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  1. I did in 6.0 without ever calling or emailing. Did the second applied course while waiting for the first to start and did 3 and 4 at the same time.
  2. I'm at 3.25% already. Is it worth looking into an IRRRL or have rates not gone low enough? In New Mexico if that makes a difference.
  3. I think mine got screwed up (big surprise). They withheld just over 33% of mine. Correction. They actually did pay me correctly. Somehow they honored my change to TSP allotments even though they hadn't taken effect yet.
  4. New rates are out. Calculator isn't updated but the ascii files are available. If I'm reading them right looks like a sizable jump ($110) for me.
  5. Did they say where the 5 years of IPZ start? Ie is year one the 2BPZ or the current IPZ?
  6. Why bother proving the negative? Ask him for the AFI that says you need the rank.
  7. I use Fundrise. Earning about 7% annually so far but it's been less than 2 years and I'm keeping my investment small for the time being. Interested to see what it does in the next downturn.
  8. You can sole source well above the gpc limit. You just have to be able to provide sufficient justification to make it through all the contracting and legal wickets. I'm working on trying to sole source a nearly $300k purchase.
  9. Can't transfer it after you get out... but you can use it for some other types of education beyond normal college stuff. I haven't looked into it much but I believe you can take some trade skills training using it. Want to learn to weld?
  10. I had a former OG and WG commander state in no uncertain terms that they absolutely used correspondence as a discriminator for in res after your first look. That WG/CC is now wearing a star. I think it's safe to assume they treated DP the same way.
  11. Also makes it so you can't just remove the holster and drop the whole thing in the case. You have to actually drop the mag and rack the slide because manipulating your firearm while in gate traffic is a brilliant idea.
  12. Not at my base. You must have it completely unloaded and in a locked compartment by the time you get to the gate.
  13. The issue is that, while the question is valid, you're ignoring half the system. Let us assume that there are 100 units of energy in your system. Here are the various types of energy and their starting values: Potential Energy (rocket fuel) - 100 Kinetic Energy 1 (spaceship motion) - 0 Kinetic Energy 2 (any other object motion) - 0 Thermal Energy (heat) - 0 Light Energy - 0 Taking the first letter from each energy type (simplified I know) we come to the equation P+K1+K2+T+L=N (net energy) = 100 After your first burn you've converted some of that potential energy to the other forms. Thus you end up with P=80, K1=9, K2=9, T=1, L=1. Net energy remains at 100. What is important to note is that the kinetic energy is evenly split between the spaceship and the exhausted particles that created the thrust. You do a second burn, dropping K1 to zero. However to do that you increase K2. Note that the new particles coming out are moving faster because they have the added velocity of the spaceship. Since the spaceship was lighter due to less fuel you consumed less potential energy in the process. Thus your new numbers are P=62, K1=0, K2=34, T=2, L=2. Your K2 increase is due to its original energy, the energy from the new burn, and the energy imparted on it by the ship movement. This is all, of course, drastically overly simplified but I don't feel like dusting off my old textbooks.
  14. You've kicked out particles in each burn (equal and opposite reaction). While the aircraft velocity is back to zero those particles still have mass and velocity.
  15. I heard similar numbers but tied to years of aviation service. Similar to current flight pay. Not sure how gate months or non flying assignments might play in.
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