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  1. lloyd christmas

    Joe Baugher Aircraft Serial Numbers

    That is another interesting website. Thanks for sharing that. I went back and counted the 62 models. Looks like 151 were built with 110 of them either getting shot down or being written off!
  2. lloyd christmas

    Joe Baugher Aircraft Serial Numbers

    Check out the F-105s built in 1962. I would estimate 95% of them were either lost in combat or were written off in accidents/crashes. Absolutely crazy....
  3. lloyd christmas

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    This dude flew the F-89, F-86, F-104, CF-5, F-100, F-4, A-7 and the A-10. Very interesting guy with a great career for sure.
  4. lloyd christmas

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse.
  5. We don't have enough in squadron funds here in the Texas ANG to buy new J's. We are trying to sell some heritage patches to make up the difference but that is taking longer than we expected.
  6. lloyd christmas

    Retired C-130 Pilot killed in private plane crash

    Yes they are. One of his favorite lines: "Duck Sausage! How about you duck down and get you some sausage"! Reagan was hands down the greatest pilot, aircraft commander and officer I have ever known. He was in a league of his own. He was also a devout christian, a boxer at the Zoo, married to his high school sweetheart, master diver, foster parent, scout leader, duck hunter extraordinaire who took wounded warriors on hunts, and a weapons officer. The Herk community truly did lose one of it's finest. I will miss him. Some clarification on the news article. He was a current member of the Arkansas Guard.
  7. lloyd christmas

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    What are some of the differences in today's society/culture/laws compared to the 40s when Jackie Robinson was crossing the color line as the first black major league baseball player? I am curious what your thoughts are on this since you are accusing folks of being cowards and refusing to discuss the problem at it's merits.
  8. lloyd christmas

    To enlist or not to enlist?

    I always shake my head a little bit when folks hand out the "don't enlist" advice so quickly. You can't underestimate how important it is for a guard unit to find people that will be a good fit for the unit. That is why you hear certain units "only hire from within". If you are a junior in HS, set yourself up to go to basic right after you graduate. Enlist in something that involves the aircraft like maintenance or life support. At a minimum, either of those career fields gives you a head start on knowing the aircraft and its systems. Yes, your tech school will eat into your first or second semester but you can always CLEP classes or take online courses while you are in tech school to keep college credits coming in. If you get medically DQ'd down the road or don't get picked up, at least you will have served your country, been a part of the guard, worked with great people and probably got college paid for. Being a pilot isn't the only way to serve. If you think otherwise, you aren't a good fit anyway. The E's make it happen and deserve the most respect. With that said, the best guard officers I have ever worked with are prior Es. Hands down. There is a reason for that. They have earned the respect.
  9. lloyd christmas

    Upcoming Boards

    Fort Worth has Reserve F-16s and Guard C-130s. There is zero mixing of pilot candidates.
  10. lloyd christmas

    The Next President is...

    All of this is fucking embarrassing. The enemy is winning. We are better than this.
  11. lloyd christmas

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Gypsy, Fellow load here. Curious exactly what happened on the flight in question. Sounds like you were tailgating troopers and had an issue. Curious what aircraft. If you are a Herk guy, was it an H or J? How did the aircraft get damaged during retrieval of static lines or while dropping the dudes? What statement on the Form 8 was false? Wondering if there is something we can learn from the flight. PM if you need to.
  12. I am not. I damn sure would like to head to the ice with them though.
  13. I am in the Guard. Can you please make the font bigger on your post so that I can read it?
  14. lloyd christmas

    C-130 down in Afghanistan

    I am a Herc load. There are some situations that exist where it would be appropriate for the loadmasters to ask the front enders to raise the elevators during loading. It is not common though. Been doing the load thing for 13 years or so with multiple deployments along the way. I have only had to ask the pilots to raise the elevators once. In my case, it was the loading equipment in Uganda that they were using and not the height of the cargo that was the problem. For the non Herc folks on this thread, it is in the AOR regs that you can't have a 25K K-loader behind the aircraft and use a forklift to load additional pallets on the aircraft. You have to bridge two 25K K-loaders together and load that way. Here is what that means. A 25K K-loader is capable of moving 25,000lbs of cargo. It can only hold 3 pallets at a time. An H model Herc can hold 6 pallets and a stretched J can hold 8. The 25K is short. When it is behind the aircraft, it doesn't go out past the tail. Some loadmasters were using a stationary 25K K-loader behind the aircraft and then loading the rest of the pallets using a forklift to load pallets onto the K-loader and then just pushing the pallets across the K-loader and onto the aircraft. The problem was, while operating the forklift to load pallets onto the K-loader, the cargo on the forklift had the very real potential for hitting the tail of the aircraft because the 25K doesn't extend out past the tail. So again, the local regs prohibited this. These guys were abiding by the regs. They had two 25Ks bridged together. So, sadly, there was no reason to have the pilots hold the yoke back. I don't want to speculate, but my guess is that somebody tapped an elevator with a pallet and the unit fried the loadmasters publicly. That would cause them to be over cautious.
  15. lloyd christmas

    Active shooter at Lackland

    I have a concealed carry license issued by the state that I live in. I also have a conceal carry card issued by the AF so that I can conceal carry on the aircraft and do my job. Yet, I can't conceal carry in my truck on base. It makes no sense. I am not interested in carrying my pistol into the office. I am interested in having it my truck for the ride to and from work. Because of my unit's flying schedule, I often find myself driving to work at 4am and from work at 2 am. I usually carry anyway. If I get stopped at the gate, my pistol goes in my flight suit pocket. They don't pat you down.