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  1. Prior to late 2014, if you heard a flight of two with the callsign HUGGY in the Western US, you can be assured that flight lead did all of the paperwork, coordination and such to make it happen. Absolutely!. No way he would just file that every time he went cross country without having run it through the AFI wickets.
  2. What happened at Le Bourget?
  3. I have only one data point, Chuck, but there are quite a few of us retirees near Beale that would consider it as a contract pilot, or even as a Guardsman or Reservist. But Beale/ACC/USAF/someone still... after 20 years of "looking at it"... can't manage to set up a Reserve/Guard program for U-2 and T-38 pilots. The amount of "willing talent" within an hour of Beale is staggering. I ran with the idea back in the 2008 time frame and no one "up the chain" at Beale, ACC, or AFRC really cared. We've got Reservists/Guardsmen flying the F-22, B-2, UPT, and everything else under the sun. Why Beale can't do it is beyond me. Part-time contract pilots would work also. I know plenty of them flying for Draken and ATAC. BTW, the enlisted pilot program has been successful and I know a bunch of them... and they all got commissioned after being top-notch enlisted folks. I hope they leave it that way.
  4. "Hard to tell"? You're damn right it is hard to tell. And you need to think twice before you throw out something like that and cast aspersions, especially when it is a guess and you don't know it for a FACT.
  5. How about if we change our paradigm, and dual qualify the pilots at whatever base they are located at to fly them? I know it's crazy, but somehow I was able to fly both the U-2 AND the T-38 within a 6 hour period, and managed to do it relatively safely. And I'm sure there are pilots getting 50-75 sorties a year that might like some additional flying. We are the United States AIR Force. It should not be that hard to... you know... fly more. Especially during a pilot shortage.
  6. I believe this explains everything when it comes to the Navy and this unfortunate situation:
  7. So, he will get to work with Susan at Breitling USA. Ping him in 6 months and see how he is enjoying the experience.
  8. Congrats to Shaft! He recently got his "card", and after many years of hard work is now a full-blown Initial Attack Tanker Captain. Well done, Sir!
  9. You cannot join the club until you can spell the club. Correct. My kid was in the last AMS class and they were commissioned December 2014.
  10. prolly a good way 2 go 4 your sitchiation, victor2. u cud b their in no time, brah. the hole thing looks dope to me... go 4 it! bingo bango!!
  11. I am under the impression that at least one U-2 pilot will graduate in December. If true I’m sure you will see a lot of retired and old U-2 Drivers in Vegas for the event.
  12. Learn to spell, work on grammar, and place your posts in the correct forum.
  13. I'll take "Contract A-4's" for $800, Alex.
  14. 6.2.3. Rank Indicators and Insignia. General Officer Service Cap. The visor will have three clouds and darts on each side and the insignia will not have a circle. Field Grade Officer Service Cap. The visor will have two clouds and darts on each side and the insignia will not have a circle. Company Grade Officer Service Cap. The visor will be plain black (women’s service cap visor will be blue) and the insignia will not have a circle.
  15. A shame. People around him have been saying for a long time (I first heard it when he was an O-6) that he was on his way to 4-stars, and that he was exactly what was needed.
  16. How do y'all feel about a slightly overweight guy in his 50's, with a receding grey hairline, and bad breath?
  17. I figured I’d resurrect this thread with some pics of earlier today. Fuel flows in this pic are definitely costlier than a round of golf... but well worth it.
  18. A guy I know shot this around 1630 yesterday.
  19. A guy I know saw it today. I'm sure Phoenix is a-buzz with talk.
  20. Nicely done. Obviously nothing can match the fact you helped save a fellow pilot through solid action and teamwork, and I know that's all that matters to you. I'm curious what formal recognition you got from the AF for it, if any. Air Medal? Aircrew of Distinction in an ACC writeup? Something?
  21. What’s shocking to me is the fact it apparently was never done in training, in the ~33 year Ops history of the B-1, or 15+ year history of the Sniper. Or if it was, the inability to figure this out in an operational training scenario... and debrief it... before it gets tried in combat is shocking. The continuing inability of the Services to communicate and employ together as well as they should falls square in to the lap of General Harrigian and others of his stature (in all the Services). The AF puts Patches in the key leadership positions for a reason. I’m sure it’s better than it was 10 years ago. But that’s not good enough. We've been killing bad guys in the Middle East for almost 30 years. How was this information not known? Disgusting.
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