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  1. Meant as a joke, ok. I'm officially un-confused now. What AF aircraft do you desired if selected for SUPT? Were you a Warrant or Commissioned? If Commissioned, I assume it's a more difficult in going AD AF vs ANG/Res. Best of luck in reaching your goals.
  2. CharlieHotel47 I'm confused, aren't you the one that stated the AF thinks of your aviators as bastards? I don't. The Army has the best helo drivers. A few years ago, the Thunderbird Slot pilot was even a former Army Reserve UH-60 pilot.
  3. CharlieHotel47 Why do you feel the AF looks down on Army aviators whether Warrant or Commission. Army flight training is not similar regarding fixed wing exposure. The AF recognizes the Army skill set in flying helos but fixed wing is not the case. Why did you decide on going Army aviation over the AF? Since the AF is never in the need for new flight students, Army aviators don't bring much to anything on the fixed wing side of the house. The AF produces approximately 1100-1200 fixed wing pilots annually vs 60-70 helo pilots. If the AF needs additional Helo pilots they know just where to get them. For those Army aviators selected and attend AF SUPT count your lucky stars.
  4. It appears Gen Hyten will be confirmed as the next Vice Chief of Staff. If that is the case and the investigation of wrong doing is unfounded, should Col Spletstoser be charged for false accusations? Of course, her predicament has not gone to court. Should you be able to disparage a senior officer without consequences? I don't think so. Since she is Army, the Army most likely will back her. We shall see. Stay tune. Can men and women just get along? Your opinion. ADMIN NOTE: As this topic was already being discussed in this thread, your new thread was merged over. No need for two discussions on the same topic...
  5. The verdict more than likely will come in his favor. 2 women, former Sec of the AF, and a former A-10 pilot now Senator of Arizona (claimed being assaulted as well) were apart of the hearing are on the record on pretty much saying the female Army Col was lying. If that is the case, why not bring her up on charges? I seen the movie a Few Good Men. She should have saved some of the special General sauce.
  6. Guardian In the USAF, O-4 thru to O-10 service cap's brim have lightning bolts and clouds. Commonly called farts and darts. You are definitely not a shoe, they are tested on this as Lts.
  7. I may not get a response to this question. Pilots normally don't give a sh t. Does the Major service cap have the farts and darts or is it for Lt Cols and above.
  8. I believe the AF SUPT max age without a waiver is still 30. As of last month the Navy increased their age for pilots and NFOs training to the age of 32. For those AF SUPT applicants that were turned down for age consideration, the Navy may be an option. No word on USMC age changes. Remember in going Naval Air, approximately 50% are assigned helos as an initial assignment. But they do have P-8 (737s) waiting in the wings for all you future airline pilot hopefuls.
  9. Attended the Travis AFB Thunderbird Airshow last weekend. I couldn't help but notice the wearing of 2 piece flight suits by more than a few AF crew members. Is the one piece flight suit being phased out? Which units are authorized in wearing the 2 piece? Is it optional or required? What are your feelings on the wearing of the 2 piece? I assume it's more functional but less appealing to me. I guess the AF is returning to its Army roots, with the OCPs and 2 piece flight suits. By the way, the female Thunderbird pilot's weekend performance was the best in the group while putting on her makeup in flight.
  10. First off, the USAF NEVER has a problem in recruiting pilots. The problem is in retaining the ones they have, in the mist of airline hiring booms through the years. Your best chance of obtaining a SUPT slot would be going AFRes or AF ANG. That way, you can select your aircraft and location. Active duty would not be impossible but extremely difficult if doable as a previous non AF Commissioned Officer.
  11. For whatever reason, I never hear the proposal of increasing the pilot commitment. Let's say we move it to 15 years or even 20. Of course a number of people will say hell no but I wouldn't be surprised if the AF reached their SUPT recruiting goals. In the 1950s, it was 3 yrs and a degree wasn't a requirement. Then in the 60s, a degree requirement was established and 4 yrs for SUPT. In 70s to 5yrs then to 6yrs. 80s went to 8yrs and in the 90s to 10 years. The AF NEVER has a problem of recruiting pilots. Keeping them in during an airline hiring boom is the primary issue. One other major problem in keeping pilots is that most are single when joining and marry during their commitment. The spouse becomes a key player in their decision making, and the family comes in second place during his/her military career development unfortunately. In addition to a number of changes in the near future in helping retention, they need to seriously consider increasing the pilot commitment even to 20 years. You can't logically compete with the airline industry in quality of life and income for pilots. If the USAF wants to meet their pilot numbers, increase the commitment. Enough young people will bite on the increased SUPT commitment especially after viewing Top Gun 2 Maverick.
  12. A few questions regarding the rotary wing world. Firstly, does the 23d Sq have their full complement of TH-1H aircraft at Ft Rucker? Lastly, must ALL AF CV-22A pilots attend the Helo pipeline?
  13. She was recently promoted to 4 stars and will be the next commander of the Pacific Combat Air Command. What's interesting, her career started as a ABM and never piloted an aircraft. She should be in the running in being the 1st CoSAF without being a pilot. Interesting times for the future of the AF.
  14. Xcraftllc There's a possibility of you serving on AF active duty as a rotary wing aviator. AF OTS is an option if you are selected and attend OTS before your 35th B'day. Since you are a rated aviator, off you go to Kirkland AFB for upgrade training. In the past, before FWQ was cancelled you could attend the fixed wing transition course. But it is what it is. The AF could possibility use your talents in the CV-22 flying special ops.
  15. FWIW, few AF pilots realize the making of a career as an Army aviation Warrant Officer in this peace time environment on ACTIVE DUTY. For the last several years, the promotion rates have been hovering around 60% for CW3 and CW4s. If passed over twice, out you go before the 18 year point, sound familiar. The Army promotion board explains in great detail your flying only skills will not get you promoted. You need PME, additional duties that may not be aviation related and a 4 year degree in being competitive, sound familiar again. Plus you get to do all the exciting Army stuff like mandatory PT daily perhaps when not flying, over looking crew rest and the lack of per diem in the rotary wing world for the most part. But most of you only trained AF pilots would complain a helleva lot less if you experienced the Army way of life as an aviator. Sometimes you don't know how good you got it until it's gone. If unsatisfied in the AF as pilot, serve your time professionally, leave and have great success in the private/gov't sector. You all knew about the AF BS even before you joined. You thought that would be a very small price to pay in going through flight school. Did you actually think the BS would change once serving. The Master Degree requirement became the norm after the Vietnam conflict and that's over 40 years ago.
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