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  1. There's a nap or two somewhere in there
  2. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Is it just me or do reserve units seem to hire less? There's a couple I really have my eye on but i haven't seen much from them. Do they do things a little different? One unit told me they wouldn't be hiring for a couple years which seemed quite odd
  3. As someone who isn't even a part of this community (yet?) I know my word means all, but it pains me to see the way things are going and the post above is what I, and many others, long for more than any other part of the job. I hope there's guys out there with some balls risking whatever it takes to maintain that strong sense of camaraderie, legacy, and brotherhood that cannot be found anywhere else.
  4. I have applied and interviewed at a unit and i am halfway through junior year, so its possible to get hired in that time frame (i didnt). It usually takes over a year to get started with OTS anyways(if youre not rotc). Sounds like you'll have to take the tbas still after your afoqt, they'll throw your app out if it's incomplete
  5. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone know Buckley's general hiring schedule? Also any other pertinent information would be cool too
  6. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    If you get invited in the first place..
  7. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    How many generally show for interviews?
  8. ayz33

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    it's in the 50's now..at least it was last year. Pretty incredible. The year before it was in the 60's
  9. ayz33

    Good military/aviation books

    You can choose the different book options(hard/soft cover/collectible/kindle) if the book has an audio version. There aren't free streamable books with prime on audible anymore, i think they got rid of them and replaced them with shows that probably won't interest you. if you have kindle unlimited 'some' books come with an audiobook version as well
  10. ayz33

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Every takeoff is a soft field takeoff
  11. ayz33

    Concept aircraft

    Black widow, always loved the looks of it
  12. ayz33

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    .32?? How would that even happen considering there was another worker there who was just on break for a short while
  13. ayz33

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    Definitely a stroke hearing this...scary stuff
  14. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Good email, hopefully see some from here out there next month!
  15. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    I got word today