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    Smart phone

    I'm a big fan of HTC products... check them out at http://www.htc.com/us/us_product_operator.aspx I've had three different models of their phones, all have been amazing.
  2. I'd like to "release my inner rock star" on Hedi.
  3. I was @ the NAS jax show as well, and thought it was a little strange that they pulled # 4 for Sunday's show. Side note, one a/c had a gear unsafe indication and a flaps issue @ the end of the show Sunday, as heard on their Channel 16 freq.
  4. That speech gave me a woody (no homo)..... is that bad? I hope I can serve under (sts) somebody like you one day. 2 on the pinning.... this should definitely be pinned.
  5. Thanks! I tried some googling prior to posting, I guess I wasn't using the right terms.... I think I tried "fighter terminology", which gave me a bunch of street fighter stuff, and then a few other random ideas. Thanks for the scanner glossary link. Tons of stuff in there. What's funny is that I had been to that website and didn't even check out the scanner glossary. You rock Toro. And to HossHarris, I will grab my favorite, some , and go enjoy.
  6. Thread Revival (Since Dos Gringos is coming back for more)..... What do they mean in 2's blind when they say "We got spiked and lead went to the notch" Thanks!
  7. Can we expect this blog to stay alive? Considering the recent mysterious dissappearance of all of the other ones.
  8. This guy has some pretty good stuff. I emailed him for some ideas on how tough it is to train for the FACT, and he responded very quickly with all kinds of advice. Here's a link to his stuff for the PFT: http://www.military.com/military-fitness/a...fitness-program You can browse around there to find ideas.
  9. I brought everything but the kitchen sink and ended up in BDU's every day. One of my friends went and had to wear blues once. I would say chances are you will be in BDU's 99% of the time. I would bring one set of blues just in case, tho. Have you been contacted by your cadre yet?
  10. @ PaddyPilot: Riddle offers the "assurance grant" basically saying if you get an AFROTC scholarship they will find at least an additional $7K. Are you going to the DAB campus or Prescott? I had a buddy in AE, full ride Type I, really cool guy, threw it all away this summer cuz it wasn't his thing. He just wasn't feelin the AE, and he was able to get a full ride at his home state college. Supposedly AE is some tough shit, so be ready. I personally am going the AS route, but I figure I won't get a scholarship.
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