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  1. TacAirCoug

    C-130 down in Afghanistan

    Multiple news outlets are reporting those exact details, minus the tail number.
  2. TacAirCoug

    Major Board Upgrade

    Yep, no issues so far on my iPad mini. Well done.
  3. TacAirCoug

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    Ditto. We were in Q row same time. The guys living in Q-3 weren't too excited about it, not sure why...
  4. TacAirCoug

    ADS-B in Military Aircraft

    Hahaha! You must be new here....
  5. F-16 pilot seems to have ejected safely, fingers crossed for survivors from the Cessna.
  6. I have a 737 type. Interviewed with multiple airlines...hired by one of them to fly something other than a 737. I've never been asked about my 737 type in any interview. Once again, listen to Huggy.
  7. TacAirCoug

    Airbus A400M

    Aviation Week
  8. TacAirCoug

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  9. God, I hope I get to interview this guy someday.
  10. TacAirCoug

    Gen Welsh - USAF Chief of Staff

    Obviously, you are assuming I'm one of the people the Air Force cast aside...you know what happens when you assume?
  11. TacAirCoug

    Gen Welsh - USAF Chief of Staff

    Jesus, Chang. You're like my dog that keeps shitting on the kitchen floor and then looks at me like he has no idea why I'm so pissed. Again. The Guard thanks you for cutting all those "underperformers." Many of them are finding homes where their hard work is actually valued.
  12. TacAirCoug

    Herk future in AFRC/ANG

    That rumor has been floating around so long it qualifies for Social Security.
  13. TacAirCoug

    C-130 Gear Failure

    Another picture posted on FireAviation.com:
  14. TacAirCoug

    BODN App

    Brilliant. Nice work! Posted from the NEW Baseops.net Time Sucker!
  15. TacAirCoug

    Last Beer You Drank and Rate It

    Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.'s Double Nut Brown. Smooth, dark, with a little hazelnut flavor. Magnificent.