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  1. The possible ability for a vaccinated person to carry and transmit live virus has zero impact on being able to reach herd immunity (which doesn't mean the virus dies out completely, by the way). In fact, it would only "help" that cause by leading to more naturally aquired immunity through infection. Vaccinated people could be shedding massive amounts of virus into the ether, and if everybody around also has vaccine derived immunity, then nothing happens. The only question that matters is what the nature of both vaccine and infection based immunity is. How long does it last? How often
  2. This is not in regard to this specific comment. It just reminds me to mention for all those suggestable people out there that are inclined to believe their gut, or buy into consipiracy theories: The plan is to innoculate billions of people. When you do anything with numbers that large, low probability events will occur. You could hand a party balloon to 3 billion people and a non-zero number of them would stroke out and die immediately after they took it from you. So prepare yourself to be skeptical of cause-and-effect claims for any side effects of the vaccine. There will be nu
  3. You've made 8000 posts in this thread. At one point last week you were averaging one post every 18 seconds. Your position is well established. Everybody including yourself knows why you chose to present this specific story in a long line of similarly themed things you've pointed towards over the last few weeks. Feigning offense at the fact that I 'assumed' something because it wasn't explicitly contained within a paticular post won't get you anywhere with me. It's time to face reality. They said it couldn't be done, but George Soros and the New World Order organized the most complex
  4. You suck at details dude. Almost like it's willfull ignorance...weird. It wasn't 2600 ballots with Trump votes, it was 2600 ballots. The third sentence in your own source says it's presumed to result in approximately +800 differential in favor of Trump. So you'd actually need 17 more counties with similar issues to make a difference, not 4. Except that Floyd County is among the largest counties in Georgia that leans heavily Republican. So in reality, you'd probably need similar issues in ~30 Republican counties to make a difference. This is all assuming that your audit finds 30 discre
  5. Shouldn't even have to make the call. They should already be self-mobilizing. If doing everything possible to undermine faith in the democratic process (I'm not talking about lawsuits) isn't quite enough to classify you a "domestic enemy" of the Constitution, then refusing to abdicate would remove all doubt. Not that it would work this way in reality, but there should be 1.5 million members of the military moving on D.C. to honor their oath. I didn't vote for Biden and I'm no longer beholden to any oath, but I'd make the trip if it became necessary. The fact that the electorate put a
  6. Let's hold off on this declaration until we're sure he's not going to saunter down from the presidential bedroom on January 20th and go to work on his 2nd term in the Oval Office as if nothing has happened.
  7. A good arguement could be made that the sitting president is the greatest acute threat to the Constitution in the entire world right now. Is that preferable?
  8. I don't have concern (if you read my posts, you'll see this). And since we're discussing flyovers and, from your perspective, there's no training involved in flyovers, I don't see how I could be lecturing on how you train. But thanks for the education on your financial circumstances. Must be senile in my 'old' age and have forgotten about that part from when I wasn't John Q. Public. Everybody here is pissed when they see tax dollars being wasted on Obamaphones and pork-barrel subsidies. But when it's them wasting tax dollars for personal benefit and they're called on it, they're just a
  9. I responded to someone who said flyovers were of no training value and insinuated that they only favor doing them because they're a morale boost and "America, Fuck Yeah!". I noted that IF that were true, they shouldn't be happening. I also noted that if this person wasn't learning from a flyover, they were doing it wrong [because there's plenty to learn from a flyover]. Further, I suggested that it appeared a good portion of people doing the flyovers actually needed the training [that you get from a flyover]. Which side of the arguement do you think I'm on? You can unbunch
  10. Um, John Q. Public here. I love a flyby as much as the next guy, but sorry, I'm not paying taxes so that you can go out and have a unique joyride in the jet. I pay taxes to maintain a competent fighting force. Training (or recruitment objectives) damn well better factor into every flight you take. You want to go joyride? Buy your own $200M jet and offer services to the NFL on your own time. And yeah, a flyover might be light on legitimate training objectives, but if you can't learn something from one, you're doing it wrong. Based on some of the atrocious TOTs I've seen on TV over
  11. Let me get this straight. You're turned off by people lying to your face and simultaneously you're sure that your vote is going to a person who, if they played a character in a Hollywood movie meant to be a pathological liar, you'd complain that their rendition was too cartoonish and over-the-top? Welp, I guess you've got that all sewn up.
  12. Had no idea that was a thing. Glad I missed out on it. I know that logic is forbidden when you're getting 'chiefed' (especially as a student), but did anybody ever try telling the aggressor that shoe polish is petroleum based? Coating yourself in a highly flammable substance kinda goes against the entire utilitarian purpose of a flight suit. At least it would make emergency ground egresses more entertaining for the tower/SOF.
  13. The fuck? People shined their black boots?
  14. It doesn't. I thought I was clear that it's not an all-encompassing metric. However, at the moment we're lofting 2 incompetant idiots that are also human cesspools to the top of the two-party system with nearly perfect accuracy. Wouldn't it be a good start if we just went with 2 incompetant idiots that were mildly respectable human beings instead? As a side note, you should substitute somebody else for Mother Theresa in future rhetorical questions. She left a lot to be desired when it comes to morality.
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