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  1. I was prior E and I’ve spent enough time here on this forum to know the state of things, at least second hand.
  2. I'm not even commissioned yet and i'm disillusioned, hence my urge to go guard
  3. ayz33

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Anyone know of the Navy t-6 down at KCPS since last week? One pilot hauled off in ambulance after emergency landing. Not much that i know besides it may have been some sort of depressurization or PE of some sort. I got secondhand info from someone who heard it on the radio. Hope they're ok
  4. ayz33

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Is this intended to eventually replace UPT completely? If so, do they have a timeline for implementation if it is successful?
  5. It's very surprising that ELP's are skipped altogether. It seems like leadership is assuming the 'risk' and cost of a downed aircraft. So there is no training on emergencies altogether? What about troubleshooting? I guess I'm trying to see both sides of the picture. It doesn't sound as easy to perform an off field landing in a t-6 as it does a Cirrus... When a dead stick does happen, wherever, wouldn't a couple lessons be beneficial if it means that a plane/pilot was saved versus another that didn't quite make it due to lack of decision making training in the situation?
  6. I've only done civilian flight training so far(no upt yet) and reading this thread blows my mind...
  7. ayz33

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Your inbox is full
  8. ayz33

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Not to my knowledge. I should have mentioned I was still in ROTC. I have a form 2351 that shows a granted waiver but i'd like to have the actual waiver for ease of understanding and clarification.
  9. ayz33

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Where can i get a copy of my actual waiver? DodMERB told me they don't get copies and it's not on their website. I know it was granted but i'm trying to apply to units and this would make it easier rather than sending in all my surgery papers if I already had an approved waiver. Thanks!
  10. So what if it's only one of those things?
  11. ayz33

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

    You are making a couple false assumptions.."it is well known"..and premises. I suggest you research the laws of thermodynamics as well. There is nothing to be discovered
  12. ayz33

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    +1...not just you. But to be frank it's usually men that perpetuate their behavior. All it takes is one to put her in check
  13. ayz33

    Unsponsored Board

    Awesome information. Seems like my best bet would to to contact the 3 units i would like to fly for and see if i can get sponsored before i even submit on sept 30th. Do you think they'll be open to hiring so quick since its a slot that's already paid for ?
  14. ayz33

    Unsponsored Board

    The RCP-R program just came out for CY2020 ROTC graduates. I had a few questions for anyone out here who may know a thing of two about it. Are the pilot slots from this program the same ones that units already have, or am i still up 'against' other people who may apply to their boards? I was looking to get hired by a fighter unit somewhere either in the ANG or the AFR and of course it's highly competitive but i like this extra option though i feel i have less 'control' over where i may end up which is what i liked about the freedom of being able to apply to boards for hiring units instead of my name being placed in a hat. Do I need to be sponsored by someone by the time i submit my package (sept 30)? If i do not get sponsored by that point, do i stay unsponsored until i manage to find a unit to sponsor me? What if someone wants to sponsor me but it's not necessarily a unit i 'want' to end up at, do i have an option to decline and hold out until i receive a sponsorship from a preferred unit? To take this a bit further, can i stay unsponsored all the way until I (hopefully?) end up at ENJJPT in an attempt to get seated in a fighter somewhere? If i do get sponsored by a fighter unit, can i still attend ENJJPT? Will i just be assigned to RegAF if this were to occur? If I do submit my paperwork for this, can i still pursue Guard units as well to maximize my options for fighters? My info: 7 year enlisted ANG. AFOQT 99P/84AA/81V/76Q. PCSM 93. ~160 hours Instrument rated working on commercial and multi. 3.6+GPA ~95-96 PT I know this is a lot but there is little time to decide and this is an amazing source for information. Thanks all.
  15. ayz33

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    I'd love to have a seat in the 117!