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  1. ANG pilots are absolutely eligible to attend TPS. I know this for a fact because I personally know an ANG pilot currently at TPS. Unfortunately, I don’t know much in regards to the challenges (or any potential additional challenges) a Guard pilot faces in regards to TPS. I’m under the impression it’s challenging to get in regardless of where you come from. I’d extend as far to say that if you’re in the ANG, you qualify, and want it bad enough you’ll find a way in (sts). Hopefully someone on here has a bit more info for you.
  2. @Splash95 I can’t speak in regards to Vance because I’m at Laughlin, but if “class cohesiveness” is your concern then why not take the house and invite the dudes/dudettes over every weekend/every other weekend for a get together? Or have a standing invitation for week-night studying at your place? Out here the neighborhoods are always busy on Friday nights while the dorms are quiet. Lots of ways to skin a cat. If I were you I’d take the house and open it up to your class when you start. Best of both worlds. Just my .02
  3. I believe Guard will put you on Title 10. This is a screenshot from my actual UPT orders for the Guard.
  4. If the reports are true I hope some Spooks at least had a helping hand in his death. It would be a shame if Kim were to die of natural causes.
  5. 10. 1 died from being chopped up and fed to his wife’s tigers
  6. Checks. From Cathy Rico: ”- Working with AETC A1, AU and AFPC, we've turned off inbound student flow to Laughlin for the next 90-120 days or so in order to prevent over pressurizing the housing situation and compromising Lee's ability to allow his students to maintain social distancing. Lt Gen Hecker and AU will accept the graduates who don't already have a permanent Air Force home. Lt Gen Hecker reports that AU has both space and meaningful work for these officers in the short term” As far as I know, the 3 June 20 class has been told to push. All beyond that can expect the delay. See you out there @elvis
  7. I start UPT at Laughlin at roughly the same time. Go to the housing website (https://www.laughlinfamilyhousing.com) and fill out an application for a house. You can’t get on the “waiting list” until 60 days out but you can apply and follow up at the 60 day mark. From what I’ve been told there should be housing available for you and your wife. They seem like they’re on top of it (sts) but if you don’t hear back from them you can contact Melinda Velasquez at melinda.velasquez@huntcompanies.com. She is a “Resident Service Specialist”.
  8. I personally know a handful of Guard guys (already through OTS) that have been told that the ANG “ran out of UPT dates through FY20” and they will have to wait until at least Oct.
  9. “And this section right here lists all the girls I took on dates but never slept with”
  10. +1. I would like to add that while having a PPL unquestionably helps, it’s not a hardline requirement for many fighter squadrons these days. More than a few recent “off the street” bros have been hired without a PPL. Source: Anecdotal evidence
  11. Would someone mind DM’ing me the specifics, eligibility requirements, etc. on this? Thanks in advance.
  12. @engeguy Yes, you can be selected for the AD UPT board, turn it down, and still be hired in a Guard UPT Board. Also, last I was aware, if you turn down UPT for AD and then decide to apply AD again (for whatever reason), you will most likely not be selected for an AD board again. As with anything else, nothing is impossible, but if you bail on AD to try your luck at the Guard and come up short, you’re likely SOL.
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