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  1. F-35 Lightning info

    Word in my neck of the woods is that the F-35 has some serious fuel onload problems. Specifically, the A-model only onloads fuel at about he same rate as a drogue receiver due to its restrictive AAR plumbing design. Even worse, the B-model doesn’t have external tanks approved yet?? This means that they can’t fly to remote destinations (e.g. Hawaii) because they simply don’t have the legs to get to a missed refueling base.
  2. Help with a Divorce

    As someone who went through UPT with a marriage on the rocks, my advice to you is this. If you are convinced that this is a marriage that’s not going to work, it’s not worth the stress you’ll endure trying to keep your marriage afloat. 12-14 hour days plus home study isn’t conducive to building or fixing relationships and is difficult for even the strongest of marriages. That being said, if you think there’s something to be saved then by all means make your marriage the priority, fess up about your situation to your CC, get the marital help you need, THEN worry about UPT. UPT is only the start of your new career. Your marriage is your life.
  3. No tankers dropped at any of those three bases? I don't think I've ever seen that happen.
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Agreed. Although SOS has its faults, it's still to this day the most fun I've had on an 8-week TDY in my career as a flyer (which is really saying something). Lots of camaraderie built up through daily drunken shenanigans and weekend trips to Taladega, Destin, Atlanta and the like.
  5. Promotion and PRF Information

    From a myPers FAQ sent to our OG today regarding the recent DE selection changes: Question: What is the expectation for when officers should complete IDE or SDE by distance learning? Answer: Officers should consult with their commander, SR, or mentor on the timing of completing DE. Additionally, they should seek feedback on their competitiveness to receive a SR nomination to attend in residence. If advised to complete DE via distance learning, then officers should complete it at a time when it is best for them but IDE should be completed before the primary promotion board to LTC and SDE should be completed before the primary promotion board to COL. I like the fact that we're getting rid of school selects during promotion boards, but it sounds like practice bleeding is back with a vengeance! 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
  6. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Regardless of the legality, posting the OSI interview videos went too far IMHO. If your intent was to highlight your accuser's inconsistent statements to those in a position to do something about it, then why post the interview videos in a public forum? You've gained the public's awareness simply by posting your story, but posting the OSI videos makes it look like you're trying to get revenge by dragging their names through the dirt.
  7. C-5 landed without nose gear extended at LERT. No other details other than it appears to be an aircraft malfunction
  8. This thread and the "What's wrong with the AF" thread are rapidly converging.
  9. Well that was nice while it lasted

    Didn't see that, thanks for the clarification
  10. Well that was nice while it lasted

    This is the absolute definition of breaking faith with the men and women in uniform. As someone who extended his ADSC past his UPT commitment to ensure my children could reap the benefits of my service, there is no quicker way to force your people out than to break the promise you made to them.
  11. PME and Career advice

    From what I read, if you decline before the school list is released, you aren't forced to 7-day opt. If you decline after finding out which assignment you received, you'll be forced to separate.
  12. PME and Career advice

    Being "all-in" was merely a reference to the fact that your choice to accept or decline school can no longer be based on what school you've been assigned. You either accept any school to any location or you don't accept it at all. As a candidate approaching my second look, I'm happy that I wont be forced to separate should I decide that school is not in mine or my families best interests.
  13. PME and Career advice

    I received an interesting email today. AF/A1 has amended the 7-day option for DE selection. Essentially, those selected to attend DE in residence will be notified of their selection and given the option to decline without being forced to separate. 3 weeks later, the actual school locations will be released. At that point, if selectees choose to decline school, they will be forced to separate. This is to prevent "self before service" (people only accepting school if it's to a location they want). The good news: those who don't want school can stay in. The bad news, those who do want school must be all-in.
  14. Average I've seen from 2 assignments in the tanker is 2 - 2.5 years
  15. PME and Career advice

    Just met my first look, but was not pushed by my SR.