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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If only there was a thread for people to talk about guns, rights, the constitution, etc.
  2. VA Loans

    Another reference for Trident. Spectacular customer service. Best rate I could find. Last year I used NBKC and this year I used Trident. This isn't a knock on NBKC by any means. They did great work on my last loan. However, went with Trident because originally Marty got back to me personally to help work through options on a complex sale of a home. Then called when purchasing my next house and nobody could match their rate. Once in the loan process, IMHO, Trident really was unbeatable with customer service. A few standard dev's above anything I've ever come across buying or selling homes, and I've done it A fair amount over the years. My situation was pretty complex and challenging on many accounts. I don't think I could have gotten better service had I been a family member of the employees. Specifically, the quick and applicable communication was great. These days I feel like many businesses ignore calls, fail to respond, feign misunderstanding complaints, etc. because it's just too much work/cost to provide great customer service. Trident was the opposite. Seeking out issues in the background and stopping problems before they interfered with closing. Just superb work. Thanks.
  3. C-21 info

    C-21's will face another draw down this year. C Springs AD unit closing. All guard except C Spings going/gone, leaving Scott, ADW and Ramstein. AFFSA jets going/gone. 458 AS at Scott is the only traditional Flying Squadron to support the large amount of Base taskers with TRANSCOM, SDDC, and AMC. Lots of extra busy work from that on top of housing the un-fenced FTU within an operational unit. ADW would be nice. Scott and ADW maintain a steady deployment rotation for the desert C-21's and the DV plans billets in the CAOC. As far as promotion goes, don't go to the C-21 world and expect to get DP on your PRF at ADW and Ramstein. ADW is a GSU with no visibility at the WG, and no real WG level jobs/vis. Ramstein has a fairly significant amount of former top 10% MWS types, and the 86 AW is slightly C-130 centric. Also, with the drawdown, the PFT slots are likely filled for PQP's throughout the rest of the FY, so in the entire AF there may only be one or two (if any) people that will get to go into the C-21 world this year that are not leadership hires. That being said, the C-21 community is a great place, and will continue to be so as long as the drawdown gets managed well. Really good people, great trips that get you back home every night almost. Incredibly fun jet to fly. If you are over 5'8, the jet may be uncomfortable, so if you have back or knee issues, think twice.
  4. CHSC17driver, Likely what happened was that your case was, for better or worse, assigned to the 375 AW/CC in CMS (Case Management System). It's probably less work to get the sign-off by the 375th AW/CC than it is to personally fight the entire battle to get your electrons reassigned (if it's even the correct path). I'd suggest writing an email to the 375 AW/CCE inbox with a description of your circumstances, and see if they wouldn't mind getting it approved by the WG/CC. If they can't approve it they have the ability to work the issue directly with the MPF/CC from a better angle, and it would be in their best interest since the CMS case will be hanging in their case load until resolved. (If it is that type of issue).