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  1. We've got cadets in the bottom of our class and with sub 30 pcsm, barely passing the pt test, and bad afoqt scores/ft ranking still getting them..i'm sure they'll get weeded out at UPT. Not sure how I feel about that though..stuffing the pipeline with lower quality/potential dudes. I'm hoping they get it together before then! What bothers me most is the people saying "eh..i'll go for pilot i guess" and they get lucky in times like this. /rant
  2. Sounds like they gave you two reasons. I highly doubt a group of pilots would use something as an excuse to not invite you back and they gave you all the information you needed for denial with the first reason
  3. Just gonna let you know right up front that you have a lot of googling to do, as well as familiarizing yourself with the search function on this site
  4. @Topper14 can you confirm or deny the visit conversation for the 121fs in this thread?
  5. Well you need a bachelors in something, not sure if your school is an accredited university or not. You'll need to have a good gpa to be competitive. The required age to start UPT is 30(usually). You need to take the AFOQT and TBAS as well..try getting a pilots license or some flight hours to help with those
  6. They hired off the streets a few years back. Don't think they have since then
  7. It was their email and only a week ago, thats weird..
  8. They told me they're not allowing visits to make it fair. Did you coordinate this?
  9. For what its worth, nowadays at least, AF pilot slots are given to almost anyone who wants one from ROTC. I have a feeling we'll be shocked by the #'s next week when rated pref's come out. Doesn't mean it'll be the same when you go through though
  10. Do you want to buy a plane or just rent? You'll have to get a private if you don't already. Your FAA medical license as a private pilot is good for 5 years and you will have to do a flight review every 24 calendar months. Not sure about any military stuff transferring as i'm not there yet.
  11. Knock out your TBAS asap...I'm not sure units will accept a package without one done. Scores are good otherwise. I think i've seen GPA overlooked but it really depends on what type of dude you are. What was your major?
  12. Hey all, couldn't really find anything much on this. Is any amount of cauliflower ear DQ for pilots? Does it matter at all unless it affects hearing? Been training jiu-jitsu and wondering if i need to start using ear protection for this reason. Thanks!
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