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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Ha But yes ultimately it is that.
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Good words. The decline didn't happen overnight and not due to action / inaction of one but of many and over many years. There's always that problem, do I stand and fight probably to die (metaphorically) or withdraw and live to fight another day? Quit and make a statement with my feet or try to fix from the inside? Principle or Rationalization? No one answer is always right except "it depends" and is only is dependent on the individual having the moral character to ask themselves that question.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Related question to the CSAF sidebar and overall topic of the thread - is Moseley just a stand in for the generic Fighter General and that’s the problem? Schwartz was not an 11F and only pushed the throttles up on the way to point insanity so I believe that less but others have mentioned that idea before (fighter guy always in charge) - is it a problem of “the same guy” is always in charge ?
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Ditto on Moseley also. I remember the 45k Airman cut to buy the Raptor, the beginning of PT uniforms / testing and basically the descent into madness also. He was not the worst but the point at which it really started to go off the rails. At some point around 2004, it should have been realized we were in new territory and the AF needed a fundamental change as we didn't have the resources to keep doing things as they always had been done and handle the new missions, pace of ops, etc... and shift with the times. Easy to say with 10+ years of hindsight but that's why we pay them the big bucks, to have a forward looking vision...
  5. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Informal survey: Who is the most responsible out of the last 5 CSAF's for this rapid increase in decline? The CSAF is only one man and the AF is a huge fat bureaucracy that has plenty of bosses telling it how it has the wrong cover sheet for its TPS reports but ultimately if there is one person responsible for the overall strategic direction of the institution, it would be him. I don't lay everything on the CSAF but where did we really start to go off course? Where did we miss the signal to change the institution that is structurally designed to be in garrison to one that is operational / expeditionary in nature (in terms of leadership selection, resource prioritization, long term strategy, short term nimbleness, etc...)
  6. KC-46A Info

    Discussion on Airliners.net about 46 vs. 767 differences: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1025901 BLUF: KC-46 can carry about 45K more fuel and is slightly bigger / heavier (max gw) aircraft. KC-767s can have booms or not based on customer choice, Columbian AFs don't have one.
  7. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    This is probably either not necessary (or been done) but as a lot of these aircraft are two seaters, is it possible to fly the aircraft with one pilot (on an independent O2 system) and have a sample(s) drawn from the other seat's OBOGS station to directly sample under the operational conditions when these symptoms have been reported, what exactly this system is producing? O2 with particulate contaminants, O2 with oil fumes or laced with carbon monoxide, directly capture what would have been inhaled by the crew and analyzed... Not just testing the masks, filters and system itself pre/post flight but the product supplied directly to the aircrew?
  8. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    When it is more profitable to advocate buying / building for the future versus selling us the best technology to win yesterday's war. We keep looking back and getting ready for round 2, equipping / training for previous wars so we can fight them even better. Good idea except our adversaries watch and learn from our fights and will not fight us that way as they see what happens when you do that. http://publications.armywarcollege.edu/pubs/2163.pdf My hope is that a generation used to technology shifting constantly and needing replacement / update every 3-5 years will shift away from huge, once in a generation procurements and organizational restructuring will be way less verboten when they come to leadership.
  9. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Long article but interesting (only perused some sections) - enjoy. Trends in Air to Air Combat Implications for Air Superiority John Stillion
  10. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Wise words. I would expand on Hi / Lo mix to a Hi / Medium / Lo mix with 5th Gen / 4+ Gen / LAAR. The idea of a modular but semi-common fleet for 4+ Gen platforms IMO is more feasible going forward based on the financial / technical realities of 5th Gens. Trying to get the usual suspects and some new ones to buy into a EF 2020 or Silent Eagle with advanced capabilities and survivability may be a viable COA if the F-35 family doesn't grow (Germany, Canada, Aussies, SK, etc...)
  11. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Yup that checks with what the AF taught me... Changing the channel... Referencing @Lawman's comment above, "lasers" may be on fighters relatively (2021 or so for testing) soon: https://www.wired.com/story/lockheed-martin-fighter-jets-lasers/ My druthers and with billions of TP dollars... Give the Eagle an encore career with a role as a super duper 4+ gen fighter armed to the teeth (bajillion missiles, laser turret, etc...) An operational version of this tactical laser Adapted into an advanced Eagle Easier I suspect than trying to integrate it into the 35 and can work out the kinks prior to integration into new 5th / 6th gen
  12. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    No argument that they need to up their game on domestically sourced hardware, that vaporware fighter could be a chance to break that paradigm (looks good but in reality...) Your comments are not the first time I have heard that the EF is lacking in the Air to Ground game and it puzzles me why the EF operators would let ostensibly their premier fighter lack in the mission that is done operationally 99% of the time by a fighter. Losing the French in the consortium hurt the Typhoon program but aside from just giving up on building their own jets, if the EU + UK nations don't band together, they just can't / won't put enough of their own money on their own solo projects to actually get them done but just my opinion, collaborative aircraft projects can work, you just have to agree to the minimum amount of collaboration required to get the costs down to what everyone can afford and agree to then with a modular design let each country add whatever capabilities they feel they need.
  13. Time to abolish the Air Force?

