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  1. Had a Wing/CC recently say that “the bonus is out and I have been told by the Gen’s to let you all know. The information is in the email if you want to read about it and ask your leadership if you have questions. However, I will say before you sign the bonus truly look at it and ask your self if the AF has or is changing the way the Gen’s say it is. I’m skeptical” First CC of any type I have heard pretty much say don’t take the bonus.
  2. I heard that either once enrolled in TAPs a year out from DOS, or finished the capstone you can’t be on ced orders? You can still do normal TDY’s, just can’t be on CED orders. Any truth to this, and if so where is it in the black and white?
  3. https://taskandpurpose.com/marine-aircraft-crash-off-japan/ Haven’t seen anyone post this yet. No words on the crew but a total of 7 to be involved. Hope they all made it. 🍺
  4. Maybe Green dot is working for them. Or those guys get help, or they are way better at hiding it.
  5. So that’s the reason why the pacaf commander and amc commander got picked not because of their merits? Diversity.
  6. What’s the opinion on target date mutual funds? I.e. vanguard target date retirement fund? Vs spreading that out over other mutual funds investments? Specifically, only Roth IRA contributions, Not other 401k, IRA spread out over growth, international, ETF’s etc. you can insert any other company for vanguard, although from my public school education vanguard has been one of the best.
  7. Tankers don’t refuel MQ-9’s or U-28’s so.... v
  8. Well it started as the RQ-1 once hellfires got on it, it became the MQ-1. Semantics.
  9. That’s your answer why it needs to be dropped. We put too much red tape on everything.
  10. Yes get rid of it. Why not just use the AIM and FAA books like the instrument procedures book etc that are maintained by someone else.
  11. https://www.jqpublicblog.com/air-force-eliminates-school-selection-o-4-promotion-boards/ While I am absolutely confident this is the right decision, I am equally confident a good portion of our officer corps will be skeptical. Given all the turmoil and instability of the past several years, trust in senior leadership on these issues is not high. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  12. If any 09 guys are looking for a push line for there PRF. #1 choice for Delta or SWA! Name is a proven cmbt pilot and exceptional ldr; DNP, offer CJO & make FO this board! Edit: UAL or AA or anyone else as you see fit to fill the white space. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
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