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  1. Space guy here. ADSC expiration is currently racing any mandatory Space Force transfers that will be in the works. My curiosity is currently high concerning the reserves, as that was my plan before this all came to be. Officially, Air Force Space Command is gone, US Space Force is one person (the Chief of Space Operations), and all other formerly AFSPC personnel are AF folks on loan to the USSF. I've been wearing USSF tags on my OCPs every Friday for months for funsies, now it's not nearly as fun. I am authentically afraid of what the leadership will decide to call the USSF mem
  2. Stretch

    Gun Talk

    Re: Single-Stack 9mm for concealed... I'll be the Walther fanboy and suggest the PPS. Single stack, light, thin, and competitve to several other options when it comes to price. I've got some sizable mitts and between the swapable grips and the grip area afforded by the 8rd magazine, it's easy to hold and shoot. Several hundred rounds through my current PPS for very tight groups and no problems, regardless of ammo. Between the gun and an Aliengear IWB holster, I'll carry at a 4 o'clock position all day and damn near forget that it's there.
  3. If it helps any, they won't communicate or cooperate with any squadron.
  4. At least there is a reliable chance of food at a barbeque. I'm not so sure the same can be said at the chow halls, given the state of the last few meals. (Background: They're switching over contractors for food services and don't have the people, processes, or supply chains unfooked yet. A major for EFSS was taking out the trash bags of disposable plates as SNCOs were manning scrambled eggs serving spoons this morning at the BPC for breakfast, trying to make up for the manpower shortage with 'leadership' and bodies from everywhere else on base. Strongly correlated rumor has something abou
  5. Caught this earlier today. Comm checks could be interesting. Lifting an overzealous barrier or another body blow to the military for the sake of inclusion/diversity? http://www.airforcetimes.com/article/20140802/NEWS/308020038/Lawmaker-wants-trial-program-deaf-serve-Air-Force I understand how well deaf individuals can integrate - I went to a school who had 25% deaf/HOH population and have seen it first hand. But this?
  6. They need to replenish those recently-culled missile squadrons somehow: might as well get them pre-conditioned.
  7. Playing passenger on a rotator to/through AUAB and stopping in Ireland. The entire pax section is elated to have a beer, especially those heading further downrange for a long stint whom have always wanted to try some name brand stout from an Irish tap. Wheels down and the troop commander (solo O-6) makes a decision - no booze. Anyone. Back to Little Boy/Little Girl rules. He proceeds to walk the entire airport holding area from end to end in order to make sure everyone is following direction. FFS, its Ireland and the only thing open at this hour is the airport bar and an O'Quick-Stop.
  8. You can see the bleed-over into the 13S Space community as well. The commanders who have been of the CGO missile breeding baulked at the debrief process and did everything possible to sweep mistakes under the rug. Likewise, their recurring training and eval outbriefs spent more time weaseling out of their mistake rather than finding anything to learn from it. More than one officer in that room would defend the evasive actions and let it start occurring at the line-crew level. That led to a double standard where some of the 'chosen ones' would be able to dodge-duck-dip-dive-dodge a Q3 and for o
  9. White BMW? One of the dudes from my squadron, wish I had though of it. Chive on.
  10. Stretch

    Gun Talk

    For a chuckle/sigh: One man's summary of the EO's (A bit much to cut and paste): http://phelps.donotremove.net/2013/01/obamas-new-executive-orders/
  11. We used to run two 12-hour days, two 12-hour mid shifts, and then have two days off before going back to days and rinse/repeat. Did that for almost two years. At some point, your body just says "###### it" and either deals with it or has a psycotic breakdown. Either way, no more worries. We switched to two 8-hour days, two 8 hour swing, two 8-hour mids, three days off schedule for a while but that didn't work out so well. Now I'm just an office drone and shorted a few years off my life. (Yes, I know that's not an discussion point, none the less a good point, but my experience with shitty s
  12. Amplifying: Single, no kids, O-2 putting on O-3 in May. I don't mind a fixer-upper. Reading what I have been and talking to the people I have, I am painted the picture of getting stabbed whilst in the process of falling to the ground after being shot on the southeast side of the city - I am skeptical of this opinion for obvious reasons. I've seen and worked in "bad" towns (pulled bodies off the streets the most murder-prone city of the US for years) so I have a difficult time taking horror stories from lifelong suburb dwellers. I've heard just a bit of information about ASD20, all good
  13. The search function has been used. Looking for opinions on the areas of reasonable commute to Peterson. I won't be PCS'ing for a few more months still, but looking to do some research in my down time. In particular, the thought of buying isn't too far off the possibility list. I've spent time in the area for TDY and family vacation, but never for the purpose of exploring the actual housing part of the city/surrounding areas. Thoughts? Opinions? Any input would be appreciated. Stretch.
  14. That's why we just drank in the quads. (Yes, I know what you meant.)
  15. I know this is primarily a flyer's board, but for those Space/Missile folk out there (and in additional response to the original question)... AFI48-123 was revised and released on 24 Aug 2012 as AFI48-123_AFGM3, but didn't make it down to my level until the last couple of weeks. Biggest thing to denote: 13SXA, 13SXB, 13SXD, and 13SXE AFSCs no longer required to be on a SMOD status. The coneheads are still required to do so. However, the requirement for normal color vision is still required for entrance into the career field (waivers still possible, as I can attest). Also, retention
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