing out from the V-22 FTU at Kirtland. Last I heard he was up for an FEB. *Edit - deleted comment mentioned above info.
  3. Since JSUPT 18-01, V-22s have dropped from -38s, -1s, H-1s...I've seen a couple IFF washouts (read -38s) get re-classed to them as well.
  4. Anyone around in the HC/MC-J community? I'm a recent UPT grad, HC to Moody with an option to trade for an MC to Cannon. Know a bit about the HC, more so trying to get MC info. Thanks.
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