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  1. I was issued a stack of the XGO flame retardant shirts, and they are amazing. Super lightweight and dry quickly.
  2. I know it seems like a lifetime ago, but most news networks didn't touch the dossier initially either. Buzzfeed broke the story without verification and caught a ton of flak for it, and the story blew up and became it's own news because the populace wanted to know the extent Russia fucked with our election process. This story doesn't stick with the audiences because no one besides conservatives care, thus only conservative echo chambers are running with it. If you had a squeaky clean candidate running against him the message would stick better as the republican party would be offering a better product (no corruption) against Biden...but you aren't so what is a Democrat supposed to do? "Biden is corrupt, better abandon all my political positions and vote Trump because he totally isn't corrupt". Democrat's aren't single-issue voters, and you aren't going to dissuade voters because you found out a politician may be corrupt. Everyone has been paying attention to the Russian interference from 2016, and the many warnings that they are actively interfering with the election, and can't help but wonder if this is it. In 2016 I think a lot of democratic voters wanted a perfect candidate and they didn't get that, so they didn't show up to the polls. They learned the lesson that perfect is the enemy of good, and sometimes you have to just take the small win instead of the big win. Biden is far from what most Democrats want in 2020, but to echo Republicans from 2016..."at least he isn't Hillary Trump"
  3. Just because the audience leans left doesn't mean the news does. The study you reported was specifically about where people get their news and whether they trust their news sources. Cons get news from a smaller pool and trust fewer sources. It's a good read, but doesn't really support the argument you are trying to make.
  4. They approached news outlets with the story, and the reporters asked to verify the original emails and Rudy said no despite having copies. They asked more details about where it came from and he was evasive. The right has been crying wolf for years on stories fueled largely by Russian disinformation. You act shocked when the media process works like it is supposed to and verifies stories before publication. If you think the journalistic process is so shady, then call up these same outlets claiming to have dirt on a republican and send them only PDFs of proof and see where it gets you. You should have taken a journalism elective in college, it would have done you some good.
  5. This sidesteps the original question. If we as a country are ok with it, then nothing to see and we keep walking on. If we aren't, then we should have an actual discussion about what should change in order to help that...does it involve state solutions, constitutional amendment, or expansion of existing programs, etc. Ignoring a problem that is affecting more and more people every year because it wasn't mentioned on a 200 year old document is a bit short sighted.
  6. Why can't we start here: Are we as a culture ok with people falling into unrecoverable lifelong poverty and never returning to be productive taxpaying citizens for what amounts to losing a medical lottery? I think the large majority of people would agree something should be done. If so, what?
  7. Who independently verified it? I can't find anything online about verification, only the opposite that no one can verify. Are you saying that if I claimed to have a laptop of yours, and I started posting private pics of you and videos of you smoking crack you wouldn't have your lawyer give me a call? What kind of world do we live in where a large law enforcement agency comprised of cops and headed by a trump-appointee is left leaning? Do you even listen to yourself? My bad, he relinquished control but didn't divest, and still funnels millions of taxpayer dollars back into his own pocket by taking everyone to his resorts and enriching himself. Just like the founding fathers wanted. Also you dodged that you can quite literally pay to have access to Trump through Mar A Lago. Who should I trust? A millionaire who lies repeatedly when it's convenient to him and repeatedly disrespects the office of the presidency, or a lifelong public servant who has been under public scrutiny for 40+ years and the worst you can dig up on him is dirt about his son...
  8. Republicans before October 2020: OMG the media is all lies, and we can't trust unnamed sources! Republicans in October 2020: We should trust the media that was shadily given this mysterious hard drive and won't produce actual copies with metadata My favorite part of GRU-toberfest 2020 is how we pretend Republicans suddenly care about pay to play schemes. No tears were shed over the past 4 years as foreigners quite literally pay for access to Trump via Mar a Lago and other businesses that he maintains control over in direct violation of the emoluments clause of that precious document you swore to uphold and defend. Kushner and company are selling visas to chinese investors and soliciting investors on the taxpayers dime for his 666 5th avenue property. You guys are a hoot.
  9. Unpopular opinion...but the black boots sucked, and I'll keep saying that until the day I die. They made a mess on your clothes when you packed them in your bag or rubbed them on anything not black, they were fucking hot and didn't breathe at all, and not all of us are the internet badass most of you are who claimed to strut around in scuffed up boots and tell every chief and FGO to fuck off when you get gigged on your boots. I like no maintenance clothing I never have to think about...and the black boots were far from that. Now if you want a black pair of Lowas or Salomons then I'm listening.
  10. When they forced us into green boots and tan shirts everyone was howling. Now that we have the option to swap back to brown shirts and comfortable boots everyone is dragging their feet. I feel like some of my fellow aircrew have stockholm syndrome.
  11. When it comes to uniform items, you betcha. Homie don't spend on uniforms.
  12. Soooo....I'm sure there are other thrifty folks out there.... I used this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UL9GRJI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to dye my stash of fancy XGO $50 ultrathin fire retardantshirts from sand to "chocolate coyote brown". Roughly 6 shirts per bottle. More to follow on how well it holds up, but good enough for government work!
  13. I get what you are saying, but I think things are much simpler than a grand conspiracy of people orchestrating the compliance of the executive branch, and half of the legislative and the judiciary. It's all about money, and yes corporations and organizations are wildly spending money to influence our government and drown out our voices as the individual level in favor for these other agendas. Some people are bought and paid for, some less so, and I'm sure on occasion there are those who aren't at all. There's money to be made on pretty much either side of the political coin. It sucks, but that's the system we have until we come together and set some campaign finance laws limiting how much money can be showered onto our politicians. Imagine if most of the money that went into elections went to something good.
  14. I hate to break this to you, but Bernie isn't a democrat. If you knew any of the history you'd know how tenuous his relationship is with the DNC, and how he isn't pulling any strings with anyone, quite the contrary. Just because you view anything to the left of authoritarianism as being democratic, that doesn't make it so. The DNC enjoys Bernie's success because he pushes for many of the same issues and drums up support outside of the mainstream centrist democratic party, but ultimately he funnels his voters towards the Democratic nominee. And as far as Harris being "radical"...ok sure. Move the goalposts all you want, but understand that she was by far the safe choice. There were plenty of options that would have been "Radical", but someone who was an attorney and then a senator is too spicy for you. Perhaps she should have been a reality TV star first to get more approval from the Republican party. Overall it shouldn't matter if you have 3 separate but equal branches of government with functional checks and balances. The problem is you've consolidated all the power to the executive and the legislative branch has entirely abdicated their responsibilities. Fortunately it's shown us all the holes in our government we relied on good faith to not be exploited, but the real test will be if our democracy can adapt and strengthen itself or continue to be torn apart.
  15. At this pace I don't think Hunter Biden is going to win this presidential election thing. Either way I'm going to hold judgement on what the Feds say on the email. Initial look it appears to be fake news, not to mention the story surrounding it being "found". Imagine that.
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