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  1. KWings06j

    Concealed Carry

    Also makes it so you can't just remove the holster and drop the whole thing in the case. You have to actually drop the mag and rack the slide because manipulating your firearm while in gate traffic is a brilliant idea.
  2. KWings06j

    Concealed Carry

    Not at my base. You must have it completely unloaded and in a locked compartment by the time you get to the gate.
  3. KWings06j

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

    The issue is that, while the question is valid, you're ignoring half the system. Let us assume that there are 100 units of energy in your system. Here are the various types of energy and their starting values: Potential Energy (rocket fuel) - 100 Kinetic Energy 1 (spaceship motion) - 0 Kinetic Energy 2 (any other object motion) - 0 Thermal Energy (heat) - 0 Light Energy - 0 Taking the first letter from each energy type (simplified I know) we come to the equation P+K1+K2+T+L=N (net energy) = 100 After your first burn you've converted some of that potential energy to the other forms. Thus you end up with P=80, K1=9, K2=9, T=1, L=1. Net energy remains at 100. What is important to note is that the kinetic energy is evenly split between the spaceship and the exhausted particles that created the thrust. You do a second burn, dropping K1 to zero. However to do that you increase K2. Note that the new particles coming out are moving faster because they have the added velocity of the spaceship. Since the spaceship was lighter due to less fuel you consumed less potential energy in the process. Thus your new numbers are P=62, K1=0, K2=34, T=2, L=2. Your K2 increase is due to its original energy, the energy from the new burn, and the energy imparted on it by the ship movement. This is all, of course, drastically overly simplified but I don't feel like dusting off my old textbooks.
  4. KWings06j

    Energy question - Challenge you to answer!

    You've kicked out particles in each burn (equal and opposite reaction). While the aircraft velocity is back to zero those particles still have mass and velocity.
  5. I heard similar numbers but tied to years of aviation service. Similar to current flight pay. Not sure how gate months or non flying assignments might play in.
  6. KWings06j

    Finance Problems

    I've never had DTS orders that didn't have variations authorized. Even when I didn't build the orders myself it was always there.
  7. KWings06j

    PRF Recommendations

    You can do a change of rater after 120 days of supervision to force an OPR. CC can also write a commanders knowledge letter (MFR) for accomplishments not documented yet. However there should still be sufficient information in past OPR/EPR's, even if not written to AF standards, to create a decent PRF.
  8. KWings06j

    VA Loans

    The person I worked with at NBKC for my last 3 loans (2x refi's & 1 new mortgage) apparently moved on since then. So I was connected with Dave Devine for my latest home purchase. From accepted offer to closing was only 13 business days. 3.25% w/ $2200 in lender credit. So if anyone's in a hurry to close like I was I can't recommend him highly enough!
  9. This is the closest thread I could find to my question so hopefully I'm in the right spot... I am an active duty pilot and have developed occasional tinnitus (ringing a few times a week for a minute or so at a time). My last hearing test I had a significant hearing shift (for the worse) and had to come back and retest a month later. Passed it with an improvement over my baseline (most of you can guess how). I'm debating reporting the tinnitus to the flight doc to get it in my records for future disability claims but I don't want it to affect my flying status. Anyone had experience with tinnitus and/or hearing decrease that can weigh in? I'm coming up on my commitment and am really on the fence on what I want to do once it expires so I'm trying to prepare for either choice.
  10. KWings06j

    VA Loans

    Thanks. I'm just always weary of giving out financial information without some sort of vetting. PM sent. Thanks for the link.
  11. KWings06j

    VA Loans

    Anyone here able to recommend someone other than NBKC? My current loan is thru them and i'm trying to refi back to 30 years to drop the monthly payment. Problem is i'm already at 3.25% and they can't do the VA IRRRL since the rate wouldn't change. This leaves me either sticking with my current mortgage or going to a different lender. I see Trident in this thread but didn't see any longtime members commenting on using them and no BBB rating or reviews.
  12. KWings06j

    What is a PCSM

    Before you get all the "use the search" responses I'll chime in... http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/ Go to the FAQ on the above link to get all the details. Bottom line this score supposedly determines your odds of making it through pilot training. A high score may not guarantee you a pilot slot but a low score will certainly keep you from getting one.
  13. KWings06j

    New BAH rates are out.

    -12.3% KVAD
  14. Just got my AMEX platinum. They were very non-committal as to whether they would waive the fee or not. Before getting the card they told me my account "would be evaluated". After getting the card they asked for the date I entered active duty and any deployment dates. When I didn't have that all readily available they said they would just use my social security number to "evaluate my account which could take up to 60 days". Less than 48 hours later I got the e-mail saying they were waiving they annual fee among other things. Two questions for anyone here... First, I know at least one person said they had gotten reimbursed the $200 on a Delta gift certificate. Has anyone else done this? I'm not flying anywhere this year so it would be great to take advantage of that to essentially double dip next year. Second, has anyone gotten the fee waived on the Amex Platinum Delta Skymiles card or Reserve Delta Skymiles card?
  15. KWings06j

    Gun Talk

    I have several safes. My favorite is the GunVault. It comes in various sizes. I have one of the smaller ones which is perfect for a single pistol plus spare mag and flashlight. It is a combo with a hand-print shape for the button layout making it easy to use in the dark. It has a battery but also includes an AC adapter so no worries about it dying at the worst possible time. There's also a key backup.http://www.thefirestore.com/store/pr...Fc3m7AodKjgAwA I have a Barska fingerprint reader safe as well. It works first try 95% of the time but the fingerprint reader lights up and it does make a little noise as the bolts move. Like the gunvault it's AC powered and has a battery backup and a key backup. http://www.wayfair.com/Barska-Mini-B...FTJo7AodHCwAPg For the times when more firepower is called for there's also this: http://www.costco.com/ShotLock-Universal-Solo-Vault-Safe.product.11609953.html