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  1. No one cares. That being said, if someone does care, there is no reason to highlight yourself. Also, I don't really know the difference of the boots, but I bet someone smarter than me knows what I need for an ejection seat. Recommend Bellevilles.
  2. I'm not sure if cadets don't understand it or refuse to believe it, but they really just don't even start to comprehend on what you missed out on. No fault of your own, I'm sure drinking on a Friday night felt like madness after wearing a uniform 5 days a week and marching a parade to eat lunch before going back to get your dorm room in inspection order.
  3. Not quite. The AF does not get pilots from any other source than UPT. The only way we make a pilot is UPT, there is no other functioning cheaper method that produces them at the end of the year. Not the case for AF officers. AFA/ROTC/OCS all produce a 2Lt. Personally I think we should keep the academy but I think we might be missing the mark with these arguments. Agreed there are not thousands of colleges as good as the Academy, probably only hundreds.
  4. Dude, you definitely don't need to know a single radio call before UPT. For each phase, you will have academics that will teach you everything you need to know. Enjoy your time before pilot training, then show ready to work. Academics is 6 weeks before you ever hit the flight line. Study radio calls during contact. There will be time to study for instruments and a bunch of sims. Don't waste your time/money. If you look at everything now, you will most likely 1) not understand it, or B) learn it wrong. No one there to answer questions, possibly outdated pubs, etc. There is a lot gai
  5. Fixed it. T-6 FAIPs are not going to have much trouble switching to such a similar platform, or any platform really.
  6. check6


  7. LEROY JENKINS!!!! Also, love the mustaches on the front of their birds
  8. When you shoot a free throw in basketball, you're standing still. Flying airplanes with guns on them is different, and sometimes the targets ARE moving.
  9. not mine but from a buddy... "N69WW, cleared to land, caution, wake turbulence, T-6 on short final"
  10. "Yeah, there was a miscommunication with CD Baby. I had asked them to slip the release date about a week ago then cancelled that request. It should be back up no later than Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience. Trip"
  11. no madness yet at VN. the wg/cc and wg/cv are fighter types so hopefully things stay normal... BUT just to be safe, while i still can NUGGET CRANIUM SO TO SPEAK CONTAINER 69
  12. HOW DID JOHN LOCKE GET A WING??? Don't they know he's just going to get tricked by Ben, fight with Jack, and screw up every chance we've got of getting off this dammed island!?
  13. SHACK. i was kidding in the first part of my post, sorry i'm not good at internet sarcasm
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