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  1. The ONLY thing the left did for the last 4 years was sow distrust in the Trump administration. I agree with everything else you said.
  2. I know there is a Tulsi thread on BO.net but I think it’s more relevant to the many conversations going on here. She touches on a lot of topics in this interview and speaks of her personal experiences in DC. I also applaud her courage to speak like she does. It can’t be easy.
  3. No other post on this thread better highlights what is wrong with politics today. This type of response and thought process is exactly why our nation will continue to drift farther and farther apart. People would rather be intellectually dishonest than give an ounce of credit where credit is due.
  4. https://www.axios.com/congress-gender-identity-pronouns-rules-40a4ab56-9d5c-4dfc-ada3-4a683882967a.html
  5. That’s exactly right and its a great point. I am always suspicious when the language used to describe a topic changes. Like global warming/climate change or gun control/gun safety.
  6. Does that apply to the homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, sexist, racist and bigoted Nazis on the right as well?
  7. Chief Traficante was not only a crew chief, he’s been a FE on E model Hercs and a load on E’s, H’s and J’s. He was the load functional at the Guard Bureau and did OGV stuff at AMC. If I’m not mistaken he was a fire fighter in a major dept as well.
  8. Here you guys go. You now have your very own spot to argue. It’s your spot and yours alone. Have it here so the rest of us can enjoy what baseops is supposed to be about. Lloyd
  9. This is an example of why I have a problem with the LGBTQA+ movement. When DOMA was challenged in 2013/2015, we were told that this was about two loving monogamous people just trying to have equal rights under the law IRT marriage. I have said all along that this was not the case. This is not, never was and never will be simply about "rights". It is about taking a wrecking ball to our society and its views on the traditional family and traditional norms. We are seeing it play out every day now with the war on pronouns, the transgender movement, etc. And this all comes after DOMA was rul
  10. Anybody work with or have any gouge on MJ Hegar? She is running for Senate in Texas and flew helos in the AF.
  11. The dirty career officials in the FBI really left the FBI in a bad spot after the Comey news conference in 2016 declaring Hillary innocent. I doubt they will speak out pre-election for fear of having the same thing happen again. And like you said, it is an ongoing investigation.
  12. It seems to be a given now that the federal government has all of the answers. We have completely lost sight of the fact that we are a nation of States and the States have rights. We see that in the response to the Rona. Each State is different and has it's own unique challenges. Health care is no different. That means that some States will win and some will lose if the feds end up running health care.
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