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  1. In the ANG, PRFs are required for ROPMA to O-5 (pretty sure for ROPMA to O-4 as well).
  2. Looking to talk to a savvy investor about relationships with an advisor and wrap fees. Please PM if willing. Thanks in advance.
  3. So, wrt Gen Hyten and what he's currently going through, curious to hear your thoughts. Met him several times and always seemed like a solid guy. USAF's (seemingly comprehensive) investigation couldn't find anything inappropriate but it seems that his accuser is willing to testify before congress...
  4. Has anyone seen the '18 ANG O-5 promotion results yet? IIRC, public release is tomorrow...
  5. Does anyone have the real story of this so-called mishap (the F-16 one, not the WC-130)? I've heard the version that they crashed an F-16 in the ocean and didn't tell anyone about it until years later during an ORI or some other inspection, but I get the feeling there is some hyperbole weaved into that telling...
  6. FYSA, SIB report just went final in AFSAS.
  7. If there are any flight docs knowledgeable about depth perception issues, can you kindly PM me? I had a few specific questions regarding a recent depth perception test.
  8. If I was TDY to bases in CENTCOM AOR for a few days and had all meals/lodging provided, what is my per diem for the day? In DTS, my travel voucher correctly states "Base X" with $0 lodging and all meals provided, but it is still giving me between $22-34/day, depending on which base I'm at. Is the $3.50/day only if you're deployed/on CED orders? Looking for someone to help me crack this nut. PM if able to help. Thanks in advance. BR
  9. Out of curiosity, did he ever get a retirement ceremony? Is this something that could negatively impact his chances for future employment?
  10. http://www.ayotte.senate.gov/?p=video&id=1740 ... because video above is no longer available.
  11. I already UTSF and saw a very posts earlier talking about variable-universal life insurance. I was wondering what people's thoughts were in general about these types of policies. I understand there are huge incentives for advisors to push these, more expensive than term insurance, should build (potentially significant) cash value, has mostly positive tax benefits, and gives the adviser/insuree ability to adjust as needed. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. My adviser is pushing it pretty hard, and whereas it appears to be part of a comprehensive plan, I want to be sure he's pushing this for the right reasons...
  12. Man, his Facebook page is getting very interesting--need something to laugh at on this mundane Friday... His paranoia/narcissism has gone into overdrive...
  13. I hear prescription drugs can do great things these days...
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