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  1. This is an example of why I have a problem with the LGBTQA+ movement. When DOMA was challenged in 2013/2015, we were told that this was about two loving monogamous people just trying to have equal rights under the law IRT marriage. I have said all along that this was not the case. This is not, never was and never will be simply about "rights". It is about taking a wrecking ball to our society and its views on the traditional family and traditional norms. We are seeing it play out every day now with the war on pronouns, the transgender movement, etc. And this all comes after DOMA was ruled unconstitutional. This is why I have a huge issue with the left. The left is never honest about what they are REALLY after. You see it in every movement on the left whether it is gay rights, the climate, gun control, economics, health care, etc. All that to say that I do not personally have a problem with gay people. Our 19 year old daughter is in the process of coming to terms with her sexuality. My wife and I have known since she was probably 10 that this was going to be something she would struggle with. As Christians, we have struggled with navigating this mightily. We support her and love more than anything else in life. Our message and guidance to her has been to not let her sexuality define her. More than anything, I want her to be a honest, productive, educated, hard working member of society who loves who she loves. We don't support things like rainbow stickers, flags or shirts that promote sexuality one way or the other. And she gets it. She doesn't throw anything related to her sexuality around. She just is who she is.
  2. Anybody work with or have any gouge on MJ Hegar? She is running for Senate in Texas and flew helos in the AF.
  3. The dirty career officials in the FBI really left the FBI in a bad spot after the Comey news conference in 2016 declaring Hillary innocent. I doubt they will speak out pre-election for fear of having the same thing happen again. And like you said, it is an ongoing investigation.
  4. It seems to be a given now that the federal government has all of the answers. We have completely lost sight of the fact that we are a nation of States and the States have rights. We see that in the response to the Rona. Each State is different and has it's own unique challenges. Health care is no different. That means that some States will win and some will lose if the feds end up running health care.
  5. Yes it is. Our country's infrastructure is an embarrassment. And is not due to a lack of funding. The same would be said if the gov ran our health care system.
  6. Imagine the US government running the health care system!!! Haha! What is the worst that could happen??? The damn government can't even maintain our roads... Open up the free market and let it loose on our health care system.
  7. There is a difference in the government covering health care costs for service members/their families and people that are not employed by the US government. The US government is not responsible for the health care for ALL citizens. FWIW, I had to read your post over and over again to see if I was missing something. Are you really advocating on a military forum for the gov to not pay for health care of service member's dependents because they did not sign up for military service? And that they are not critical for national defense and security?
  8. It doesn't. Even if health care is believed to be a "right", the gov doesn't subsidize any of our other rights provided by the constitution. Why should health care be any different? Especially when so many of us do not take care of ourselves.
  9. NYC Steel Workers Union < China/Ukraine IRT leverage. I do not believe Trump is the most honest person out there. I can promise you that. However, I do not think it is fair to compare a businessman to a career politician who used his position in government to generate wealth for himself and his family. Same for the Clintons, Obamas and any member of the GOP that has done the same.
  10. I agree with what you said. However, as the starting point in regards to the Joe/Hunter Biden issue, can we all agree that career politicians becoming multi multi millionaires during and after their time in office is something that raises any number of serious questions that need answered? Let's agree on that and go from there. Folks on both sides like to throw out the "term limits" issue. I wholeheartedly agree that we need term limits for folks just like Joe Biden. There is absolutely no way you can spend almost 5 decades in DC and not be wrapped up in endless backdoor deals where someone, somewhere now has leverage on you. In this case it would seem that China and Ukraine potentially hold the leverage. Dirty money, kickbacks and bribes become normal to people like Biden who have been there that long. Hell, he probably no longer sees anything wrong with it because it has gone on so long. I just don't see how anyone can deny the fact that Biden is surrounded by shady issues. Just look at his houses. He bought a 10,000 square foot house in 1974. In 1996 he built a house on 4 acres that is almost 7000 square feet. All this while being consistently listed as one of the poorest members of the senate. I just don't buy the book sales and speaking fees line anymore. Call me cynical, I just don't. Sim posted a video that details Biden's plagiarism and lies about school. While it may not be surprising and good for a laugh or two, it shows what his character is like. He is willing to lie, cheat and steal to get ahead in politics. That is what dirty politicians do.
  11. I agree with this. However, the flip side is exactly true and defines where we are as a country. The left is driven further left by Trump. At the same time, the right is driven further right by the Clintons, Obamas, Sanders, Pelosis and Bidens of the world. They are the reason we ended up with Trump. The Democratic Party owns the vast majority of the bullshit that is going on right now or has gone on in the last few years. They own the violence in major cities, BLM, Antifa, the defund the police movement, the identity politics, The Squad, the Russian Collusion hoax, the impeachment, the Kavanaugh hearings, Epstein, Weinstein, Carlos Danger, the cancel culture, the media and the mishandling of the Virus response/endless lockdowns on the state level.
  12. I remember speaking to climate scientists during non flying days while supporting Deep Freeze missions in Antarctica. I wanted to go directly to the source and pick their brains. I even visited a couple of their labs and offices to see exactly what they were doing down at McMurdo over the couple months that I was there. One of the things they said that stuck out most to me was how inaccurate their historical data was in regards to temperature readings and CO2 levels. Where on the planet were the readings taken? What specific type of instrument was used to take the readings? What time of the year were the readings taken? How was the data recorded decades ago? Who took the measurements and what are their motives? Frequency and consistency were the biggest concerns. These scientists were talking about data from just the last 5-7 decades...
  13. The media is in the D's corner. That is for sure. That is exactly how a politician who has been in DC for 45+ years can look into the camera and say with a straight face that he will fix all of our society's ills if elected. I would like to address the "all of them will be factual" comment but I honestly don't even know what to say other than that is one of the most intellectually dishonest things I have read recently. Trump won in 2016 based on what he promised on the campaign trail paired with absolute disgust of career politicians. Trump has largely delivered on his campaign promises and Joe Biden is the definition of the DC swamp that the average american despises. You are right, this election will be about voter turnout. Trump's base has only grown. I would say the media and politicians on the left are grossly underestimating just how big his base has become. There are a lot of people out there who couldn't pull the lever for Trump in 2016 based on his personality and the fact that he had no political experience. These people are in the Trump camp now because he has done what he said he was going to do. Trump's personality and his past shenanigans are nothing new at this point. I don't see attacking his character this time around as a winning strategy for the Dems but that is what they are doing. And it seems to be the only thing they are doing. I have said it before on this forum, I don't see how the Dems can make a winning calculation with a Biden/Harris ticket. Especially given the civil unrest in today's society. Biden is the literal architect of the 1994 crime bill and Harris has been ranked as one of the most progressive politicians in the Senate. The Dems run the cities where this unrest is taking place and the politicians pushing the "defund the police" argument all have a D next to their name. The politicization of sports will have a negative impact on Dems too. You can't even turn on tennis without seeing BLM in the stands. Hell, the only news NASCAR has made this year is a fake story about racism and Bubba Wallace. The polls people need to be paying attention to are the number guns sales and major sporting viewership. Gun sales are through the roof and major sports viewership is down although I think the NFL is doing OK. I don't think you can ignore those numbers. Our family owns a condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Been there a few times this summer. There are Trump signs everywhere in people's yards but also on the beach, on the back of cars and hanging from balconies. These folks aren't local... Yes, they come from AR, LA, GA, MS and TX but a whole hell of a lot of them come from IL, OH and IN. Trump's base is there and it is strong.
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