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  1. I admire your faith in big AF’s ability to take action when confronted with a retention problem
  2. Runr6730

    SOS/ACSC information

    I’m sure you know as well as I do that declining to compete on my last look is equivalent to showing my cards before the flop is even delt. Does it weigh on me that I could have possibly taken a nomination from someone who wanted it? Yes, but I am keeping doors open until the last possible moment. I have to do what’s best for my family and my career, in that order.
  3. Runr6730

    SOS/ACSC information

    Thanks for the advice @Champ Kind. I’ve never been a fan of having to play the “I want to be the next CoS” game, but I’ve never had enough trust in my leadership to be open and honest about my career aspirations. @tac airlifterCopy, I fully intend on doing so.
  4. Runr6730

    SOS/ACSC information

    Question about declining IDE. I just found out I was the #4 guy pushed by my SR (2-star) for IDE on my 3rd look. I don’t really have any interest in attending IDE in residence since I love my job, I don’t want to pack up my family so soon (I’ll be at 1.5 years TOS if I get picked up), and frankly I don’t want the 4 year commitment that goes along with it. I’m consistently ranked in the top 10% of my peers and generally consider myself quite competitive for O-5. My questions are: 1) What are the chances of getting picked up for school as the #4 nominee from a 2-Star? 2) Now that you can decline school without prejudice, is there anyone out there who declined IDE and still made O-5?
  5. For those with an AMEX Platinum or thinking about getting one, here’s another not so well known benefit. In addition to getting automatic Hilton Gold Elite Status, the card also gives you SPG Gold Status. SPG was bought out by Marriott recently and Marriott is matching your SPG status, so add Marriott Gold Status to the list. All you have to do is link the two rewards accounts and the status transfers in a couple days! Also, annual fee is still being waived for AD.
  6. Runr6730

    Latest Movies

  7. Runr6730

    ADSC Waiver to Retire

    Is it possible to separate/retire before the GI Bill transfer ADSC is up? It seems to me that you’d just be giving up the GI Bill benefits in that case since you didn’t fulfill the transfer ADSC. Asking for a friend.
  8. Runr6730

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    As a guy who lived through Fairchild’s ASEV failure in 2010, I can vouch that paperwork matters. That being said, would I revoke someone’s IP qual for screwing it up (even repeatedly)? Hell no, but said IP would get really tired of briefing the squadron at training days.
  9. Runr6730

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Want to lose all credibility as a leader? Use the term “microaggresion”. #Triggered Also, STEP promote that shirt to E-9 ASAP!
  10. Just took a survey posted to a MAF Facebook group by someone who’s supposedly in the aircrew crisis task force. According to the survey, the proposed “fly-only” criteria are as follows: 1) Eligible for 10-13 year Majors, requires a commitment to 20 years 2) Receive current aviation bonus 3) Limited length (ineligible for 365s) and type of deployments (flying-related only) 4) Eligible for specific flying-related jobs (Stan/Eval, training, etc) at all levels 5) Extended time on-station to 4-5 years 6) Eligible for advanced aviation courses (WIC, AIS, TPS, etc) 7) IDE/SDE optional and by correspondence only 8) Ineligible for promotion above O-5 and only compete for promotion against other fly-only officers, with promotion based on sustained superior performance as an aviator 9) Pilots can return to the traditional track NLT 13 years TIS I may be missing a few smaller things, but those were the main points.
  11. Runr6730

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Bring back the Tweets
  12. Runr6730

    F-35 Lightning info

    Word in my neck of the woods is that the F-35 has some serious fuel onload problems. Specifically, the A-model only onloads fuel at about he same rate as a drogue receiver due to its restrictive AAR plumbing design. Even worse, the B-model doesn’t have external tanks approved yet?? This means that they can’t fly to remote destinations (e.g. Hawaii) because they simply don’t have the legs to get to a missed refueling base.
  13. Runr6730

    Help with a Divorce

    As someone who went through UPT with a marriage on the rocks, my advice to you is this. If you are convinced that this is a marriage that’s not going to work, it’s not worth the stress you’ll endure trying to keep your marriage afloat. 12-14 hour days plus home study isn’t conducive to building or fixing relationships and is difficult for even the strongest of marriages. That being said, if you think there’s something to be saved then by all means make your marriage the priority, fess up about your situation to your CC, get the marital help you need, THEN worry about UPT. UPT is only the start of your new career. Your marriage is your life.
  14. No tankers dropped at any of those three bases? I don't think I've ever seen that happen.
  15. Runr6730

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Agreed. Although SOS has its faults, it's still to this day the most fun I've had on an 8-week TDY in my career as a flyer (which is really saying something). Lots of camaraderie built up through daily drunken shenanigans and weekend trips to Taladega, Destin, Atlanta and the like.