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  1. lol yeah my post was just waiting for mod approval for a year now. Was breaking news when I first posted! Edit.. dont feel as stupid now lots of people making this mistake. The article is actually dayed today. Still feelbad that I didnt remember he died last year. http://www.boston.com/news/source/2013/08/how_the_abc_news_twitter_share_tool_led_people_to_believe_ne.html
  2. Oh man.. terrible lapse in SA for me.. Someone posted it on their wall like it was today and I didn't read the date... thanks for that.
  3. Jesus.. stupid shit I said on here years ago always comes back to haunt me.. my guess is he is in the starting stages of undermining that tops in blue forum someone posted a while ago
  4. I have about 6 3gallon kegs laying around for about 3 years I had wanted to get into kegging but then I had to moved into a extremely small apartment and put an end to my kegging dreams. These look pretty awesome though. either do mini batches (that take the same time as a full batch (- the time for the water to boil). If you go that route I would recommend brewing more than the keg can fit and keeping at minimum a 6 pack to bottle condition. If I had the money id defniitely spring for these 2.5's and get a 1.7cu fridge to put them in.
  5. Does it matter if you go on to fb with the private browsing enabled?
  6. This is getting crazier by the day Kelley-visited-the-White-House-3-times-this-year http://www.wtsp.com/...times-this-year
  7. If the Generals political careers are indeed (likely) over I think they at least have the opportunity for a lucrative career as a spokesman for Cialis.
  8. You kidding me? Just look at that dog!! Update.. OK didn't read the caption, I guess Holly is the one in the chair with the blue coat (J/K)
  9. Your reaching really far on all that, but hey your allowed to interpret things your own way. I'm done with this portion of the thread, You never give advice and I blame problems on everyone but me your right!
  10. I guess you owe me $100. I do feel the need to respond to statements made towards me or about something I said. Not sure where you got the blame everyone else part from but alright. Not sure where you got that I was going to start UPT anytime soon. That ship has sailed and I unfortunately was not on it, would of been nice though.
  11. DN, I guess we have different meanings of the words advice, your personal experience mixed in with your take on a few of the items being thrown around comes off a lot like advice to me in some shape or form. Im not saying your telling us to go buy this stock and sell that fund, but your first hand account of being screwed over is advice enough for some of the people in here to possibly stop one from making a bad decision. Butters, I'm not TSP eligible (no gov affiliation), if its all the same, Ill stick with my current format of investing (combing message boards for the next great stock tip!). Its working out very well for me in that I never have to worry about CG taxes because I never gain anything.
  12. Thank you Butters, I apologize for jumping to the offense previously, I really thought you were being sarcastic toward me I was referring to it as a penalty because to my understanding your taxed differently Short term (no to your benefit) then you are long term. Regarding specifying which securities you intend to sell, when I used USAA I did not see an option to state which ones you wanted to sell (I assume they are FIFO). I know the concept is not that difficult to grasp but with taxes there is always some sort of side note it seems (this only applies if a and b did or didn't happen). Just wondering if that was one of those instances.
  13. You keep telling me to not ask advice on an anonymous forum, however your giving out most of the advice on here (and its pretty damn useful advice). Perhaps I underestimated the complexity of my question and/or screwed up the wording I'm sure it was both. I was asking for clarification on the penalty's for short term gains with 3 different scenarios, not sure why that is hard for you to understand, but go ahead and belittle me more because you didn't understand what I was saying. No one is able to answer it fine enough, ill keep looking. If my post didn't make sense and you are willing to help me on the subject then maybe ask me to clarify what I asked, or at least tell me I would have better luck with an answer if my question dint look like a pile of crap. I was not throwing spears, like I said I picked up on a smart ass remark so I replied back to him the same way. To simplify where I felt he was being a smart ass, it should be pretty clear to someone reading my question that I understood >1y=Short term, so it should be pretty obvious <1yr=long term gain. Not to mention I didn't ask anything about long term gains my question was only dealing with 1 year or less. Then he tells me I shouldn't be doing any trading because I dont know the difference, does that mean since you cant answer my question you have no business trading stocks either? If he was truly trying to help and not be sarcastic with his response to me then I am truly sorry I misread his tone. This is going off course, so I am sorry if I upset you or butters, you were both right and i was wrong. Thank you for your insight whether you believe it or not, I admire your knowledge on investments.
  14. I wasn't really being a prick, maybe I misread the tone but I picked up sarcasm in his post and responded as I would normally to someone being sarcastic towards me. If he had read my question it would be quite obvious I understand that if you dont hold it for a year you are penalized with short term gains my question was regarding the clarification of the rule and other factors that would be accounted for in the penalization. What I took as sarcasm was him stating that if I dont understand the difference between short and long term gains I shouldn't be trading at all when that had nothing to do with my original question. Thank you for reiterating your advice to not take advice on an anonymous board. Ill be the first to admit I dont know my @$$ from my hand on most of this investment stuff, you were one of the people I was referring to who appears to know much more about this than I and I was hoping to get some sort of useful feedback but would of been just as ok with none at all. Instead I'm getting criticism for my curiosity which is fine too, but not what I was hoping for. This thread is about investments, taxes need to be taken into account on investment decisions, I figured it was a good place to ask.
  15. I suggest you re-read my original question. I was asking how literal the law is or if there are exceptions with regards to selling then picking the same thing up a week later if it makes a difference and other scenarios. I was also asking if anyone knew the IRS takes your income before or after the sell in determining your bracket. This question primarily comes about from curiosity of dividends that get auto reinvested are those also required to be held for a year. Thank you for explaining to me the difference between short and long term although that isn't what I asked.
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