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  1. ayz33

    Concept aircraft

    Black widow, always loved the looks of it
  2. ayz33

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    .32?? How would that even happen considering there was another worker there who was just on break for a short while
  3. ayz33

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    Definitely a stroke hearing this...scary stuff
  4. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Good email, hopefully see some from here out there next month!
  5. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    I got word today
  6. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Interesting, wondering if other units do selection after interviews this way?
  7. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    They must be reviewing packets, i checked my video analytics and it's been viewed this week for the first time since i submitted it. It's unlisted
  8. ayz33

    How important is visiting units?

    As far as the actual visit..are applicants generally welcomed visitors? What does the day look like for someone visiting? Is it basically a tour and meeting a few people? I know drill weekend is generally pretty busy so i'm just wondering how I would fit in the day
  9. ayz33

    University of Arizona AFROTC

    I'm not but i just went through FT with one
  10. ayz33

    Chasing the dream of Fighter's!

    Wondering if this is some guy who went through of all of this and wasn't good enough to get hired and now he trolls away his saltiness on this board
  11. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    Did you talk to the board POC to set up your visit?
  12. ayz33

    Future T-38 replacement?

    "Built with maintenance in mind"
  13. ayz33

    Upcoming Boards

    I applied and am also from the Lou. Is drill next weekend (6-7)?
  14. It's been sporadic this weekend but works for me at the moment
  15. ayz33

    Future T-38 replacement?

    Does it generally take as long to field for less complex aircraft?