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  1. Yeah, I actually read that article. At first I was surprised, but then I got to the punch line: "What Waters did was wrong, but it wasn't as wrong as what Trump did." Strange way to criticize someone, by pointing the finger at someone else...
  2. @jazzdude I think I get the gist of your post, but it got a bit garbled with one of your quotes. In any case, here goes. Yes, the standard correlation/causation refrain. It may not be proven that those qualities lead directly to being a good pilot, but it is well-established that smarts is associated with general well-being in life - not causal - but associated. In any case, I think someone would be hard-pressed to argue the opposite: that being unmotivated, stupid, and emotionally unstable would make good pilot candidates. No one would seriously make that argument, so it's more of a nece
  3. We already know what it takes to make good (fighter) pilots: cognitive ability, emotional stability, and motivation to succeed (http://diginole.lib.fsu.edu/islandora/object/fsu:180418/datastream/PDF/view). But leave it to the USAF to never read the studies they commission from RAND. When I first started in the flying world, I personally over-emphasized being technically smart - after having done it for almost 20 years, I'm convinced physical/athletic talent is an important component as well. Not to the point of being a division one athlete, but you should be above-average smart with the g
  4. LOL. My only question, where were all the fat people back then?
  5. Next up, reparations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEdwoxqvDOA&ab_channel=Timcast
  6. https://youtu.be/mBx-eT8D5nc?t=11 This is the forum. 60 minutes wasn't the forum. Go with details.
  7. Better yet, ask yourself why do we need taxes at all if the government can just run the money printer and just make themselves however much money they need...
  8. Nicely put explanation that jives with my instinctual view that it is 'part of the system.' The US government requires payment in dollars and thereby implements taxation as a means to ensure that there is demand for their currency. This 'demand' is where its (the dollar's) legitimacy is derived. One of my biggest personal lamentations is that the your average American has no idea why dollars are so important to the world, and also that there are enormous powers that want to usurp it (China, Russia, Iran). We have immense privilege being host to the world's reserve currency and if that sta
  9. It would peg my "urge to kill" meter, thereby diminishing the enemy's chances of victory.
  10. Riddle me this then: why doesn't the government just "move enough around" (likewise) to make it work out in their favor? They're bigger than any one company and can afford more accountants, right? Better yet, ask yourself why do we need taxes at all if the government can just run the money printer and just make themselves however much money they need...
  11. IMO, what is driving low interest rates is a desire to make up for a variety of deflationary forces at work in the world: Technology. Aging demographics (see Japan and USA) - most modern countries have populations that are "aging out" and past something known as "peak spending" which occurs at age 46 (approximately). Globalization - outsourcing of production - i.e. a drastic increase in the availability of labor. In order to counteract these forces, the fed allows grossly low interest rates in order to stimulate spending that wouldn't otherwise happen - which is all t
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2ZnWgvw84o&ab_channel=VasilTreska
  13. It's already masquerading on some facebook group that probably none of us is a part of.
  14. Link? Stats? Evidence? Genuinely curious to see numbers that differ from those in society at large. Thanking you up front.
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