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  1. ayz33

    The new airline thread

    Well this is inspiring
  2. Well i am on contract already which is why i was wondering why it HAD to be before junior year even if one is already contracted
  3. Any updates out there? I noticed a posting for Dover and they mentioned as one of the education options "or in a current Air Force ROTC scholarship program and before your junior year of college" I am asking since I am about to go into my junior year and i have already contacted several units who told me to contact them next year, but this contradicts what they were saying. What does this mean and why does it have to be before junior year? I can e-mail the contact on the posting if i can't find my answer here.
  4. Oldguy hit most of your questions pretty solid I'd say. But I think easily one of the highest priorities to give you the best shot possible should be to get your PPL or at least some flight hours. I live in the Lou so you can contact me if you want some ideas for where to achieve that. You've got the time and hopefully the $ as well to make it happen
  5. I'd say if you're willing to go all the way through ROTC until you find out whether or not you get a pilot slot, you better be willing to crush it along the way and do as good as you possibly can. If you go into it half-assed you would have wasted 3 years worth of ROTC time if you just end up dropping and going to OTS for a guard/reserve unit. Nowadays you can go through ROTC and still end up going guard/reserves by going through the same process as everyone else. Talking to units and sitting on a board and getting hired, only difference is you don't go through OTS (obviously). If you don't get hired by guard/reserve units for whatever reason(usually meaning you didn't try enough units and put in enough work to sell yourself) then you still have ROTC as a backup. Go out there and get your private, study, work out, do well within ROTC and make some great friends along the way.
  6. Thank you, i was in the 131st
  7. Reserves at whiteman...close enough i guess
  8. Can't wait for them to buzz under the Arch here. Probably at whiteman right?
  9. ayz33

    Space Force

    Glad to know i won't be messing with NDB's (i hope??)
  10. ayz33

    Space Force

    WAAS/RAIM seems pretty legit to me, but what do i know
  11. ayz33

    What's your favorite mission?

    Sounds about right
  12. Advise when ready to copy full route clearance
  13. ayz33

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Does gear go up with weight on wheels? Also, is ground effect much of a thing on fighters?