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  1. So your degree says Brandman or UMass on it now? How long did it take you to finish the 7 classes? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the advice. Care to explain a little more on what went wrong? We’re they not Mil friendly?
  3. Did you do it %100 online? How long did it take you? Any big pros or cons?
  4. Hey gang. Finally decided to check the Masters box after my dream of getting my MBA at a brick and mortar school while still flying the line was dashed by COVID. Doing some research I came across Brandman university, particularly their MA in Organizational Leadership. LSS I was surprised to see they give you 15 credit hours upfront just for being an E7 or above, taking your military leadership training/exp to account. Which boils down to only needing to take 21 credit hours (7 classes) to complete the MAOL program. Does anyone have any experience with Brandman? Their MOAL program? Or know of any other similar programs that give credit for military leadership training/service? Cheers!
  5. Anyone had any experiences with MIL2ATP in NC recently? Heard mixed reviews
  6. I'm all about keeping all doors open honestly. Unfortunately with my squadron job, flying trip, and deployment schedule (roughly 1-to-1), I doubt I'd be able to make actually going to classes a reality. I'm all about using my time, energy, and money wisely, and keeping all of my options on the table.
  7. Has anyone had any experiences that they would specifically NOT recommend a school for? I know tons of people used to do the ERAU thing and I've been told it's gone way down hill in recent years
  8. I'm not the guy that checks the box just to check the box. The reason I'm asking is because I do actually want a decent degree from a good, reasonable, and military friendly school
  9. All, young Lt currently considering which online school to acquire my non-mandatory (mandatory) masters degree from. I'm sure plenty of you have good opinions on programs out there. I already have two business degrees, and I'm not necessarily committed to one type of program (just no engineering obviously). Gratsi
  10. I'm rolling haha. Ya I'm kinda trying to stay away from that whole mess to the S.W. if you catch my drift haha
  11. I'm not too into the whole 45 minute commute thing so I'd probably rather live in Fairfield or Vaca unless there's a significant enough reason to live further north towards Sac.
  12. So pretty much don't live on base. Anything bad with living in or around Fairfield?
  13. Anyone have any suggested places to live for a single dude? (on or off base)
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