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  1. Have you talked to any flight schools? They're open when students are available. How else would you get your night portion done? A large portion of my flight training was done after 1830 on a weekday in the summer.
  2. I remember it as well. I also remember laughing after I finished watching it. But probably not as much as Hacker laughed on the way to his FedEx interview. Turns out the rule of law is still a thing. Swift preemptive judgement aside.
  3. FF is certainly the best. However, the subscription costs $$, not to mention the iPad if you don't already have one. If you don't mind dropping $400, it's totally worth it and you won't regret it. That's being said, I'm a cheap SOB. I use Avare on my Android phone. Free, and just as good for real time navigation. But its flight plan and filling sucks. I use Skyvector for the planning and filing. That means double the data entry, but it's all free! With a 430 I'm assuming you don't care about Bluetooth or app sending info to your aircraft GPS.
  4. Yup. I'm a older 12F and taking the bonus. The 4 year option's ADSC expires 2 months before my 20 year date. Seemed like an easy decision. Though I'm sure in a year I'll be regretting that when I'm 4 months into my year at the Deid.
  5. Ha! I see what you did there. You implied radiator wings are useless.
  6. You carry the hopes and dreams of all endentured servants with you. Best of luck on the outside brother!
  7. Can if you have SIPR access. Just search for the blog in Intelink.
  8. David Clark keeps getting mentioned because they're a standard issue set that we all have. They're certainly worth the money on the open market, but not sure if they'd be my first choice if I was buying on my own.
  9. I bought a converter for my DCs that works great for about $69 all said and done. Key is to get the mic adapter as well since it's a different impedance from the mil standard. It's not as nice as some of the higher end sets of course, but for my occasional GA flying with a <2.0 ASD it works fine and is a fraction of the cost.
  10. How common are these dual loss of thrust events? http://www.vance.af.mil/News/Article/1452397/vance-t-38-instructor-pilots-earn-air-medals/ Sounds like great piloting. I also didn't know you could get an Air Medal for peacetime flying.
  11. Researched it when selling my last house. Someone picks up payments on your loan and debt is transferred to them. They essentially pick up your mortgage where you left off at your original interest rate. They also have to pay you anything above the loan amount if you sell the house for more than your current mortgage payoff. Catch is they have to use their VA eligibility. You can transfer it to someone that doesnt have the required VA eligibility, but then your eligibility remains tied to that loan. That negatively impacts your ability to get another VA loan until the original one is paid off. Also, if they default it will again count against you at the VA, since it was your eligibility. Doesn't affect credit rating though. So, good sales pitch if you have a great interest rate. Just make sure to only transfer it to someone that has their own VA eligibility. That way you walk away clean.
  12. What are they odds they backtrack on this next year just in time for PRFs to be late? While this is a kick in the balls for folks that have been passed over for O-4 in the past, it's the right thing to do. Of the 5% not being promoted in the past, 2.5% have been good dudes getting hosed by the system. The other 2.5% with negative indicators will continue to be ID'd. But the real win is cutting out the insane amount of queep driven from the group and wing level. Maybe the O-6's will have time to actually leave the office and lead now that they're not stuck wasting time on Major PRFs. Second order effect will be the lack of Christmas party planning and masters degrees since no one will be worried about making Major. Young wingman actually have time to study now.
  13. What tips do you have to actively use LI? I feel like I done more than the bare minimum with an actual resume, work history, and actual real professional photo. But the page just sits there passively. What am I missing out on? You mean those hours I spent mastering the perfect slide transition are wasted? Perhaps the real key is to work in MX P&S.
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