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  1. Stoked to hear she's "working on a screenplay now." I'd love to see this
  2. I'd love to be out on the water and see that. Especially on shootout day
  3. That’s good to know and also what I expected. Just finished my flight school training and slated to go to upt next year. I’m sure the training is 200x better considering you do it every day and have way better instructors
  4. Langley and Florida are rated only as far as I know. Whiteman B-2’s haven’t hired off the street for the last several years. They had a board in 2015 maybe but not sure if it was posted publicly.
  5. Totally not true today, just about everyone who wanted a pilot slot got it this year in ROTC. PCSM's in the teens, sub 3 GPA's, bottom of the class cadets
  6. They changed the date due to something coming up on the original weekend.
  7. SC told me in person last weekend they moved the interview date up to that weekend in May and to expect invites to go out soon. Expecting this coming week now unless they already sent them
  8. This is true, but when you have so many dudes with those scores and good experience, I can assume it may be because they are looking for every possible way to find the best guy even if that is a weak metric
  9. So why in this case did it go so high up the chain when other's its been just the SQ/CC? Was it a much larger issue? Help a noob out, genuinely curious
  10. That's a negative, lots of fighter guys fly airlines on the side. You only need 750 hrs for an R-ATP if you're mil.
  11. You got pre-private flight training in a King Air?? Jealous
  12. We've got cadets in the bottom of our class and with sub 30 pcsm, barely passing the pt test, and bad afoqt scores/ft ranking still getting them..i'm sure they'll get weeded out at UPT. Not sure how I feel about that though..stuffing the pipeline with lower quality/potential dudes. I'm hoping they get it together before then! What bothers me most is the people saying "eh..i'll go for pilot i guess" and they get lucky in times like this. /rant
  13. Sounds like they gave you two reasons. I highly doubt a group of pilots would use something as an excuse to not invite you back and they gave you all the information you needed for denial with the first reason
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