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  1. If the vaccine doesn't actually stop the virus from spreading, it will still make an infected person less of a transmitter. That has the effect of increasing the number of people needing vaccination to get to "herd immunity." Which isn't stopping the virus, it's dropping the reproduction number below 1, so it eventually dies out. Considering there isn't any data that I'm aware of that actually pins down how transmissible a low grade infection or borderline asymptomatic infection is, well, I think point 1 is an educated guess. People think "the experts" know all sorts of secret knowledg
  2. I'm not going to watch the stupid video. Based on comments thus far, the good general did a piss poor job of advocating for getting rid of PPL advantage. Logical argument for PPL: someone who's already a pilot obviously can already fly, that means they have a higher likelihood of getting through UPT. Safer bet. Argument against: Everyone knows the policy, and prospective applicants who can afford it will spend the money to pad their resume (partial PPL, or all the way). Couple problems: just getting a PPL isn't all that hard given enough time, I would contend that being an experie
  3. I find it amusing that people confuse the concepts of right and left with respect to modern American politics and 19th/20th century European politics.
  4. The joy of the market valuing his contributions to music without discriminating against him for his poorly thought out ideas.
  5. Their entire body of work is blatantly marxist and anti western. Also, musically amazing. Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk
  6. This has been RATM's politics for a long time. Have you actually listened to their lyrics?
  7. I got the vaccine. I now want a shirt that proudly tells everyone I have it and they can fuck off. Then I'll parade around in said T-shirt, no mask, and no pants. The last part is a lie. I'm too much of a chickenshit to actually do that. But I did think about it, so that's something right?
  8. Fuck me, that Alpha Ace is beautiful. Also, complete vaporware.
  9. The crime itself is still victimless and the result of a consenting adult being a consenting adult, the secondary effects are typically already crimes themselves. As a society we've waged war on the supply side of the drug question for decades, zero impact, shitloads of money spent, and the cartels have literal armies. Our solution to the demand side is to just lock people up once their lives get shitty enough that they self destruct. At what point do we stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a better outcome? If for no other reason than taking money and power away from
  10. They also suck at shooting. ETA: Roland Fryer did a pretty exhaustive econometric deep dive into the racial disparities in police encounter outcomes. The short version is there isn't a significant disparity between races in fatality rates that isn't explainable by non racist means. There is a disparity in the rate at which officers use force below the lethal threshold.
  11. I don't think I can make my first point in a way that you wouldn't see him as anything by a law-breaker. So we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't really disagree with your points about training and people in general. My point is the overstated risk without a confidence boosting level of training to deal with the risk just leaves fear and an inability to think. It's like that IP that tells you about all the shit that can kill you but doesn't give you any tools to avoid those things. My brother is a cop, I get the sport smashing of police in general is demoralizing. I'm also well
  12. Point 1: The only way it would be relevant is if his intoxication level directly impacted his ability to comprehend what the officer was telling him. Which is possible, but as yet not what I'm seeing here or elsewhere. Otherwise, it's a non-sequitur. Point 2/3: The threat to officers is something like 150-200ish killed in the line of duty a year, right? So in the millions of officer interactions that happen in this country.....just like the threat of civilians getting killed by errant cops, the various sides of this argument overstate the severity of what is going on. I agree th
  13. As I said, "but otherwise legally armed." His weapon and his ID were co-located, which he expressed. I went back and re-watched the video, for whatever reason I thought he had said that, but didn't see it. I don't think he is guilty of murder. I think he could have led that situation to a better outcome. My personal opinion is as an armed agent of the state, that is his responsibility. I understand that the law doesn't support my opinion, it is just my opinion. Castile clearly fucked up by not telling the cop where his wallet was located. He could have done better to not
  14. Think about what you posted for a second. Assume Castile was a 100% honest, just high, but otherwise legally armed. He told the officer he was armed and where the gun was located. Was the officer reasonable in the way he handled a legally armed citizen? I would contend, no. Smelling weed is not an indication that the dude is a violent junkie. It's weed not PCP. The training is the problem. And I'm well aware of what gets taught.
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