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  1. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and will offer you some help. If you’re interested, DM me your latest application. I’ll take a look at it and will offer my genuine advice. Disclosures: 1. @matmacwc is far more knowledgeable than myself. 2. I’ve never been on a hiring board, thus my opinions and criticisms are inherently limited in value Edit: Grammar
  2. You’ve been “listening” for the past several years and you haven’t been hired by a squadron yet? On top of that, you’re giving attitude to a bro that’s been-there, done-that? I have an idea why you haven’t been hired. Anyways.....
  3. A quick refuel at Taco Bell gives everyone that capability
  4. I can’t knowledgeably speak to the military side of this issue but I have some knowledge basis on the medical side and want to make a small suggestion based on my personal experience. If your nodules have any size to them whatsoever (.25cm or greater) I would request a FNA biopsy. It’s quick, covered by insurance, and painless (22g needle), and (assuming your doc gets a quality sample) can either get you an early diagnosis or can virtually eliminate an immediate major concern, giving you peace of mind. When it comes back negative, monitor until you can’t....when it’s time for it to go, rip that sucker out and don’t look back. If it comes back positive; obvious surgical removal. Go to a specialist who does the procedure 5x per week or more. I personally would stay away from an ablation-type procedure. Microwave is still too relatively untested for my or my family’s taste. Alcohol ablations; well tested but ehh. My personal experience: 1) My wife has had graves for years....have spent countless late nights doing research and have seen many docs about it. She’s been through the FNA (thankfully negative) and we are currently monitoring/waiting until her thyroid can’t keep up anymore...at that time we’ll call the surgeon (already picked out). 2) I worked in the medical field for years with a direct involvement with thyroid biopsies and thyroid ablations, as well as the studies/research involving both. 3) I close friend of mine (spoke to him about exactly this less than a week ago) got his neck checked out years ago in a matter of sheer coincidence. Thyroid came back enlarged and with nodules, decided to FNA, came back positive and had immediate total removal in addition to a few lymph nodes. Last piece of advice, as I’m sure you’ve been told, thyroid nodules are much more common in women than males. Read the statistics. Make sure you educate yourself and stay on top of this. Again, I have no clue what this means about your desired future military service. You didn't start this thread asking for medical advice and I apologize for giving it to you unsolicited. This is just a topic that has immediate impact in my own life and I have some fire in my gut about it. I’m not an MD, DO, RPA, Nurse, or specialist. Listen to what those guys and gals have to say...I’m just a guy from the internet.
  5. Would someone mind DM’ing me the specifics, eligibility requirements, etc. on this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well you certainly have a unique background! I have absolutely no clue what accredation the “School of Discipleship” has but to even be considered to be a USAF pilot you’ll need a Bachelors degree. After graduating with a bachelors degree (preferably with high GPA; >3.0) you will be eligible to attend OTS and so on. If the school you’re in now doesn’t grant bachelors degrees then you’ll need to find, and enroll in, a college that does. If this is the case, then you are, unfortunately, in for a long, uphill battle as most (Guard and reserve) fighter units won’t entertain applicants >28yo. Your best course of action today would be to call a recruiter (or ROTC program) and get an AFOQT and TBAS test scheduled. Without either of those, you won’t be able to apply for anything and no one on this forum will be able to give you an accurate evaluation. Also, look into a local flight school and buy a discovery flight to make sure you actually enjoy flying. TL;DR- get a bachelors degree, take AFOQT and TBAS, apply. Truth is, you’re late to the game right now. If you truly want this, it’s still yours for the taking. But you need to get on this ASAP
  7. @engeguy Yes, you can be selected for the AD UPT board, turn it down, and still be hired in a Guard UPT Board. Also, last I was aware, if you turn down UPT for AD and then decide to apply AD again (for whatever reason), you will most likely not be selected for an AD board again. As with anything else, nothing is impossible, but if you bail on AD to try your luck at the Guard and come up short, you’re likely SOL.
  8. Hoss, save your advice for someone who genuinely wants it. This guy Seadogs is just another low-level troll.
  9. Troll. If you’re gonna waste everyone’s time, at least make it funny
  10. If we’re throwing out ideas here, get some engineers to design a large waterproof vacuum seal storage bag and sink the jets for 24hrs.
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