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  1. It is the announcement for the Rated Active Duty selection boards.
  2. SO=significant other NOT Sensor Operator Sorry if that ruins anyones Valentines Day plans.
  3. PSDM 20-18 just hit MyPers. Go to https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/45850 from a cac enabled computer. Application Suspense: 29 July 2020
  4. So the announcement came out on Tuesday. I got the signed paperwork turned in the same day, because my UPT ADSC expired already and I have another ADSC that is 7.5 years long for just starting a PhD program. So I was all about signing up for free money. The email said give DFAS 6-8 weeks, but I had the money deposited on Friday. They withheld 22% FYSA. YMMV
  5. Really? Because being a Wg/CCE when you meets your majors board should set you up for life no matter how bad you eff things up after that? As opposed to an IP who was busting his butt doing the JOB and teaching guys how to do the JOB, while probably being a flt/cc or shop chief. When both are in the same year group. In the old paradigm the WG/CCE is bullet proof and the IP is now a second class citizen behind the power curve because no one was pushing him for anything past promotion to Major. At least now more guys should have a shot...depending on how this gets managed.
  6. There is always a list. And there probably always will be, but when you publish the list for the world to see it triggers problematic behaviors. Which in turn crush morale right as dudes are getting to the end of their UPT commitments. At least now commanders have more control, and it will be easier to scratch a name off or add another name from a late bloomer. That said I will be very curious to see how this plays out at bases like Nellis, Edwards, Eglin, and among the cyber operators where you have a higher percentage of top performers than most wings. It will either be a boom or bust for them.
  7. Mike is a legit brain and able to call a spade a spade in public journal forums better than anyone I know. That said I just wished he had pulled the tanker/airlift bros into the fray with the representation they deserve.
  8. HitMe was a solid dude. Or at least he seemed that way when he was the wing cc at Vance. The fact he and his vice both made general prove that sometimes the AF gets it right.
  9. Check the course discussion board in the lesson. There is a lot of good advice to be had. The ILAs and exercises in the last two self paced courses will anger you to no end.
  10. http://www.tehachapinews.com/news/edwards-air-force-base-pilot-dies-in-san-antonio-crash/article_bd4f2c2c-e423-11e6-aad2-0bf8c6e8a090.html To SWAB
  11. Maybe if General Chang and his cronies realized the people they are treating like dirt have a skill set that earns them as much as a VP of Human Resources for a major company on the open market and that they can't just change dollar amounts to solve the problem. https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/vice-president-human-resources-salary-SRCH_KO0,30.htm If the AF tried to compete by seeking to compensate with job satisfaction and Quality/Control of Life they could manage these problems in a few years. Until that paradigm shift happens no amount of congress approved money to pay pilots will fix the impending crisis.
  12. FWIW: Every UPT direct to RPA got a spin up course in either the T-1 or T-38 then were sent to the FTU for their follow on aircraft. For the first few this was close to around the 4 year point getting closer to the 3 year point towards the end. Those who chose to stay RPAs went to the RQ-170, WIC, or TPS for the most part. The guys I would be worried for are the guys that got AMC assignments out of UPT then quick turned into RPAs. As far as I know they are stuck because they already had a manned AC assignment regardless of how brief it was.
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