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  1. Gun Talk

    I think it's less about being forced to sell a product but rather being forced to treat everyone fairly. Business owners usually reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, but their rights end when someone else's begin. People have the right to not be discriminated against if they are a member of a class of people identified as needing protection. This exact discussion occurred in the 60s and was part of the impetus for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which is why we have these protections. Laissez-faire doesn't always work.
  2. Gun Talk

    Age is a protected class, but it seems most of these laws were written to protect old vs young. That doesn't necessarily mean courts would interpret it that way. I was able to find an age discrimination case with the ACLU for a PFC Zinn filing a complaint against holiday Inn for not renting him a room before age 21...but looks like it may have been settled before the precedent was set. Step right up to be the next Dick Heller!
  3. AFSOC Leadership Drain

    In other news, AFSOC adds 40 GS positions to headquarters staff.
  4. The Next President is...

    I think many democrats were not motivated to get out and vote because they were lukewarm about Hillary and thought the election was decided. I think we will see record voting % in 2018 compared to recent years. The 2017 civics course was a wake-up call to many on the importance of elections and a government that exercises it's checks and balances to make a country function. It will be interesting if Parkland energises young voters, and to see how conservative the boomer generation stays if/when conservatives touch the social security/Medicare third rail.
  5. The Next President is...

    I think the FBI releasing the report late-summer is only going to feed into this "deep state" red-hat conspiracy theory going on and will make roughly 33% of the country reject any and all facts presented to them on the matter as simply political sabotage. Even worse it could lead to a "FBI purge" or whatever the right keeps hinting at. My personal opinion is Mueller should release the report when it's done, regardless of optics and political influence...which is most likely what he will do. Many see this report release as the democratic life support in 2018. Like we need it to prevent being faded into irrelevance. I don't think it's true at all...the democratic base is motivated to show up at the polls to kick our government back into action. With every policy announcement R's have done a better job than any democratic leader of stirring up democratic voters and chipping away at their base.
  6. The Next President is...

    We discussed this a page or two ago. There is reason for and against, but only Coons knows the answer to that...ask him. Asking private citizens repeatedly isn't going to get you anywhere. We can only speculate, but in the end what he wants doesn't matter.
  7. The Next President is...

    RIP Republican talking points. Have to see what they cling to now. My money is they flip the script and start banging the "thanks Obama" drum. Cant wait to see who is in the hot seat on today's Meet the Press, Face the Nation and State of the Union.
  8. The Next President is...

    Assuming this is about the FISA warrant, the evidence isn't even available to us to make an informed criticism of the FBIs actions. I'm all for having a close examination of the FISA process and how we approve things, because I think a lot of rules exist outside the knowledge of the public. We have been provided cherry-picked data points from one side of the political spectrum that flopped when scrutinized. The cherry-picked response to the R side was sidelined. We are currently ignorant of the entire truth, but it seems folks are content to jump to their conclusions...much like the Trump/Russia investigation. Just because folks don't like what the outcome was, or how the outcome was achieved, doesn't mean it was wrong or even illegal. It's best to wait for the facts to unravel themselves and we can have an honest discussion based on the facts.
  9. The Next President is...

    Given the email investigation and the frustration with the dossier/FISA warrant, the FBI is being dragged to center-stage of politics despite their best efforts. I think the Senator sees the report dropping just prior to the election as continuing down that path, which is not a good idea. The GOP is already prepping their constituents to discount whatever Mueller presents, regardless of content from their messaging about "collusion isn't a crime" as well as trying to undermine trust in the FBI. It's working well as I can see here. I can see Caseys concerns, but given what I've read about Mueller's reputation as business-only, political considerations will have no bearing on the investigation. He will push out his report when he is well ready, regardless of anyone's timelines.
  10. The Next President is...

    Sanctions targeted towards Russian oligarchs and leadership money laundering. Stop accepting kids of Russian oligarchs into western universities. Expand NATO east. Sell more patriot systems and F-35s to counter Russian influence. Harden our election systems. Properly fund the state department. Invest more in renewable energies to minimize their leverage with oil exports. Combat climate change to minimize their warm-water ports. Eastern European countries are heavily dependant on Russian oil. Western not as much as they are able to diversify.
  11. The Next President is...

