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  1. You do know there's a "Guard/Reserve" section here, right?
  2. Had there been a U-2 pilot in a chase car saying "Raise your left..." on the radio, these wing strikes could have been avoided.
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    Face it... after introducing Jar Jar Binks, the entire Star Wars brand burned to the ground, never to rise from the ashes.
  4. Yes, 2Lt's coming to fly the T-38 at Beale is definitely a new change. I personally see this as a unique data point that will only be repeated if a lot of variables are all met... i.e. I believe it is very unlikely to happen again. I don't believe it is the "good deal" everyone seems to think it is for the guy, but I'm sure he will enjoy the experience. Going back over 30 years, I can only think of 3 CTP-only pilots that decided to interview for the U-2. All three were accepted. Two made it through U-2 training. (There may be a fourth but I can't remember at this late hour). All three had MWS backgrounds prior to going to T-38 PIT. One of the three I met on a recruiting trip. He was very interested in applying for the U-2 but already had orders to be a T-38 UPT instructor. We were able to get his orders changed to Beale instead, with the hope that he would fly the T-38 two years and then interview. That's what happened, and he's had a pretty good career to include a tour as a U-2 flying squadron commander. We had a former CTP-only T-38 instructor that left Beale not too long ago, and he's on this forum. Maybe he will chime in with his thoughts.
  5. When it comes to getting a GTC, do like Nancy Reagan, put on your red dress, and “just say no”.
  6. There's a big difference here: CB Ford was trying to ruin someone (Kavanaugh). McSally doesn't seem to be going the vindictive route. She simply states "Yes, it happened to me, and I get it.". She's not starting a Congressional inquiry to ruin an innocent man. If I'm missing something about her intent, let me know. I really know very little about the woman. The few things I do see since she retired from the USAF, I applaud.
  7. Matmacwc! I'm your Huckleberry! Being a FAIP from the 1980's, I have mad fix-to-fix skills. Feel free to drop me a pm and I'm sure we can schedule a video-teleconference and I'll draw it all out (4 colors, naturally) on the whiteboard (no chalk, sorry). Sewer Rat, we can include you on the call if you want to learn too. I'm here to help.
  8. Sewer Rat, Could you comment on pitfalls affecting the airline industry? Thanks, Huggy
  9. Pawnman, a friend told me the FAA is mandating a fix to this. A modification will be made so that when the tanks go empty, it will really reduce the weight and allow the 777 to float higher. And the new jet fuel blend (50% Jet A, 50% helium) will also help... somehow.
  10. Apparently, Boeing is working on a fix. I hate CNN.
  11. Now that you are running a side business, do you you conduct business on the phone while walking in uniform, Lieutenant?
  12. I know a former U-2 guy that got 173 credit hours of flying in January... at about $170/hour.
  13. I avoided "safety stink" my entire USAF career. And I've never been directly involved with anything on the civil/GA side. I'm not qualified to comment.
  14. Let me know how you feel when your daughter turns 15.
  15. It's refreshing to come here and see people simply post information or condolences. No one trying to be an NTSB investigator like they idiots on another forum I go to. The shit they post is downright embarrassing... and disrespectful. They are supposedly "aviators"... and most are pretty well to do...and I would expect they would know better. Thanks for keeping it professional.
  16. In U-2 News: former U-2 pilot and 1 RS/CC, Mike "Sooch" Masucci, became an astronaut yesterday. For those that know Sooch, I'm sure we'd all agree that VG picked the perfect guy for this role, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. NASA should have picked him for the Shuttle when they had the chance. http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-amazing-footage-shows-virgin-galactic-pilots-soar-into-space-20190223 He becomes the 2nd U-2 pilot in to space... and the 1st to go to space after earning the U-2 Solo Patch.
  17. Because new wingmen don't have the proficiency and experience for going that low. In a training environment, is there a need to press? One size does not fit all. The former SAC Instrument School has morphed into the Advanced Instrument School, and they have done a ton of instrument-flight related research over the years. There is wreckage on final approach in to Osan to prove it. Investigating instrument-approach related mishaps drove some of the restrictions that are in place and the mishap rate in this area dropped significantly.
  18. Real question? It is obvious that, after all of these years posting here, you don’t know me. I’m a little hurt.
  19. Back in the 80's, I'm not so sure. As a 2Lt FAIP in 1987, I recall shooting T-38A PAR approaches in to Corpus when it was 100' and 3/4 one day. Legally.
  20. Beale had some vintage WWII crew and aircraft photos that were blown up and put on the wall in the Ops Group building. About 6 years ago, they vanished one day. Not sure who directed it but the pics were obviously deemed "insensitive". Seeing as the military has paid historians assigned to so many Wings, it is ironic they don't want much of the history to be shown.
  21. Not trying to be rude, but... in the same way that I'm ignorant to how a fighter squadron works these days... your ignorance of the schedules of demo teams during the off-season is exactly the issue.
  22. The Blues are still flying their practice season as a 6-ship. Therefore, Blue Angel 1-6 have probably not been suspended. There are other officers on the Blues. Your conclusion that it is an enlisted member has no basis... assuming the article is even correct. Have you been on a demo team, or in any way been involved in the production of an airshow? I'm guessing not. That said, it would be unfair to assume these events are related based on what has been reported. By all accounts, SiS is a fine fighter pilot who has done a lot more for her country than most will ever consider. Irrespective of what happened... short of her murdering someone... I'd put her head and shoulders above Hillary, AOC, Kamala, Mazie Hirono, and a host of others that we read about daily. Be glad you're not the one in the spotlight.
  23. Rogoway should go to work for TMZ. Every time he requests an interview with anyone in DoD, they should simply forward him his article and say "Uh... no".
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