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  1. Most/all fighters are that way nowadays. 150+ for most I'd wager
  2. So you were picked up and your unit isn't helping you but referred you to a recruiter? I thought you usually swear in before going to Wright-Patt and certainly before OTS. I'm pretty sure you don't set up the WP visit on your own and they should be getting your OTS dates for you
  3. They're not even in production yet. Boeing STL still trying to work that out..
  4. Just got back from Park City this morning. There were tons of kids off on their own or with the instructors. Lots of green options with many blue and also blacks. There's ski resorts, or rentals down the way and a nice little main street for eating and shopping, if you're into that. I was also just there during "peak week" so not sure what the crowds will look like during other times
  5. No, but they viewed my video yesterday so they're going through packages
  6. Why avoid DoDMERB? You'll have to go through MEPS which is much more invasive if I remember correctly.
  7. Looks like there's one right by Sheppard. Anyone have experience there?
  8. I've got it on Audible..some people are complaining of the narrator but I don't mind it at 1.25x. Haven't finished yet so I can't comment on the book itself just yet. Still trying to finish "About Face"
  9. Anybody know of any modern books that are similar to Thud Ridge?
  10. Not sure why you're so riled up about this. I'm just saying I'm not just a kid who just came out of high school. See you at Sheppard
  11. This is the main point I was driving at. Those are the things I don't see in some of the dudes in my class that I've been around for 3 years now. I joined the program after a few years with stripes and some industry experience and that's what I see from others. Not claiming to know what makes somebody a good pilot because I haven't been there yet, but there are some obvious factors and traits people have to have as others have eluded to in this thread. I just expect that they're capable of changing for the better like a few others in here who weren't so hot out of the gate. Also, if you're talking PCSM scores too..some with scores in the 20's or less getting slots
  12. Thanks for the response. What do you consider to be the most important traits in students?
  13. I'm not saying just how somebody is as a college student will be the only thing that determines how good of a pilot they are, not sure where you're picking that up. I'm talking about combinations of all three. The TYPES of people which include lack of drive, effort, and aptitude. Are those not all important traits? Enlighten me.
  14. Are you saying it doesn't make any difference at all?
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