    Democrats don’t want open borders. The GOP website has a nice article outlining the Democratic stance over the past several years: https://gop.com/dems-claim-to-be-pro-border-security-but-criticize-a-border-wall-rsr/ In 2013 a bipartisan senate bill was passed 68/32 and was ultimately shelved in the R-controlled House for not being comprehensive enough. Several of the topics in that bill share current-day R talking points, to include more border security, expanding/upgrading the current fence, as well as shifting to a more merit-based system, and changing the lottery to focus on those already in the country, vs those who have never lived here. Democrats have maintained they are in favor of reasonable border security throughout the Trump presidency, and are willing to work with Trump. Trump wants his wall, and to impose limits on legal immigration. Democrats are in favor of legal immigration, and don’t want the wall. "We believe in border security. We want to make it work, we want to make it real, not just symbolic. But we believe in it. If our Republican colleagues and the president engage in good faith in that negotiation -- without unreasonable demands like the absurdly expensive and ineffective border wall that publicly many Republicans oppose and privately many more do -- I do not doubt that we can reach an agreement on DACA that's acceptable to both sides." ~Schumer, 3 Jan 18 Democrats don’t want socialism. What I typically hear is that democrats want to turn us into a socialist country and we will inevitably end up like Venezuela, or many of the other countries full-blown socialism has claimed. While democrats do advocate for platform policies with a “socialist flavor”, I have yet to see a democratic politician basing their platform on seizing control of private companies, property or production for the greater good. Democrats simply want to provide a better healthcare, social safety nets and education to get people back on their feet and continue producing tax revenue for the country. No one should go broke for losing the health lottery. Many modern countries are able to juggle a capitalist economy and still maintain a more affordable healthcare system. Bernie was able to motivate a lot of younger voters but Democrats turned away from him and his policies to a less popular, more vanilla Democratic candidate (she who shall not be named). Democratic voters are interested in some of those policies, but are still haven’t gone full-Bernie. Democrats don’t want to run up debt…just like Republicans, but they will when it suits their purposes…just like republicans. For Rs to run around claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility is a bit disingenuous. The parties just argue how to spend the money. Democrats don’t want to gut the military. Many folks seem to think democratic politicians harbor some resentment towards them and just want to gut us out of existence. The recent gutting of the military was mainly due to sequestration, which was a bipartisan failure. Obama did draw down the military, but mainly because he was trying to exit (unsuccessfully) from Iraq and scale back Afghanistan. Currently both parties favor a DoD audit along with a predictable long-term budget.
  12. The Next President is...

    I am participating in the discussion, and presenting facts to support my stances. Some people feel attacked by facts and when confronted with hypocrisy, that's not my fault. Politically speaking the military is an echo chamber. So many republicans go around making snide remarks about democrats because they think everyone in ear shot has the same views they do. I've sat quiet for many years, and now I'm to the point where I'm willing to engage with most folks on politics if they want to openly talk about it. I'm finding that the military is filled with a lot of loud and politically uninformed people. I have yet to flip someone politically, but I have found that educating people of the facts, and explaining the democratic stance at least softens their views, and makes them realize there is in fact some common ground for D, R and yes...even Libertarians to agree on. Those in charge just want to divide us, say that Democrats want open borders (not true), to turn us into socialism (not true), run up huge debt (not true) and to gut the military (again, not true). They benefit from the fact that those that listen to them aren't going to seek out the truth in their words and actions (and also that Democrats suck at unity and messaging, but we're working on it). Those that become more entrenched in their views and use their interactions with me to verify their preconceived notions of democrats weren't going to do so differently if I used flowery language. I guess I could be gentler for some of you, but it might be better for everyone if people (as the republicans say) stop being snowflakes.
  13. The Next President is...

    Democrats were wrong. As was Bush before them. We've given them plenty of opportunity, but Russia has demonstrated they cannot be trusted time and again. We should work to exile them, starting with enforcing the overwhelming bipartisan sanctions that were approved by the House and Senate. Spread the Magnitsky Act around the world, and turn the oligarchs into the pariahs they long to be. Keep squeezing until something changes.
  14. The Next President is...

  15. The Next President is...

    Word-for-word can be said for Fox News. Anyone who gets their news from editorialized panel talk shows that try to condense complex situations into sound bytes is going to be horribly misinformed. "They always try" is such a cop out. Where is the Republican party of pre-2016? What happened that made you fall in love with Russia? Was it their invasion of Crimea? Their involvement in Syria? Them violating North Korean Sanctions? Meddling in our democracy? Harboring Edward Snowden? Feeding propaganda to undermine the west through Wikileaks? Violating nuclear treaties? Please tell me so I can begin to wrap my feeble liberal mind around it. I guess I should just learn to shrug off foreign interference in our democratic process to be more "American"...it's what the founding fathers would have wanted. You guys are beyond hope.