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  1. Republicans: There is massive voter fraud! Democrats: There is massive voter disenfranchisement! Same old story.
  2. Did you guys know chemicals in the water are turning the frogs gay? An inter-dimensional alien told me.
  3. It always cracks me up how everybody in the chain of command can find a way to justify the thing they already wanted to do based on the latest strategic guidance laid down by the CSAF.
  4. busdriver

    F1 Thread

    Formula 1 will eventually be electric. That's the whole point of formula E. Right now there's a lot of restriction on battery tech, to control cost. An actual unlimited electric powertrain formula series would actually be pretty cool.
  5. You'll be just as busy completing more years of college, residency, fellowship, etc. as you will in pilot training, upgrades, etc. Congratulations, you've found yourself interested in two careers that both require a lot of dedication to be good.
  6. Want to slash American carbon? Build nuclear power plants.
  7. This is interesting. Have you guys read/watched any of Jonathan Haidt's work on personality traits and political leanings? It's a lot like men are from mars, women are from venus. Basically, people will tend to lean one way or the other politically, and it strongly correlates to personality traits. Here's one: Haidt's TedTalk Or dumbed down to a very rough generality for discussion: What animates liberals/conservative/libertarians? Brett Eric Weinstein would say: unfairness, abandoning long successful systems without good cause, and coercion, respectively. Which also make the two m
  8. It actually been pointed out multiple times in this thread. You just don't agree with that view point. Just because you aren't convinced doesn't mean there isn't merit.
  9. Which is exactly what you're doing in opposition. Of course it was and is a philosophical debate.
  10. The complaint is gross of course, and CNN's "main" non opinion article on this one is actually pretty close, it's just harder to find. But it's still an anecdote laundry list without/before an investigation made by people who are trying to find this kind of stuff. Their sources are people who have been detained/in jail/in cages, which I assume is like every other situation like that that I've been in (deployments, SERE, etc) where some of the craziest shit is "known to be true." There's almost always a chunk of truth in all of it, but there's also a crap load of missing information and stra
  11. Yes. And it was intentional. If the popular vote mindset won out, every national political decision would be decided by major metropolitan urban voters.
  12. I started to write something, then I re-read your post, and Flea's. I have no idea what either of your points are. Also, you believe ICE is actually sterilizing immigrants in some grand eugenics conspiracy? The CNN article I could find is a basket of non-specific anecdotes, confirmation bias, and creative framing. The federal government has too much power, but it isn't a fascistic, all controlling Machiavellian new world order. It's a giant incompetent bureaucracy lacking accountability. So just like every other giant bureaucracy.
  13. busdriver

    F1 Thread

    They need to cut the downforce levels. A lot. Then open up the power plant and suspension rules. The MP-4/4 is still the baddest F1 car ever.
  14. There is a distinct difference between talking about experiences, how all people have biases, etc. That's just being a human and connecting to other humans. Then there's the Robin DiAngelo / Ibram Kendi anti-racist horse shit. Which is actually just racist nonsense looking to reverse the tables of history.
  15. Is anyone surprised that the President acts like a petulant child? Does anyone actually think the politicians we're looking at are quality choices? You either accept that this is the way the game is played, vote for a third party, or freak the fuck out like this isn't the same ole shit that's been going on forever. Everyone has already decided which is the lesser shit sandwich to eat, then rationalizes their choice by pointing to the other pile of shit while ignoring their own.
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