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  1. For all of you flying with large iPads, where do you mount them/what case do you use?
  2. I read that decal as TAILFUN on the first take
  3. https://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/air_carrier/enhanced_pilot_training/ they're all linked to from here, as well as the new sim requirements
  4. https://www.stearmanflyin.com and https://cessna120140.com/convention/ around Labor Day
  5. I ended up buying it, flew it home from Iowa the other week. Insurance $980/year, hangar $230/month, and however much MX ends up costing. Far from the best performer on the airfield but still faster than a J3 Cub, had to keep flaps down for this one to keep up with me.
  6. I would but flying clubs/schools in my state and nearby are closed. Road trip and hotel/bnb across the country to FL schools offering block time building rental is the option I'm weighing against.
  7. Here's a S. Korean surgical and cotton (not N95) mask effectiveness study to add some fuel to the fire. https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2764367/effectiveness-surgical-cotton-masks-blocking-sars-cov-2-controlled-comparison According to this, coughing with a surgical or cotton mask on when you got the 'rona is like farting with a flight suit on when you had a greasy chimichanga.
  8. no more than 1 passenger 69% of the time. I was initially thinking 4-seater to be able to easily fly for things like Pilots'n'Paws and PALS. But my primary mission is getting any sort of flying time ASAP. I've been reading about RVs and and looking at listings for sale. But even a Cub/Champ or C150/PA-28-140 would do for now. I haven't flown in 8 months since UPT graduation, currently in a penalty holding pattern with the Guard Bureau waiting for Herk school dates (long story). With the GA market expected to go down, I may end up buying high now anyway just to get hours and accept the loss in value.
  9. I've been looking at Bonanzas, Mooneys, and the like. I've done many XC trips in a rented Bonanza and loved flying it. I'm still very early on in my research on what airframes are pitfalls/nonstarters and how to tell market value for certified a/c. Something like this looks awesome but I have no idea if it's worth 60k and how it would hold up value: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/122535405/1959-beechcraft-k35-bonanza Everything about RVs from what I've read is appealing to me but I wonder if you need a buddy mechanic that's good with them. Dream is to build one eventually but won't have the time in the foreseeable future. Market fall or not, sounds like better to wait till after the summer to buy.
  10. How much do people think the GA aircraft prices and cost of maintenance will drop as a result of the projected recession? I'm thinking of buying something soon to get more hours as my flying club is closed. Or make some more friends who own and wouldn't mind adding me to the insurance. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2020/march/30/aircraft-market-reacts-to-the-coronavirus
  11. Archive.org is making all of its books available without a waitlist right now, they have a shitload of aviation and mil history titles. Ex: Forever Flying by Bob Hoover https://archive.org/details/foreverflying00rabo You can "borrow" and then download to read in Adobe Digital Editions app
  12. Bobsan


    So what kind of prenup should pilots get before marrying someone? Would your wife be legally required to know about or have access to all or any of your assets?
  13. Are any of the T-6 IP squadrons undermanned?
  14. Bobsan


    Anyone done or heard of an unsponsored reservist doing a VLPAD tour straight out of UPT? Or for a Guard guy not completing fighter pipeline or whose unit went to RPAs? If so, how would assignments work to an initial airframe?
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