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  1. 60 driver

    GPA Impact

    My $.02 as a guy who spent several years as the hiring guy for my ANG unit: Are your numbers ideal? No. Are they a show stopper? Not necessarily, unless you let your officer recruiter make your decision for you and decide not to apply. Anything you get from a recruiter should be considered info only, at best. Let the pilot board tell you no, don't do it for them. I'm sure you'll get lots more specific advice, so the last thing I'll add is, get going, because age 30 is a show stopper.
  2. 60 driver

    Enlisted Drone Pilots

    You mean like leaving the TCAS on TA/RA in the stack and then filing a HATR every time it goes off?
  3. 60 driver

    Gen Welsh - USAF Chief of Staff

    What have you done with the real Bender? They grow up so fast...<sniff>
  4. 60 driver

    Is Command becoming that undesirable?

    Unfortunately, that's getting increasingly difficult to successfully pull off, even in the Guard. The perception that sq CC's are being allowed less and less autonomy to actually command their squadrons is preventing a lot of guys who would make great squadron commanders from even competing.
  5. 60 driver

    Guard Promotions

    http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123412588 The January board results were released Thursday. That is NGB/A1 approval if I remember correctly, and not as easy as it sounds. I don't know how the guys above got past the process, but in my current wing, if you are twice passed over you are not getting hired, due to the low Pk of that waiver getting signed.
  6. Google the "Boss, I quit" letter and note the date. Same shit, different decade, although I acknowledge that it is worse now than I have ever seen. edit: here you go
  7. Matmacwc beat me to it. If you're looking for units like that to apply to, the 150th SOW at Kirtland is in the process of standing up an HH-60 and HC-130 FTU time now. I'm not sure what their UMDs look like at the moment, but as matmacwc mentioned, their new accessions go out to the CAF for seasoning before going back as instructors. We have one of their helo FEs (sorry: SMAs), and the HC squadron downstairs is seasoning a radio operator.
  8. 60 driver

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    At least mission/flying is somewhere on that wing's list.
  9. 60 driver

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Maybe you should have invited an attorney to speak.
  10. 60 driver

    U.S Military Helicopter Crash - UK

    Blue Skies, brothers and sister.
  11. 60 driver

    Pararescueman earns Silver Star

    Alaska Guard PJ.
  12. Way late to the game here, but you're killing me dude. 1. There is no justice 2. Timing is everything 3. Better lucky than good
  13. I thought my sponsor was bullshitting me when I got the patch and shirt in the mail. "I can't wear that shit down there, I'm gonna get killed." '
  14. 60 driver

    Rescue Mission Commander

    Since you mentioned perspective: I am a current HH-60 EP and former A-10 Sandy 1 and Sandy IP. What Rainman and Busdriver have to say is 100% correct. IMHBAO. P.S. Rainman is a former A-10 WIC instructor. Bus is an HH-60 patch. Voice your opinion but know your audience. Show some respect.