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  1. I need to check the latest PSDM for the TPS selection board, but I am fairly confident that Engineering Management was not considered a qualifying degree.
  2. And if you graduated with > 3.5? Whether you received a GPA above or below 3.5 is somewhat immaterial in the grand scheme of things. The question you need to ask yourself is: even if I don't get into TPS someday, will I think my time spent working on a Master's was worthwhile in its own right? If you enjoy learning and think you can devote extra time to an advanced degree, in a relevant field, then pursue one. If, on the other hand, you are merely trying to grasp the golden ring that is TPS, I would advise against such a pursuit, but I have a different philosophy. To answer your question, having a Master's will generally help your package regardless of undergraduate GPA as long as the Master's GPA is sufficiently high (above 3.25 or so) and in a relevant field.
  3. Test Pilot School - AD vs ANG

    More often than not, going to TPS means you close the door on returning to your former community. When someone does return to their operational community, it is most often a MAF or SOF pilot, but a few CAF pilots have returned to the CAF; it's just less common. Where some doors close, others open. You may give up a chance to return to ops, but there are opportunities in the test world, which become available and are unique/satisfying as well.
  4. Test Pilot School - AD vs ANG

    There are a few opportunities, that is maybe one slot per year, for an ANG pilot to attend TPS. Whereas on active duty, you have a better shot numerically speaking of being selected, whether as a fighter, bomber, or heavy pilot. Realize that if you went to the ANG and applied to TPS, you would almost certainly move from your original home unit post-TPS to fulfill duties as a test pilot. Locations vary based on needs of the AF, ANG, and are usually associated with AATC missions. Concerning your question about which path will garner the minimum qualifications faster: it depends. Right now, with absorption issues in the AD CAF, there is a good chance that you could move from an MWS assignment after just 2-2.5 years thereby leaving you short of MWS hours. Fortunately, IP time matters, so if you were to teach at UPT or IFF, your application would not necessarily suffer. Although, speaking from experience, the product we test and deliver to the warfighter suffers when the testers involved have less operational experience, that is another topic altogether. Finally, depending on your aircraft background, you will likely be assigned to Eglin or Edwards for fighters following TPS. For bombers or heavies, Edwards is the most likely location. There are a few exchanges, namely to the UK and Canada, that appear periodically as well and vary in requirement concerning MWS background. You will incur a three-year commitment post-TPS.
  5. I have not heard that and have recently hit card anniversaries on two cards plus an additional cardholder without fees being applied. About three months ago, I was reimbursed for three years of fees for a different account. This does not mean they have not changed policy, but my experience suggests that they have not reversed course.
  6. iPhone app inop

    Thanks for bringing the app back to working order. Of note, the app does not keep me logged in like it used to. It seems if I go more than 15 minutes the app logs me out. Even more odd, the app shows I’m still logged in despite behavior (i.e. nothing showing in unread; no reply capability) indicating to the contrary.
  7. Hylete makes a limited line of workout apparel that I have found to be durable and useful for the gamut of my workouts ranging from powerlifting to sprint exercises. I would normally refrain from referring on this site, but Hylete offers 40% on all purchases to military members. Shameless referral link: https://share.hylete.com/x/LDeAx1 ETA: The above link gives 40% off for the initial purchase. To get 40% off for all purchases (50% off for 15 or more items), you need to sign up with their Service League. Much like AMEX's SCRA verification, you enter your name and email, they verify your affiliation and you are good to go.
  8. Why the ZZ at Kadena?

    According to the Kadena Air Base historian, none of the above is true.
  9. Dual qualification

    My first question: what exact problem are you trying to solve? Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  10. You will receive a Known Traveler ID when you get a Global Entry pass. As long as you enter this number when you make your reservation, you should be good with TSA Pre-Check. Just note that not all airlines participate in TSA Pre-Check. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  11. Historically, USAF TPS has been an option only for AD. I cannot access myPers right now, but I think last year's call for applications may have allowed for Reservists to apply as long as they were willing to reenter AD (or something to that effect). This year's board message is not out, but given the state of pilot manning, which mirrors the AF writ large, I doubt AFMC and TPS will entertain using slots for ANG/AFRC that could be used for AD. ETA: The above represents the current state of affairs. By the time you qualify for TPS, about eight years from now, the policy could change. If TPS is your ultimate aim, then AD provides your best bet.
  12. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I would argue that "we" do not do a great job of advertising our contributions even now. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  13. New BAH rates are out.

    Negative, OSD has to report on the actions behind and the repercussions of implementing a single-salary system by 1 Jan 18, so then Congress may deliberate. I would expect a change, if one occurs, NET the 2018 NDAA. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  14. Aircraft Ramp of the past

    USAF TPS used to use an F-106 and the venerable Tweet, but no longer. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  15. Agree, but as in all things, timing also matters. I flew with a couple of dudes who never flew in combat up until 2012, in part, because they came from AK where their squadron only did PACOM rotations. Their lack of combat time was only exacerbated by then being assigned to the FTU. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums