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  1. PilotCandidate

    Not being a SNAP

    Hoss, save your advice for someone who genuinely wants it. This guy Seadogs is just another low-level troll.
  2. PilotCandidate

    Upcoming Boards

    Troll. If you’re gonna waste everyone’s time, at least make it funny
  3. PilotCandidate

    Hurricane Michael

    All I know is that I want that drill
  4. PilotCandidate

    Car loans and interest rates

    That’s a logical thought process and you’ll likely be fairly successful while the economy grows. Recessionary periods will be more challenging but as long as you borrow responsibly you will be perfectly fine. Financial discussions and strategies can be argued to the same level as religion and politics. I happen to be on the other side as you when it comes to car loans but if it works for you then fantastic! To each their own.
  5. PilotCandidate

    Car loans and interest rates

    If you already have the appropriate cash reserves set aside, have enough cash flow each month to comfortably pay off the debt (in good markets and bad), AND you can put that money into an investment vehicle that will very very likely appreciate at a higher rate than 1.49%, then sure, go for it. Debt is just a tool. You can choose to use it, you can choose not to use it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it by any means I handle my money similar to @waveshaper in that 99% of the time I’m going in with cash....but with enough cashflow and savings, I’m more than happy to take on some cheap* debt if it’ll bring future cash flow
  6. PilotCandidate

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Hurricane Michael
  7. PilotCandidate

    Hurricane Michael

    If we’re throwing out ideas here, get some engineers to design a large waterproof vacuum seal storage bag and sink the jets for 24hrs.
  8. PilotCandidate

    Grumpy MC Driver

  9. PilotCandidate

    Stocks for Dummies (Aviators)

    @Craftsman Certainly no expert myself either but I mostly agree with avoiding mutual funds. Target date mutual funds even moreso. If indexes are good enough for Buffets family they’re good enough for me. With that being said, you can still find a handful of mutuals that have consistently outperformed SPY and VOO every year for the last 20 and have low fees. Dave Ramsey has some videos on the topic. Like with everyone else, I take what he says with a grain of salt. But good mutual funds are still out there if you do the research.
  10. I used their services and was hired shortly afterwards, I believe in large part because of it. I thought it was worthwhile and would definitely suggest it if you have the means. There wasn’t any groundbreaking information, per se, but the feedback I received was relevant, valuable and actionable. Ultimately, it’s up to you to get hired. Getting consulting is not a “make or break” thing, but if you decide to use their consulting services, you will be better off because of it. If you go through with it, make sure you are well prepared and take detailed notes.
  11. PilotCandidate

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

  12. PilotCandidate

    AFOQT scores too low?

    Your AFOQT scores are low but everything else looks pretty good. Keep studying and retake it ASAP as you’re starting to get in age waiver territory. Other than that you look plenty competitive to me. Keep visiting units, don’t get discouraged, and get your AFOQT scores up. If you can get all those scores up >70 I’m willing to bet you’ll get hired sooner rather than later. Good luck!
  13. PilotCandidate

    Upcoming Boards

    @ayz33 Dude, you’ll get picked up with that background. Go visit units as soon as financially possible. I (personally) can’t give you any specific advice on how early a unit will or will not hire, but go meet the guys/gals at the squadrons you’re interesed in ASAP. The sooner you visit, the better off you’ll be. Prior E with 99 pilot and 93 pcsm is pretty dang strong. Good Luck!