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  1. busdriver

    F-35 Lightning info

    60 percent of the time....
  2. busdriver

    The Next President is...

    Didn't the last two presidents also "militarize the border?"
  3. busdriver

    Gun Talk

    9mm commander size 1911 with an aluminum frame.
  4. busdriver

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Got out just in time I guess.
  5. busdriver

    Gun Talk

    Jim Crow laws weren't very Laissez-faire.
  6. busdriver

    The Next President is...

    Countering Russia is cornering a dying bear. Russia is a mess and sanctions only work if they choose to play by the rules of the international political game that was created post WW2. What about when they go all conqueror again? Renewable energies are currently and for the foreseeable future, a pipe dream. They will not be economically competitive for the developing world for a very long time. The need for oil will persist long after that point. Shale oil and an energy independent N/S America seems to be legitimately on the horizon. Will the US continue to finance world security after that point? Interesting times are coming.
  7. busdriver

    The Next President is...

    Serious question: what would be a meaningful way of "dealing with" the Russians? Europe is in serious trouble without Russian energy, or no?
  8. busdriver

    Gun Talk

    You are so badass. Your badassness makes me insecure. I want to be like you when I grow up.
  9. I've sat alert for SOF. And awkwardness had nothing to do with going back to ACC. That CAF 60s aren't primary for SOF dudes is a doctrine thing. Each component is responsible for fulfilling it's own PR needs.
  10. Breath. Even if it is about money/iron, the AFSOC staffers really do think the mission can be done better with Rescue over there. The bros over there aren't bad Americans.
  11. I think the point is a half-soc transition like the last time isn't what CH is talking about. A full on doctrinal shift and acceptance of the mission by SOCOM is really the only way to really "do it right." That would then allow SOCOM to source across the command as appropriate to fill the joint requirement. Moving Rescue over and keeping it in an MFP stovepipe does nothing, it's all or nothing to get any benefit. But that means exactly what the pointy nosed GOs think it means, at times there may not be dedicated forces on alert for their guys. It also means that SOCOM would have to buy off on being obligated to sitting alert for the CFACC during some phases of conflict. Who knows, stranger things have happened.
  12. This comes up every couple years at the HAF level. New COMACC means time to talk about it again. Shit wasn't really that different the last time we were in AFSOC, I have no reason to suspect it would be different if they flicked us back again. The AO/Bro level at AFSOC staff absolutely thinks the mission and dudes would be better supported by Hurbie. I have no idea what the GOs think, but this is absolutely about curtailing the HH-60W buy, getting more CV-22s, and absorbing the HC-130Js and GA billets. At the core of it, ACC Rescue assets exist to provide the CFACC a capability to meet his PR requirements. I'm not sure how that is an AFSOC mission. I personally don't give a shit. Just support the mission appropriately or tell the pink bodies in the pointy nosed jets what risk is being accepted on their behalf.
  13. busdriver

    Gun Talk

    Benelli seems to be the 3gun standard. Stoeger is owned by them and uses the same inertia action. Check out the M3K, it comes mostly ready to go.
  14. busdriver

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Something like an 800nm combat range?
  15. busdriver

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    An actual RQS? 5 years. I'm old balls, I pre-date the Pedro years.