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  1. Nerd alert: Star Trek's classic "A Taste of Armageddon" episode explores this. Two societies use computers to simulate the outcome of a war. The winner is declared without any fighting. But the losers are euthanized.
  2. +1 to being community dependent (and somewhat EP dependent, depending on their mood), but from where I'm from it's very hard to get a commendable as a new guy, especially if this was an MQT check. Nothing against FNGs, they just don't have that unconscious competence yet that naturally opens up the door to impress the evaluator in multiple areas. For my criteria, if someone isn't making any mistakes and appears to be earning a clean Q-1, I'll give them a fair chance to earn that EQ and turn up the intensity until I see where their limit is in performance or GK. So good on you, while it doesn't mean much objectively (nor would a downgrade), subjectively it looks very good for strat considerations, quarterly award bullets, TRB early looks, the boss noticing, etc. A great stepping stone, if you keep it up.
  3. "The autopilot entered the go-around mode" That's ambiguous...did someone physically press the GA button? On purpose or otherwise?
  4. Nah, just need another SII and safety video.
  5. Looking for some up to date gouge, was offered an attractive non-flying short tour, claiming off-base oceanside condos. Inputs? Leadership climate?
  6. You mean an SII that says "stop f*cking up" doesn't actually do shit?
  7. Honestly this is an extremely common sentiment in this community. Every year I have to have a couple of serious conversations with dudes who broke down at work over some variation of this mentality. The "glory days" of flying your dad experienced are fleeting and today's air force is changing. No easy way to make you feel better but I will say RPAs have some huge advantages: You don't have to deploy for months at a time to get the same mission done. Being able to go home, grab a drink and netflix with your SO every night is an underrated advantage over missing out on your personal life for half a year at a time, even more so if you will have a family. You will utilize new equipment and weapons that actively receive R&D funding...unlike the 20+ year old systems on manned aircraft I used to fly. Unit specific, but you will still face very challenging mission sets and upgrades to train for...I've had plenty of "I should've been a fighter pilot" types completely get their ass kicked in training. I know dudes whose footage was shown to the president, and were part of things that will never be declassified. Their parents are none the wiser, and that's okay.
  8. Quick question: when does the next year-group pin on O-4 and where do I find this information?
  9. fox two

    Latest Movies

    Star Wars Rogue One was very good. I give it a 9.5/10, better than The Force Awakens. It wasn't a recycled plot like TFA, and it didn't lean too hard on nostalgic cameos (most were mere seconds long and well placed). The conclusion of the movie segways amazingly well into A New Hope, and actually enhances the story significantly. Has some of the best battle scenes in the franchise. Minor points deducted for some tropey moments, and a somewhat slow, fractured start, but the second half of the movie more than makes up for it. Has the old rustic star wars feel throughout, yet includes some of the best CGI to date. It's a true prequel to episode IV, and how a prequel should be done. I don't have any above average fandom but anyone who likes Star Wars will receive this one well.
  10. Recent policy has required all RPA IQT students to stay on base in the dorms. These are students of the 16th (to which the email is addressed).
  11. Holloman just banned all alcohol in the dorms, in response to isolated incidents of irresponsible drinking. Great, we know people aren't going to stop, let's just force them to do it off base instead. This will turn out well! https://www.jqpublicblog.com/random-major-single-handedly-repeals-21st-amendment-revives-prohibition/
  12. http://www.ktnv.com/news/nellis-air-force-base-helicopter-crashes-on-training-range
  13. This article has some more pictures including showing the canopy in the air. Says engine failure. http://gazette.com/article/1577424
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