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  1. Well, as an AD major on the pilot bonus, I make $191k/year, and that's ignoring the tax advantage of BAH or any tax free months (though I'm also living in a high BAH area). At best, I'm an average officer, though you could make the case I'm below average since it took me 2 tries to make major. Is my salary/bonus justified? I get you don't seem to like Fauci, or at least disagree strongly with his advice. But he seems to be well respected within the medical community. He's also only an advisor on pandemic response-governor's can do what they want (ref Florida). What would you say he's w
  2. I believe it's 30 days from notification of being passed over to accept/decline continuation, and if you decline, you have to separate within 6 months from public release of the board results. So not a lot of time.
  3. Basically pro pay for certain government employees, particularly doctors. Throw in the fact that he's got 50+ years of government service, and is the head of a government agency, so roughly equivalent to GO/SES pay scales as a starting point. Have to pay to recruit and retain talent, especially with highly skilled/educted professions. Your strategy sounds just like why the AF kept the pilot bonus so low for so long, and have a retention problem. If you're outraged about Fauci's pay, are you also outaged that the highest paid state employee in several states is a football coach?
  4. Research results mean nothing if you never apply that research. Whether it's too expensive, or requires a large population to take an action that may not benefit them directly in the short term. Also, a very interesting effect happens with how you frame decisions. Freaking the decision as a 99% chance of living after infection causes a different decision making process than framing it as a 1% chance of dying. (The effect is more visible if you slide the percentages, say 80/20. Like a doctor telling you you have an 80% chance of surviving surgery is different than them telling you you have a
  5. Texas lost power in 2011 due to a much less severe winter. Here's the recommendations following the 2011 event: https://www.ferc.gov/sites/default/files/2020-04/08-16-11-report.pdf It's also the only CONUS state that elected not to winterize it's grid to meet federal recommendations, and is one of the reasons their grid is isolated. Their grid is also not government run, but run by a non-profit. I agree with you that government is not the only answer to problems. Learning skills useful in emergencies is good (heat/shelter, water purification, etc), and is having emergency supplies (though th
  6. Licensing versus owning software required for hardware you purchased... Right to repair raises it's highly head again. Any bets that Tesla eventually moves to a subscription model for advanced features in it's cars?
  7. That's because the civilian instructor gets paid to take you up. Also, if they are a lower time instructor who also gets the bonus of logging time towards the ATP requirement. Not prepared? That's okay, just will cost you a couple hundred bucks. Military is producing on a timeline with a quasi-fixed number of hours allotted, and had no problem cutting their loses if a student isn't performing.
  8. Can't use the rapid test for 90 days after having COVID, because you'll likely show positive despite not being infectious. But that often gets lost in the policy... Even at hospitals.
  9. You're right, renewable energy would not have fixed Texas' current problem. You know what would? Regulating the power industry to handle extreme events with historical precedence. Just because it's once in a lifetime doesn't mean it's should be a surprise when it happens, that's why we study history and keep records. What Texas did was ignore history (including recent outages due to cold in 2011) to minimize short term costs. Even preferential selling priority for wind power is good and very rational from a grid design standpoint: wind power can not be easily stored with current technolog
  10. It's it wrong he's being criticized? Nope. Does he deserve it? Irrelevant question, he's a public figure, and people are going to chuck spears if his actions don't align with their beliefs. Doesn't mean he has to respond. The notion of "valuing the American family" is vague to begin with. We'd have to define and agree on what valuing family means, because there are lots of different meanings for it, based on how you were raised, religion, culture, location, etc. How do you feel about people that manage to find a way to dodge deployments at the last minute? Arguably, that's the right t
  11. Speaking of money, the whole refund the police movement got pretty twisted. It worked for Camden, NJ. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/09/us/disband-police-camden-new-jersey-trnd/index.html But that was not just cutting funding (which did come back), it was a complete reset of their police force, to include firing many police officers (due to corruption in the force) and a new philosophy in community relations (being part of the community, rather than seeing the community as bad or the enemy). I think we'd get much more traction in positive police and community relations and trust taking the a
  12. Does a new cop get a gun if they are working before training? What kind of work are they doing? Ride alongs? Office tasks? Getting coffee and stocking the snack bar? You know, typical AF casual LT type stuff. All of that is good, and even though it may not be loggable training, introduces the new officer to the office and work environment. If you don't think it's good or value added, well, write your congressman and point out the F/W/A of the AF paying casual LTs waiting to start UPT. A spot check on the site you linked to for barber licensing was missing information. It missed that
  13. Yeah, initially i was going to say Cruz wasn't that different from Christie, but after some thinking, decided it wasn't a good comparison. Christie was the head of the executive branch as governor, with the ability to take short term emergency actions, so it is different.
