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  1. Hermey

    Future T-38 replacement?

    Don’t forget about those 14 new Tanker squadrons. Since the -46 works great and is ready now there’s gonna be plenty of AR for everyone! If you increase the squadrons the manning will follow. Problem solved. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/09/17/air-force-calls-for-74-more-squadrons-to-prepare-for-possibility-of-war-against-major-power/
  2. The first rule of stop loss is: you do not talk about stop loss.
  3. Hermey

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    I’m 100% not surprised. It’s vacation season and a 4th of July holiday coming up....and this was only the first AFPC deadline for the MAF/DT using a new program Talent Marketplace which apparently was a bust (surprise, an underdeveloped IT system we probably spent millions on not working the way we need it to)....I’m guessing because CCs directly uploaded their requirements the wrong number of jobs at each location was put in for bids (I recall seeing tons of LT UPT positions being advertised....good luck finding many LTs ready to PCS from their first Ops assignment). That or they realized the majority of folks have to be non-vol’d to undesired locations (surprise all 100 of you that bid USAFA airfield #1 won’t get it) and they have to justify sending so many folks to jobs that weren’t even on their list in the middle of a pilot retention crisis (“fine tooth combing” it). In general, I’ve notice a lot of QOL initiatives with no follow through...increased lead times for PCS and deployments mandated by the higher ups but the staff is undermanned or under trained to meet those goals (here’s double the work, a new computer system you are untrained on, and a shorter suspense). Not trying to defend them too much, if they set targets and fall 2 weeks short they probably should have announced that before day last and absolutely should have worked a lot harder to not bust the suspense.
  4. Hermey

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    A toast. Prayers for the families
  5. Hermey

    C-5 Gear-Up Landing at LERT

    Another one yesterday....third in less than a year. http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/air-force-reserve-c-5-makes-emergency-landing-at-joint-base-san-antonio-lackland
  6. Hermey

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Guess they’ll need to drain the solo dunk tanks too when the T-6 is no longer grounded.
  7. Hermey

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    They’ll just lower the crew to tail ratio to 2.0. Spreadsheet green again and problem “fixed”. (Lowering from 3.0 to 2.5 around 2015 is why the AD MAF is so “healthy” with a “surplus” right now).
  8. Hermey

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Jeeze what’s everyone doing with their 3 weeks off? I assume you can only get studs so far ahead on Sims and ground academics before they must have actual flights. Are all the IPs getting leave to prep for the weekend flying ops that are surely to come if they fix this obogs issue? Seems like a great time to knock out some airline apps / prep courses.
  9. Also took it recently....seems like the only thing you’d gain is “flying related jobs/deployment” only and the ability to stiff arm school. You trade a 7-10 year commitment for it...like signing up for a UPT commitment all over again. As mentioned that seems way to subjective to me! Doubt the Sq/OG/Wg is going to care if you are “fly only” versus traditional when they need FGO bodies for their queep. No thanks, I’ll keep my ability to 7 day opt an air advisor role or crappy assignment and take my talent/training elsewhere when active duty stops making sense for me.
  10. Hermey

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Another interesting perspective. I know there are a lot of MC-12 turned UPT instructor (T-6/T-38) about to start over in wide body ISR (and not happy about it, virtually guaranteeing they will punch at first opportunity....a large portion will be able to 7-day opt out of it I think). Not to mention most of them have experience standing up a squadron from nothing. I’d expect nothing less from AFPC, zero concern for career desires of these guys....Pilot crisis will get worse before getting better, but that’s a different thread. https://warontherocks.com/2018/01/an-unconventional-proposal-for-bringing-the-oa-x-to-life/
  11. It’s pretty infuriating the AF didn’t/hasn’t maxed out allowable monthly flight pay. I guess it makes sense when the sentiment I’ve seen is that the AF has conceded there is no way they can keep up with Major airline compensation and they don’t like the idea of trying. Maxing flight pay rates wouldn’t make our pay much closer to the majors anyways: https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/major/110196-2017-w2-earnings-18.html#post2494970 The optimist in me is hoping the DFAS flight pay table increase is just preceding an AF decision to also raise Flight pay. Small chance I’m sure...but they could always raise the rates tomorrow and say that was the plan all along to save face!!!
  12. "smartly reducing administrative burdens on squadron commanders." Maybe for next year. PRFs were due to the group weeks ago in my corner of the AF....countless Sq man-hours already wasted. I'm sure most Sq's have started...maybe this was announced just in time for some? Hope it sticks around! PRFs are a waste of time.
  13. I've seen many classes in my career where only the top 38 guy was truly happy on assignment night and all others felt they failed as they just missed the mark. This program may allow a second chance to those that had bad luck and timing on assignment night (and I'm talking more about the 09-12 classes than the more recent Oprah "fighters for everyone" classes). This crossflow program is very limited (4 slots) and they will only pull from very high performing officers in and out of the jet in the MAF. Specifically, it looks like they are targeting some of the year groups that had low numbers go to fighters. I agree with others on here that this is likely to increase the 11F numbers for staff or other unwanted bills later. For the guys that missed their first chance but still hold on to that dream of flying a fighter I say go for it. Even if it's just one Ops tour followed by a staff or whatever other long term plans they have in mind for these dudes. I'm glad some guys might get to cross over to fly their dream plane, and also glad it won't be faipmafiaoffical.
  14. Hermey

    U-28 reported down IVO CVS

    A toast Prayers for the families.
  15. Hermey

    KC-46A Info

    "On new generation tankers, boom operators have to sit in front of 3D TV screens (and yes, theyre wearing 3D glasses) embedded in huge control control consoles that repeat stereoscopic video feeds from cameras mounted around the aircraft." Will the glasses work at the movie theaters too? In all seriousness: Is this already on the KC-30 and/or KC-767 or is this brand new, unproven and overcomplicated technology that is soley to keep the defense contract machine flowing with simulators and training as the article suggests? Do we gain a significant refueling advantage from 3D TV technology that a traditional boom window wouldn't provide? I could see this improving night refueling or other scenarios...if it works.