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  1. Oh it's all over the place. I counted at least 10 hipster haircuts on my last TR trip alone. Leadership too busy harassing IPs to take notice I'm sure.
  2. Planning on flying my Chipmunk up for Warbird Parking
  3. Yeah that's why You never see SR22s crash. What an idiot...
  4. Aircraft pictured was out of Boerne Stage and was the 2nd Prototype built. They are truly awesome machines. RIP.
  5. In response to FAIPgate 2014. I'm going to make t-shirts
  6. "A Drone will not bleed, die, get addicted to drugs, or shoot its commanding officers."
  7. "You make the statement like its somehow our job to stand up to the leadership to challenge the civil authority.... Thats the kind of shit you see in backward ass South American countries where the Military decides "F this guy we know better." Hey a military Junta worked out great for Argentina. I vote the Air Force should be in charge for Taco Tuesday
  8. Quick polling of the CGOs in my sorry neck of the woods indicates no one is willing to stop their masters even if they did have top cover from the CSAF. Only WWIII would fix this disaster
  9. I wanted to be an Air Force pilot my entire life and if you asked anyone that knew me back in AFROTC they would tell you I would stay in for a full career. However once I got into the "real" Air Force I found the focus in C-17s to be about anything but flying. I was never talked to by management about my last tactical approach but about how I was an "embarrassment" for not having my zippers zipped to the appropriate length etc. Thinking that it must be an AMC thing I headed over to T-6s to see if the grass was greener. However it was anything but. Regardless of how hard I worked as a USEM or C
  10. I did my ATP last month at Arlington. I had a different experience. My CFI was pretty competent and had good gouge on the ride as well as the two DPEs they use at the school. I agree though if you are expecting UPT like brief, flight, and debrief you will feel that you were cut short. However, I always felt that if I was deficient in an area I could always request more time in that POS Frasca trainer or more ground schooling. The expectations are so low that anyone with a military background should be able to pass no problem. I flew with DPE with the in-depth ground eval. He was a nice
  11. I'm pretty much sold on this. Does anyone have a good template/format for this letter?
  12. This is about the worst idea since ever. Currently our aircraft CAP is so low we can't even support the normal student load we have now.
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