  14. Sure, he's trying to be a good dad, I'll give you that. He's getting his family out of a bad situation. That's generally reasonable. I know in power outages I've gone through, I've found a hotel with power so my wife could be comfortable (and to power a medical device). But I recognize that being able to do that is a luxury, and one I couldn't always afford. Same with being able to fly your family out of country to somewhere comfortable/vacation when a significant natural disaster hits. It's a luxury many of his constituents can't afford, so it becomes bad optics for an elected leader.
  15. It's both, the link, and "snippet" content. Sure, by doing what you mention makes it harder for automated tools to catch (or doing things like sanding spaces to links, like s I t e n a m e . c o m), but it looks like Facebook or Google would have to pay if they or users point to a specific article. It essentially attacks fair use of published news content.
  16. This is probably one of the most important points that gets missed or glossed over, not just in the police debate, but elsewhere in our society as well. If something is important to our society, we have to be willing to pay for it (through taxes). Otherwise, it's not really important... The only way to make it cheaper is through social norms we all abide by (whether it's written down in law, or just "understood"). Essentially, using social shame and embarrassment to discourage certain actions. But that requires everyone within a society to agree to and follow those norms. So then the qu
  17. Anyone on AD get the vaccine through non military channels? Have the opportunity to get it through my wife's work (healthcare worker), who's vaccinating immediate family of their employees, but not sure if Tricare or flight med are going to be weird about it.
  18. Yeah, it's interesting. I guess Texas had something similar happen back in 2011, and appears to have done nothing to improve in a decade. It's all just risk management. Texas choose to be deregulated for their power, and it's paying the price for it now (instead of an upfront monetary investment to avoid these situations). This might be a once in lifetime event, but that doesn't mean it's unprecedented. Same with areas with earthquakes and strict building codes, or areas with volcanic activity having evacuation plans. Prior planning prevents piss poor performance... And you're right, th
  19. I thought getting fat was from eating too much, and you generally can't out exercise your diet. [emoji2369]
  20. If you've got the money, you can afford better toys. Or to buy things as status symbols. A g-shock or timex watch is accurate and costs less than $100, yet many pilots will still spend several thousand dollars for a watch that is much less accurate. You could even get a smart/gps watch for $500-700 that's accurate with way more functions than just time/date/stopwatch.
  21. Looks like some stuff in Europe changed somewhat recently for Google and news: https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/business/google-plans-to-pay-publishers-1-billion-over-three-years-for-their-content/amp_articleshow/78426856.cms https://www.reuters.com/article/alphabet-publishing-eu-int-idUSKBN26M5O4 Google gave in and is going to pay news publishers in certain instances for news on a new Google news app, and it also just decided to take the same deal in Australia. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/02/17/google-pay-news-corp/ Facebook is still pushing back, since the
  22. I don't think Facebook/Google/Twitter are doing anything different than any other large multinational company. They are doing things traditional news and media outlets already do. This is old news, Google did the same thing in Europe, and prevailed there. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out in Australia. What the news outlets (really, Murdoch has been pushing this issue internationally) want is for Facebook to pay anytime it links to a news site in its news feed. So if a headline is shown with a link to a news site on Facebook, that news site wants Facebook to pay them for use of
  23. What if electric cars pumped in fake engine sounds, like some modern gas cars? https://www.thedrive.com/tech/22834/from-acura-to-vw-bmw-to-porsche-car-companies-are-getting-sneakier-about-engine-sound-enhanceme Problem solved!
  24. It's like playing a sport with some friends for fun on the weekend, versus playing a sport competitively. Higher standards and expectations, you're on someone else's time/schedule, more time studying ahead of the flight, and more focused debriefs following the flight (again, on a timeline). So it can be a lot more like work than a leisurely activity. Especially compared to flying as a private pilot going out to go sightseeing or get the $100 hamburger on your own schedule. Not to say it loses its excitement or can't be fun; you'll still find moments where you look out and take in the view
  25. Generally agree, but Texas isn't having problems due to icing on windmills, they are having problems systemically, largely due to multiple sources of power struggling, particularly their main source of power (natural gas). https://www.wkrg.com/news/are-frozen-wind-turbines-to-blame-for-texas-power-outages/amp/
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