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  1. I personally know a handful of Guard guys (already through OTS) that have been told that the ANG “ran out of UPT dates through FY20” and they will have to wait until at least Oct.
  2. “And this section right here lists all the girls I took on dates but never slept with”
  3. +1. I would like to add that while having a PPL unquestionably helps, it’s not a hardline requirement for many fighter squadrons these days. More than a few recent “off the street” bros have been hired without a PPL. Source: Anecdotal evidence
  4. Would someone mind DM’ing me the specifics, eligibility requirements, etc. on this? Thanks in advance.
  5. @engeguy Yes, you can be selected for the AD UPT board, turn it down, and still be hired in a Guard UPT Board. Also, last I was aware, if you turn down UPT for AD and then decide to apply AD again (for whatever reason), you will most likely not be selected for an AD board again. As with anything else, nothing is impossible, but if you bail on AD to try your luck at the Guard and come up short, you’re likely SOL.
  6. Hoss, save your advice for someone who genuinely wants it. This guy Seadogs is just another low-level troll.
  7. Troll. If you’re gonna waste everyone’s time, at least make it funny
  8. If we’re throwing out ideas here, get some engineers to design a large waterproof vacuum seal storage bag and sink the jets for 24hrs.
  9. I used their services and was hired shortly afterwards, I believe in large part because of it. I thought it was worthwhile and would definitely suggest it if you have the means. There wasn’t any groundbreaking information, per se, but the feedback I received was relevant, valuable and actionable. Ultimately, it’s up to you to get hired. Getting consulting is not a “make or break” thing, but if you decide to use their consulting services, you will be better off because of it. If you go through with it, make sure you are well prepared and take detailed notes.
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