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  1. Does General Flynn have a tax problem with IRS? I rather go to court dealing with the Russian issue, than IRS. They play for keeps.
  2. On the ride to the Space Station, 1 former Marine test pilot and 1 former F-22 test pilot. The capsule docks by it self. Maybe they could hold hands on their journey.
  3. As of May 1st, Scott Kirby took the reigns of United Airlines. What's the big deal you ask?. Scott is a graduate of USAFA in the 80s. On his rise to the top, he was fired by American Airlines as President (2016) and prohibited from over 150 casinos for card counting. He did have his share of run ins with the American Pilot Union in negotiations. And you guys/dolls thought SOS wouldn't be beneficial in your career development. For all you future airline pilot hopefuls out there, remember if you're not sitting at the table where decisions are being made, you're on the Menu. Fly safe when you can.
  4. There were waivers in the past up to 6'9".
  5. It's just more than for women. There are other ethic groups that can take advantage of the recent change.
  6. It's official, there is no longer a height requirement for flight school. Do they get extra pillows, if so, do they come in different sizes?
  7. The new AF Chief of Staff will not have a pilot retention problem for a few years. AF prayers have been answered for the short term.
  8. It really doesn't matter. They are all cookie cutters. Follow the script and don't upset the apple cart.
  9. He can always increase the pilot commitment to 15 or even 20 years. Enough kids will bite. AF pilot training commitment has gone from 3-10 years over time. They can milk it to 20 years.
  10. Looks like the fighter MAFIA is still in business. He still won't stop the flow of pilots. When it comes to QOL, Locations & Money, the AF is not even in the ball game unfortunately.
  11. The Army is pushing the envelope. They want light fixed wing attack aircraft and they are TIRED of the USAF in not making up it's mind in providing that mission. Hell, they would also like the A-10s as well if the USAF doesn't want them. I forgot, the AF doesn't want the A-10s.
  12. Meant as a joke, ok. I'm officially un-confused now. What AF aircraft do you desired if selected for SUPT? Were you a Warrant or Commissioned? If Commissioned, I assume it's a more difficult in going AD AF vs ANG/Res. Best of luck in reaching your goals.
  13. CharlieHotel47 I'm confused, aren't you the one that stated the AF thinks of your aviators as bastards? I don't. The Army has the best helo drivers. A few years ago, the Thunderbird Slot pilot was even a former Army Reserve UH-60 pilot.
  14. CharlieHotel47 Why do you feel the AF looks down on Army aviators whether Warrant or Commission. Army flight training is not similar regarding fixed wing exposure. The AF recognizes the Army skill set in flying helos but fixed wing is not the case. Why did you decide on going Army aviation over the AF? Since the AF is never in the need for new flight students, Army aviators don't bring much to anything on the fixed wing side of the house. The AF produces approximately 1100-1200 fixed wing pilots annually vs 60-70 helo pilots. If the AF needs additional Helo pilots they know just where to get them. For those Army aviators selected and attend AF SUPT count your lucky stars.
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