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  1. drewpey

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    12S's are eligible. They expect it to be a quick fill once it's announced. Can always give them a call to see if you can put your name on a list though. Anyone have any quality of life gouge on KAIA? Good grub? Good gym? Roomates? Communal bathrooms? Skypable internet speeds? The public welcome site has some info, but was hoping it was outdated or different for folks on a 365.
  2. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    My earlier comment about Papadop was aimed at what I guessed was the NYT article you mentioned, but it was actually a WSJ (R) article. I had to hunt it down after POTUS mentioned it. It's behind a paywall though, but I don't see a lot of other news outlets picking it up which makes me question if its just speculation or actual reporting. Anyways...I agree there has been a lot of lying under oath to congress lately and it pisses me off. Congress needs to get off their ass and start punishing those that do. They are a complete joke, and the people going to speak to them know it and use it to their advantage. Again, no proof the leaked memo was classified from Comey. This is a lie that the right keeps pushing. He classified the memos...after he was kicked to the curb the FBI upgraded the classification, but that was later disputed as improperly done. As far as the NIE thing, I'll have to read up on this is the first time I'm hearing about it and can't speak to it.
  3. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    No credible claim has been provided to claim these people are "partisan democrats". Do I need to parade all the Republicans praising the selection of Mueller one year ago? He was universally welcomed to sort out this mess, until he started asking tough questions. I agree the left has some ridiculous conspiracy theories as well, but in general everyone should want to see the results of the investigation, and assess the validity of the investigation on the underlying facts. Everyone wants to jump to conclusions about where this is going and to be honest only the Special Counsel knows because they run a very tight ship, and we only hear about where they've been 6 months after the fact. The right needs to cool it trying to discredit the investigation, and the left needs to cool it thinking Mueller is some super hero savior that will save america. He's just a law officer doing his job. America needs to sort itself out.
  4. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    You are always entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. The facts as they are made aware to us at this moment show that the unmasking was legal, Comey did not "leak" any classified information at the time he released the information, and the FISA warrant was approved on legal and straightforward grounds. If you come to different conclusions regarding the information we've been provided then you are likely not reading news, but rather sensationalized "entertainment" or "fake news" as they say. That's not to say these facts as we know them today aren't misleading, but no evidence has been produced by anyone to prove your conspiracy theories. That's the thing about conspiracy theories...they rely on the evidence of absence, not the evidence of facts.
  5. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    The article explicitly says "just a coffee boy" Papadop was the leaker, and initiated this whole thing. He was totally involved, but we knew this months ago. Also the (R) claim that the FBI was colluding against Trump is ridiculous. The Clinton investigation was leaking like a sieve and was dominating the news cycle with negative headlines, while the Trump investigation wasn't even discussed until after the election was over. If you were going to weaponize the FBI, or the intel gained from this type of investigation that's got to be the dumbest possible way to do it...wait until you've been shot to pull out your gun. Believe me I know the DNC can be completely incompetent at times, but this is beyond the pale. Can you educate me on the "espionage" aspect of the Hillary investigation you mention? Are you against unmasking if the contents of the communications involve crimes of conspiracy against the united states? Do you have a citation for the FBI director leaking information that was classified at the time of the "leak"? Evidence is evidence, regardless of the source. The investigators have to convince a judge for a FISA warrant, and they did. If you want to complain about the FISA warrants, complain to your congressman about the process, not about those that followed the process lawfully and came to a result you didn't like.
  6. drewpey

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    I'm hot and looking for info on the AC-208 to weigh my options.
  7. drewpey

    Syria strikes underway

  8. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Again, even investigators are allowed to have opinions, politically or personally. In all likelihood he was removed just because he brought extra baggage to the investigation through his affair and his political opinions which would eventually come to light. He likely wasn't necessary for the investigation, so it's best to cut and run. To be honest if you read the texts they had plenty of shade to throw around to pretty much every politician they spoke of...and what they said about Trump was relatively tame for 2016 election standards. In fact most of what he said about Trump I know I've said about my own party leaders from time to time. Sure Trumps no murderer, but he has provided enough material so just about anyone from any walk of life has a very understandable reason to have a strong dislike of him. He's an "Equal opportunity offender", which ironically is part of what his base loves so much about him..."telling it like it is" as they say. Strzok and Page are making news today as Rand Paul is aghast that they still have security clearances. The base is quite riled up over it as well. Do you think they should have had their security clearances stripped?
  9. drewpey

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    "For the Air Force, the majority of the Class C mishap increases came from cargo aircraft such as the C-130H Hercules and C-17A Globemaster, particularly from physical injuries when airmen were conducting maintenance or loading or unloading the aircraft." Sweaties! I knew it! Remember folks...don't lift with your back...always lift with your E's!
  10. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    You have only provided evidence of someone with a political opinion. You then make the assumption that they are then compromised without facts to back it up. There is no evidence this compromised his ability to be on the investigation team. Regardless, Mueller removed him to eliminate any doubts...but that doesn't stop the (R) propaganda machine. Can you only be investigated by someone who views you favorably? Do drug dealers, murderers and sexual assaulters deserve a prosecutor that doesn't view them or their actions negatively? It blows my mind that Republicans think they are entitled to have a red-hatter investigate Trump and Co. Are YOU compromised from doing your job because of your opinions? Am I? Probably not. Just because people have political opinions doesn't suddenly make us incapable of doing the jobs we've taken an oath to do. The initial claim I requested a citation for was that Comey leaked classified memos. The citation you provided gives no proof he did, and actually suggests the opposite (unfounded). Faux News made that claim, and then actually had to retract the statement. It's been 11 months since Comey was dismissed and he provided his memo to be passed to the press. If it was in fact classified...then it was illegal. Why hasn't the DoJ gone after him for leaking? Seems like it would be a very quick open-and-shut case since they know what memo it was, and Comey admitted under oath that he did it. It would go over very well with his base. That would be the logical thing to do unless the facts don't support the claim. I guess we can always blame this "deep state" I keep hearing about for not going after Comey.
  11. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    [citation needed] [citation needed]
  12. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    I think most of the FBI are pretty good at resisting internal forces impacting their investigations. The appearance here is that there was external influence on the investigation which complicates things. We have to trust the system has worked as intended, until the details emerge and we can make our own educated decision...just like the Mueller investigation.
  13. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    So you honestly think that he did such a bad job they rushed an IG investigation to fire him 1 day prior to his retirement while he was burning his last bit of leave? Sure...nothing to see there. I'll wait until the dust settles, read the IG report and listen to what everyone has to say about this before making my own decision about it, but it smells of petty vindictiveness.
  14. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Strzok was reassigned when the texts surfaced to Mueller, which was in August 2017. The texts didn't become public knowledge until December 2017. Sure appearances do matter, but so do facts. I do find it comical that after years of republican-led investigations into Hillary suddenly republicans feel they can only be investigated by someone who is "impartial" (which seems to be a constantly moving target itself). I'd love to read Gowdy's texts over the last few years to verify his "impartiality" against republican standards. These people are professional career lawmen with extensive experience in law enforcement, and not some part-time hack with a vendetta. It's their entire job to put aside their opinions and facilitate justice. Also I know the talking point of the investigation having no limits and no end is enticing, but in reality Rosenstein has oversight of Mueller, and has to approve lines of investigation to ensure they aren't just running down rabbit holes and it's all related to the core issue of Russian interference.