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  1. Recommend keeping quiet until you get closer to separation/retirement unless it bothers you...
  2. Marty--what's your current rate for a 15yr VA refi? Same deal with the lender credit?
  3. Isn't that equivalent to mentioning PYB?
  4. Typical--tactical solution to a strategic problem. You really don't get it, do you?
  5. Getting too old to read it on the phone anyway...
  6. App works well on the iPad, but won't let me sign in on my iPhone. Ideas?
  7. Shocker...you're doing it wrong...
  8. Style points for emailing 1FW/ALL with your question. ...that's one technique, I guess Serious?
  9. Not CPAP/OSA related, but RILO/MEB/C1 process for severe arthritis in my back took 15 months. Caveat: I was at 17 years when diagnosed, and I'm pretty sure my doc drug the process out to get me to 18/"sanctuary".
  10. A glass raised in your honor tonight...
  11. Not BFMing the rules here, but in my experience they were empty threats. YMMV.
  12. Checks. Granted, I retired 6 years ago, but I NEVER paid Diners Club, Govt AMEX, or any other card until they paid me. In one case, my account was over 3 months late. Never had a single comment on my credit record. People talk about it hurting your credit rating, but has it ever happened to anyone? Honest question...
  13. Promoted with a DNP? Didn't think that was even possible...
  14. Do, or do not. There is no try...