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  1. Not a fan on “at ‘em now” but other than that I don’t hate the changes...
  2. I have a C5 Corvette. There are a few car guys in my squadron, but definitely not a majority. similar discussion here:
  3. 37 years old and only an A1C, huh?
  4. That’s the way it was when I finished last year...1 paper for each “applied” section along with several mini-essays/discussion posts.
  5. Anyone else perplexed at the market right now? There are almost no positive economic indicators at the moment yet the markets are steadily climbing back to pre-COVID levels. I’m sitting here watching the unemployment numbers, profit/loss reports, etc and it just doesn’t make sense to me. The market is way overbought IMHO.
  6. RAF Mildenhall closing date pushed back to 2027. https://www.forces.net/news/raf-mildenhall-closure-delayed-until-least-2027
  7. Runr6730

    Latest Movies

    I thoroughly enjoyed Rise of Skywalker. It was easily the best of the new trilogy. My main critique is that at times it seemed a bit rushed to wrap up the storyline, but overall highly recommended!
  8. Depends on how he says it. There’s a big difference between “Hey sir, it’s your turn to take out the garbage” and “Take out the garbage, Capt”
  9. For me buying a sports car wasn’t an attempt to get my speed fix outside the cockpit, I just needed some bald eagles in my life and the family minivan just wasn’t cutting it.
  10. Amazon is offering a year of Prime for $79 for active military and veterans through 11 Nov. It’s for new and existing members. https://www.military.com/discounts/amazon-prime-announces-veterans-day-discount
  11. Especially since they’ll already be trained on how to delegate getting ATIS
  12. Runr6730

    Latest Movies

    It appears there will be another volleyball montage...thank God!
  13. PCS’d out of Mildenhall 2 years ago. Best assignment of my career! “2” on AFsock’s recommendations. Either store or sell your nice vehicles and buy a beater! The side roads are brutal because they are built on farm/drained marshlands. I bought a reliable 7 year old car for $2K and sold it for the same when I left. If you’re a 135 guy you’ll be busy, but the missions are challenging and rewarding and mostly priority 1 and 2. Over my 4 years I did 4 “deployments” to locations where your family will want to come where you’ll be supporting French ops in AFRICOM. Enjoy! I’d swap places with you in a heartbeat!
  14. Now that’s a spread. Lots of diversity on the MAF side.
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