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  1. Upcoming Boards

    Just took 20 seconds and looked up your post history, and determined that was a lie. You even changed your name
  2. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    So...you're saying they're hiring
  3. Thanks all, i am aware of USERRA but like guys said some jobs just don't have the slack in them for you to be gone in random spurts (nondeployment) especially if you're a team lead or something of that nature. I worked at Boeing while i was enlisted in ANG and they were cool with my AT's but flying is another beast. I guess it depends on how much flying per month is required? Also, how much advance do guard/reserve flyers get for the days they will be flying in the month to stay current?
  4. If you weren't AGR or technician, and had some type of job you worked either part time or "full" time, what did you do? Any non-flying jobs? Just trying to get an idea of what some guys did that was forgiving for their mil obligation in case i don't end up on some sort of full time status. Thanks!
  5. Upcoming Boards

    Thanks, Im a prior E guy with 99 pilot and 93 pcsm so i just need to get my face out there asap!
  6. Upcoming Boards

    Looking for opinions here: What is the earliest someone in ROTC looking to commission into guard/reserves should board or visit a unit if they graduate in 2020? Do you think its too soon for a unit to hire someone for that timeline? I'm interested in visiting as soon as possible
  7. Good military/aviation books

    If you have Prime, "fighter pilot" by Robin Olds is free on audiobook collections under channels for prime. His memoirs and progression throughout his career through many airframes and how he dealt with certain types of "leadership" and other hardships in life
  8. I went through basic with one of the guys...one of the most bad ass, humble dudes i've ever met
  9. Chances for Fighter Units?

    most blatant troll i may have ever seen
  10. Terrific, thanks for the input. I'd really like to get in with a unit sooner than later so i can visit during drill weekends as often as i can.
  11. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    As someone without a pilot slot yet, what should all of this mean to me? I am already trying to g/r rather than AD. I know it seems no time is better than now and as someone with enlisted experience i'm not sure what to make of all of this for someone in this position. It almost looks like a pilot is guaranteed at this point with good scores and commander ranking
  12. Bolded: Isn't this what i will get that allows me to go to field training? I might be misremembering. I'm going this summer and i am on scholarship so i don't think i will have issues getting a slot I dont plan on going back to my old unit, Knob Knoster MO is not exactly my ideal living location. Are these all rated? Or is it non-specific Hopefully i could somehow utilize the Colonel contact I have. We spoke on the phone and he sounds like a great guy and i think i asked him if I could call him up in the future if i had any issues like this and couldn't convince them it was a real thing (somehow) I knocked my TBAS out this week (way early) so i could start talking to units as soon as possible with all my scores and building a relationship as well as figuring this whole thing out. I wonder if i will still have to board against others even though i am doing it the non-conventional way. Also i wonder if units can even hire this far out, I graduate in 2020, and I wonder if i have to be hired before i get picked up(if i do) for a AD UPT slot. Appreciate the response!
  13. Looking for anyone who may have first hand experience on this track, or are on the receiving end of this that can give me any information/recommendations whatsoever on the process. I'm looking to commission into a guard unit straight from ROTC. I am a 7 year ANG vet and I'm now on scholarship with ROTC at a part 141 flight school. I can provide more information if necessary. This process is quite new and i have spoken with the Col. who is the man in charge of the program. He said i would be the first one to go through this program and he would like to use me as a success story so i'm really trying to make this happen. Anything helps!
  14. I prefer warmer climates, so as long as it isn't too far up north i wouldn't mind. I'd like to go for F-?? before anything else. Thinking of contacting the 419th at Hill as my first choice, because well, who doesn't want to fly the latest and greatest(subjective i know)
  15. I received this email several months back at my .mil address. Thought i'd share with the folks here since you all are so honest and have been there and done that, therefore I think this is the best place for me to get input. I'm going into my sophomore year so the timing is perfect. I was already considering dropping ROTC and just finding a unit and going the OTS route but this sounds like much too sweet of a deal to pass up. The reserves also have a program like this and both of them are in their infancy so i'm not too sure a ton of commanders are aware of this yet. All the guys I've talked to (including current UPT) tell me how awesome guard flying is and i'm aware of the RegAF issues as much as someone who isn't actually in the middle of it can be. Anyone have advice for me as for how to pursue finding a flying unit and contacting them with this information? I feel like an e-mail is a better form of communication with all the info here, especially if they aren't aware of the program but i don't just have a list at my disposal. Maybe i should call around as much as i can until i get a decent lead to continue on from there with e-mail communication My background: 25 in a few days, 7 years in the reserves/guard so far. Aeronautics major with my PPL, working on commercial and instrument. Multi-engine and potentially CFI afterwards. Here's the e-mail, i put it in an image because it's so long. Thanks!