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  1. Sledge Hammer

    Hurricane Michael

  2. Sledge Hammer

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    That video was tough to watch.
  3. Sledge Hammer

    Herk Down

    Damn, I grew up in Newburgh next to Stewart ANGB and watching those Herks and (at the time) C-5's fly over helped inspire me to join the military and want to become a pilot. Truly a sad day. To those that were lost, as well as their families and friends
  4. Sledge Hammer

    Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers

  5. Sledge Hammer


    Units typically post hiring announcements under the Career tab on their website (eg http://www.148fw.ang.af.mil/careers/). Good luck.
  6. Sledge Hammer

    Upcoming Boards

    South Dakota 114th FW is beginning to accept applications. Packets due 6 May & info can be found on the unit website. Good luck.
  7. Sledge Hammer

    AFOQT Scores - No Bueno

    "Q. How many times can I take the AFOQT? A. You can take the AFOQT two times with a minimum interval of six months between taking them. Waivers to take the test a third time are granted to people who have completed significant training since the last time they took the test if the training impacts the skills being measured (college-level math and English courses, private pilot’s license, etc.). If you inquire on a score and see blanks in the area where the scores should be, it’s usually because the person took the test a third time without authorization." AFOQT FAQ's I don't know the process of getting a waiver to take it a third time or how often one is approved.
  8. Sledge Hammer

    AFOQT Scores - No Bueno

    If it's something you really want to do, apply and make units tell you 'no thanks.' Don't self select. I'd do everything I could to retake the AFOQT a third time (and study your ass off for it) as I went though.
  9. Sledge Hammer

    Upcoming Boards

    Hell of a pendulum swing from what it sounds like the pick-up rate for unsponsored candidates was on the last board.
  10. Sledge Hammer

    Upcoming Boards

    GuardReserveJobs Also, check every units website and call around. You don't need any connections for most units.
  11. Sledge Hammer

    Upcoming Boards

    For their last board packets were due in mid Feb and the board was held early March.
  12. Sledge Hammer

    Standard Interview Questions

    I never brought one and I got hired. No one ever cared either way.
  13. Use the AFRC chat or call to get the contact info for your regional officer ascension recruiter. You can't submit your own packet.