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  1. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Pure ad hominem. When you don't like the arguement, attack the messenger. Brennan, McRaven, Petraus, now Azimuth. It's different because it sets a new partisan precedent with a very strong presidential power which can and will be abused. Conservatives love to undermine institutions for immediate benefit without regard to the future, but I don't want to see the security clearance system being used for political purposes. It leads to nowhere good. Imagine being asked if your your political affiliation on your SF86.
  2. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Well one way you can fire yourself is to publicly disparage your boss. No job in the world does that go over well. Anyone in that situation that tries to blame the boss for firing them after trashing them is only kidding themselves. Trump can hire and fire whoever he wants, I have no problem with that. It's his team to build and lead the country. The security clearance isn't about that. It's purely political vengeance because Brennan is being a thorn in his side. As with many things with Trump, I'm concerned that what we may let pass because it's just "trump being trump" will actually be long-term damage to our institutions as future presidents follow his footsteps and simply start revoking clearances or using other presidential powers to intimidate and otherwise undermine our democracy.
  3. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    ehhh....McChrystal fired himself with the rolling stone expose. Obama's hand was forced and any leader worth their weight in salt would do the same given the situation.
  4. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Add Bob Gates to the list... http://fortune.com/2018/08/17/bob-gates-signs-letter-criticizing-trump/
  5. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    What specifically about punditry do you think is disqualifying for holding a security clearance? You are either trustworthy or you aren't. They don't have a need to know, aren't getting special inside information, and are still beholden to the NDAs they signed back when they were in the know. A few more names to add to the pile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F7pZ8oP2KpIK8x-yI0RbescPzP3RK2S4/preview
  6. drewpey

    The Next President is...

  7. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    Perfect is the enemy of good. While these systems aren't perfect, they are often better than what people have. So how would you fix our broken healthcare system?
  8. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    We will see. Healthcare is one of the hot button topics that touches just about everyone. Trump himself campaigned on providing better and cheaper healthcare, but has yet to deliver on that promise. His actions against the mandate has caused the ACA price to rise, and his words suggest he wants it to completely collapse, which doesn't provide a lot of comfort to constituents who rely on it. He has made some progress on drug prices with generics and possibly medicare negotiations, but overall has failed to live up to his own hype. I think this topic will push more voters to the polls this year, but we will see.
  9. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    It's interesting how distorted your worldview is. Just because we suddenly get healthcare doesn't mean we will all be living in some dystopian fantasy land you have in your head. Rent won't skyrocket nor will gas prices double. We pay more per capita on healthcare than any other country in the world, be a far margin, and get less for it. This is the United States, the best country in the world so why not solve the challenges that face us. The right wants to throw up their hands and claim american exceptionalism as an excuse to not do anything about healthcare, education, workers rights, gun rights, etc. The right loves to act like the moment we stop bankrupting families who have sick children we will turn into Venezuela.
  10. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    It's true. The new democrats designed their party to appeal to the swing moderates, so they couldn't go too far left at the time. He campaigned against gay marriage in 2008 for gods sake. Sure he may have crept left during his tenure...but the right loves to act like he is Bernie Sanders...but that's just not true. Bernie is largely treated as an exile still today with centrist democrats despite being voted the most popular "Democrat". I think the new democrats are dieing off and you will see a new group of Cortez-ish democrats start to rise up. I think lots of Americans see Europe and some of their nations handling some issues so well compared to us, that there has to be a middle ground...particularly with respect to social safety nets and healthcare. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/story?id=5299337&page=1 The right has swung so far to the extreme that the right regularly lampoons McCain for being a "RINO" despite him voting 83% with the party. It's comical. Here are a couple "RINOs" with centrist views:
  11. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    If the right didn't like Obama, wait until you see what happens over the next several years. He has and always will be seen as a very centrist political figure.
  12. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is any reputable news source is going to use the base facts, and layer their bias on top of it. Just because you don't like the bias, doesn't mean the facts are wrong. Facts may be absent or misleading, but that's why it's important to diversify your news diet to ensure you see the same problem from multiple angles. When you completely discount all news from half the political spectrum then your diet is lopsided, and you are now living in an echo chamber. Now taking it a step further, not only is the news from half the political spectrum disregarded as "fake news", it's being declared the enemy of the people, and even scarier roughly 30% of the populace believes it.
  13. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    A variety of ways. Many of the facts that have come out over the past year or so have been stunning first-hand admissions. See DJT's emails he posted to Twitter. You can try and discredit the news sources all you want, but generally any reputable news source will be reporting the facts. It's the bias you need to sort through that is layered on top of the facts. The right has a hard time separating the two, and think just because a source is biased, they can ignore the facts. Opinion articles are 95% feels, and 5% reals. Your article for example fawns over Nunes yet he completely bungled everything he has touched, and ended his investigation early, in contrast to the SIC who found the opposite. Nunes is an interesting character and I'd be surprised if he comes out of this clean. His actions are not that of an innocent man.
  14. drewpey

    The Next President is...

    She can't even get two sentences in without losing credibility. When the facts on the news are too uncomfortable to read, stick to opinion columns to reaffirm your feelings. It's not news, that's just entertainment. When you've got proof of any actual wrongdoing...legally or ethically let me know. Until then every talking point used by the right to try and show wrongdoing in their investigation into the Trump campaign has ended up being lies that quickly unravel once the facts come to light.
  15. drewpey

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    It's hard to make out from the video...but from the angle and the reaction of the dude on the ground it looks like it was veering off the runway and everything else might have been an overcorrection.