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    Deleting Messages

    As to the original question... "How do I delete messages", It doesn't make much sense to me, but it appears like you "delete" a message by "leaving" it:
  2. Is anybody still seeing a heart icon for the like/dislike?
  3. I'm about to change my AMEX Delta to an AMEX Delta Reserve card... I'll let you know if I have to reapply for the SCRA or if it transfers... As far as I can remember, I didn't have to re-up my SCRA when I switched my HHonors to HHonors Surpass....
  4. would you be willing to download a beta app?

    Deleting Messages

    Sorry, That's just an error in the settings. I'll fix it. Supreme users have unlimited PMs

    login blocked

    Friends, I purchased and installed a certificate. Please try to log in on NIPR via: https://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/
  7. Fixed the gay ass heart problem... Working on the others. Confirm when you say "iphone app" you mean the Baseops App, not the generic Tapatalk App?
  8. Technique, don't call, use the link I posted. Web programs don't have feelings, they just do what they're told.
  9. I got my SCRA approved in November of last year... so not last week, but fairly recent.
  10. It has come to my attention that some of our long time members accounts disappeared during the migration. I have a priority ticket in with the programmers to re-connect those accounts. Please bear with me as I get this straightened out. If your account went missing, please e-mail me the pertinent details to: missingaccount at flyingsquadron.com
  11. A bro's situation: I'm currently assigned OCONUS and I'm PCS'ing to another OCONUS location. The current location is command sponsored (Aviano), the other is remote (Korea). If I want to maximize my leave, what types can I put together to get the most leave before spending a year away from my family?
  12. I have the American Express Platinum Card. I highly recommend it if you go TDY a lot or do a lot of personal travel. They will waive the annual fee ($450) for active duty military just by simply filling out their online form: American Express SCRA It has a ton of benefits. My favorite perk is free access to The Centurion Lounge. My wife and I were able to settle in and get some free food and drinks before flying to Venice from Vegas. Additionally, it earns rewards points that you can use for just about anything you can imagine, from purchases on Amazon to trading points with Hilton, Delta, or many other travel partners. Some more benefits: Free Global Entry$200 a year in statement credits for your choice of airline in-flight purchases (I chose Delta and got seat upgrades)Free Boingo Wi-FiImmediate SPG Gold StatusRoadside assistance (up to 4 requests per year)Airport lounge access for Centurion Lounge, Delta Lounge, Airspace Lounge, and free Priority Pass membershipLink to the card: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/platinum it appears like they have reduced the annual fee to $175.
  13. This is an example of a product description. I got it directly from the manufacturer and they offered a military discount if you call 555-5555 and ask for Banjo. It worked super great and I highly recommend it.
  14. Thanks! Great data. Hopefully I can get that functionality back, I used it all the time. Many of the improvements are things behind the scenes. For instance, there were a lot of security holes in the old software that are no longer an issue on this server and with the updated version of this software. Additionally, there was a lot of add-on junk that had been installed over the years that we're now free from.
  15. I hope it fixed the NIPR login issue. I'll be installing an SSL certificate over the next few days and hopefully using https on NIPR keeps them from griping. Ads just got adjusted, it's a completely different setup than before, so it just transferred in the same ad code in a lot of different places. Now there should just be one on the right side.
  16. So based on that, it looks like you just have to paste the link to whatever you're looking at and it will auto-pull the video... but super awesome pictures must be included using the "insert other media" link.
  17. Thanks for the data... These are probably all things I need to adjust settings for. One thing that this upgrade should have brought was the ability to upload images/videos directly, rather than having to link to an outside source every time... I'll look into each of these things. Youtube video:
  18. Good feedback! I passed that data along. Thanks.
  19. Was this a setting you picked in your profile at some point? I'll look into it. Additionally, is that the only factor that is driving your claim of a "huge downgrade"? Or is there more?
  20. Any of you guys using an ipad without the BODN app?
  21. Thanks for the feedback. I've refreshed the cache and it should be linked right now.
  22. Yes, everybody that has an e-mail in the profile and hasn't opted out of bulk e-mails will get an e-mail about this. Even if your display name and user name are the same.
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