    I think that was his best point. Seems like common sense but mil / civ leadership believe it can all be done with flat budgets, just honestly admiring we will not do certain missions any longer could in theory allow us to focus resources but then that would be admitting things like we are not actually going to send 4,000+ tanks into the Fulda Gap
  14. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Valid critique but... they have improved and evolved the Gripen (ref Gripen NG and E) and the EF is finally getting an AESA. They get some stuff right, Meteor and PIRATE EO/IR sensor but I see your point. Just a WAG but at best this new jet could be ready to test in 5 years (if you started today and worked like crazy) so a collaboration would be a moot point as the F-35 will be x hundreds of airframes delivered by then
  15. Time to abolish the Air Force?

    Relight on thread: Another interview with Prof Farley - https://warroom.armywarcollege.edu/podcasts/2462/ Worth a listen if sitting SOF, filling out airline apps or both... Thought his comments on reorganizing the military was interesting, going away from the idea of domains as the principle factor in defining a service but to the overall goal / mission to define a service (a strategic deterrence, a territorial defense, an expeditionary service, etc...) allowing these new branches to operate across multiple domains but focused to their mission without the parochial fight over intrusion into the exclusive domain of another branch...
  16. KC-46A Info

  17. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Agreed but the not missing is up to the missile. Break Break.. New stealth eurofighter: http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a26933/airbus-planning-next-generation-european/ Since the F-22 restart is in the rearview mirror forever probably, join in with them to have a viable option to the F-35?
  18. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    But Merry Christmas too... ;-) Copy both and that was not a perfect graphic for what I was thinking of, more of an engagement at something greater than the proverbial knife fight in a phone booth, greater than WVR but less than a stand off 30 NM BVR fight and definitely not the cheesy movie out running a missile or doing 69 turns and then defeating said missile by dumping your external tanks or some other bullshit. My clumsy idea poorly communicated was to get out of a bad situation by changing one aspect of your energy state (velocity) but should have been caveated if time and conditions permit.
  19. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Non-fighter pilot asking: Is it the fighter's EM that matters more now or the EM of the weapon that really matters? With late generation AAMs and the capabilities of the cueing sensors (AESA radar, JHMCS, etc...) is that really the EM battle that matters more now? Just from this open source graphic of a Python 4's capabilities, it seems to me that a fighter still needs maneuverability but with the capability of the missiles/sensors, I would really want the capability to defend/disengage/countermeasure and reposition for round 2. That defensive move might be a high g turn or from my perspective it would probably be better to have really good transonic acceleration to separate from the bandit and his weapon while giving me time, distance and energy to fix the glitch..
  20. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

  21. Border crisis

    Initial report of TB among illegal immigrant minors at Lackland http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/07/07/immigration-crisis-tuberculosis-spreading-at-camps/ Not for a iron fist response, a lot of them are young kids in a very vulnerable spot but this is a turning point - we're going to control who comes in and stays or not. This latest crisis makes me think we don't need a pivot to Asia but a pivot to Central America.
  22. Border crisis

    Not law yet but if the SLAP Act makes it, some preening politicians might get orange jumpsuits for Christmas.... https://www.google.com/?client=safari&channel=mac_bm
  23. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    We're at Stage 3 based on that desperate idea.
  24. Border crisis

    I️ was also surprised by the verdict - manslaughter in this non-lawyer’s opinion was the provable crime and my cynical side says the SF DA’s office new that but went for murder to quell conservatives nationwide knowing they would not get a conviction The Sanctuary Cities movement and now CA as a Sanctuary State is an insult and threat. Build the security systems (walls/fences/patrols/surveillance) Increase enforcement on illegal aliens and their enablers Sanction govs that refuse to accept their deported citizens back Rinse lather repeat
  25. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    PI went ahead and put a ring on it @Lawman http://alert5.com/2017/12/01/philippine-air-force-orders-six-a-29s/