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  1. Cool. The mission still got done, I assume. As a result, nothing of even remote significance occurred other than the tiny positive PR boost from some tiny minority of the populace. Just like every other event like this that could ever be fabricated
  2. Why avoid DoDMERB? You'll have to go through MEPS which is much more invasive if I remember correctly.
  3. Looks like there's one right by Sheppard. Anyone have experience there?
  4. I've got it on Audible..some people are complaining of the narrator but I don't mind it at 1.25x. Haven't finished yet so I can't comment on the book itself just yet. Still trying to finish "About Face"
  5. Anybody know of any modern books that are similar to Thud Ridge?
  6. Not sure why you're so riled up about this. I'm just saying I'm not just a kid who just came out of high school. See you at Sheppard
  7. This is the main point I was driving at. Those are the things I don't see in some of the dudes in my class that I've been around for 3 years now. I joined the program after a few years with stripes and some industry experience and that's what I see from others. Not claiming to know what makes somebody a good pilot because I haven't been there yet, but there are some obvious factors and traits people have to have as others have eluded to in this thread. I just expect that they're capable of changing for the better like a few others in here who weren't so hot out of the gate. Also, if you're talking PCSM scores too..some with scores in the 20's or less getting slots
  8. Thanks for the response. What do you consider to be the most important traits in students?
  9. I'm not saying just how somebody is as a college student will be the only thing that determines how good of a pilot they are, not sure where you're picking that up. I'm talking about combinations of all three. The TYPES of people which include lack of drive, effort, and aptitude. Are those not all important traits? Enlighten me.
  10. Are you saying it doesn't make any difference at all?
  11. Some of this has to be expected when you're picking people from the bottom of the barrel to make up for all the losses. I wouldn't want to fly left seat in a Cessna with some of the ROTC people I've seen get picked up for slots this last year. Bottom of the class, terrible GPA, bad leadership, etc. Are the washout rates going up at least to make up for some of this or am I just being green here. Anybody got the latest selection #'s? I feel like the training quality can only bring some guys up so much
  12. Short answer, yes. New-ish program where cadets can commission into G/R if they get picked up
  13. In case it hasn't been clear enough. You have about 0 room to be picky with your scores and background. Check yo-self
  14. Said he used Dad's contacts. His dad is an O-5 so i'm sure he'd know at least how or who to talk to. Sucks cause he never even used it nor did he have asthma
  15. I just had a guy in my class who was supposed to go to WP. His dad is in the AF so he went to a hospital once on base a few years ago for pneumonia or some other lung sickness (wasn't a big deal itself) but the doc gave him Albuterol to help him breathe. The AF found out before he even went and he was DQ from all possible flying duties(rated). Never even got to go to WP and tried to fight it apparently but no luck. I wish you luck, but i fear they may see it in your records since it was all DoD treated
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