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  1. In case it hasn't been clear enough. You have about 0 room to be picky with your scores and background. Check yo-self
  2. Said he used Dad's contacts. His dad is an O-5 so i'm sure he'd know at least how or who to talk to. Sucks cause he never even used it nor did he have asthma
  3. I just had a guy in my class who was supposed to go to WP. His dad is in the AF so he went to a hospital once on base a few years ago for pneumonia or some other lung sickness (wasn't a big deal itself) but the doc gave him Albuterol to help him breathe. The AF found out before he even went and he was DQ from all possible flying duties(rated). Never even got to go to WP and tried to fight it apparently but no luck. I wish you luck, but i fear they may see it in your records since it was all DoD treated
  4. Thanks again. I recently completely reworked those two after I was denied from 4 units who all had packages due around the same time.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering how much of an issue the age was. I figured most guard units had guys that weren't exactly fresh out of college (not saying i'm that age.) I know it's not optimal, but I'm certainly trying real hard to get picked up by a Guard unit before I have to pray that big blue puts a couple fighters on the ENJJPT drop sheet to compete for. Thanks for your perspective. I'm still not sure how the UPT orders would work out with the Guard in my scenario since I would have them before i graduate if I was to go AD. Both of those make sense. Not exactly sure what breadth one would want to see but I do go to a private school so it's not only flight related courses I'm taking. I read a ton and study other topics through other outlets as well, though that's not something that can be as readily displayed on an application. As far as the letters go, I am wondering if it hurts to have the ones I have when some people have letters from general officers even if they don't really know them.
  6. I've only received feedback from the interview, other units have too many applicants to give everyone feedback. I believe the process is different in my circumstance since I am in ROTC and don't need to wait for an FC1 or go through OTS. The only "date" I would have to wait for is UPT for which I should be able to get orders while I am still in school, just as I would if i wasn't going Guard. I see it in two possible ways; 1) I come as a near complete package ready to send off to UPT or 2) They don't want to deal with this unconventional process
  7. First off, I know there's only so much one can judge based on what I give here without seeing my whole package. I've been denied from the past 5 fighter board interviews after being accepted to the first one I applied to and nearly getting hired (what I was told). I even visited one of the units ahead of the invite dates, but didn't get invited. Put a lot more work into my cover letter and resume after the four rejections in a short period thinking that was my main weakness for that batch, but still didn't hold up for this latest board. Where's my weakness here? I know it takes over a year usually for guys to get to UPT from hire date so I didn't think my graduation date would be a problem, unless I am mistaken. Background: Joined the reserves right out of high school in another state. Transferred to the Guard back in home state. Award from a deployment. NCO of the Year for the Wing back home. Got out after over 7 years to accept commitment from the AFROTC scholarship. Just turned 27. Education: Current 3.7 GPA at a part 141 university flight school. Graduate May 2020. Enrolled in AFROTC, earned a scholarship, ranked top 15% at field training, good leadership positions within the wing. I have a pilot slot but my goal all along has been to go Guard, having AD as a backup. A newish program allows the cross-commission. Hoping for ENJJPT slot this fall. FC1 scheduled for August. TS in the works. Scores: 96 PCSM. 99/99/84/81/76 Flying: 207 Hours. Commercial/Multi/Instrument/Complex. No failures along the way Letters: Former Squadron Commander from my unit who was also deployed with me Former CMSgt from my unit who deployed with me Flight instructor from my program who can attest to my flying abilities and my work ethic around flying, former mid-level Boeing Aerospace Engineer. Played sports all through my youth, now into BJJ. Thanks for reading.
  8. ayz33

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    Nearly watched the movie for the first time last night, should i watch it before watching the series? Or don't bother?
  9. Do this ^ I didn't (unknowingly) and was burned because of it, I think
  10. Stoked to hear she's "working on a screenplay now." I'd love to see this
  11. I'd love to be out on the water and see that. Especially on shootout day
  12. That’s good to know and also what I expected. Just finished my flight school training and slated to go to upt next year. I’m sure the training is 200x better considering you do it every day and have way better instructors
  13. Langley and Florida are rated only as far as I know. Whiteman B-2’s haven’t hired off the street for the last several years. They had a board in 2015 maybe but not sure if it was posted publicly.
  14. Totally not true today, just about everyone who wanted a pilot slot got it this year in ROTC. PCSM's in the teens, sub 3 GPA's, bottom of the class cadets
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