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  1. Did your eye get fixed? If not, no.
  2. But sometimes it’s worth it, got this last weekend in Los Angeles using Turo, rented for the weekend. Ferrari 488 GTB Spider.
  3. matmacwc

    Latest Movies

    The jokes are subtle but very good.
  4. Go ANG/AFRC, get promoted.
  5. And NATO knows this.
  6. I know Di personally, he is in a position to know this and it’s scary as hell.
  7. So they were undetected but they know they took pics of an underground facility, uh, how?
  8. Because he’s being passive aggressive. We will be helpful and funny but if you’re asking for advice, be respectful and know your place.
  9. Yup, it set a precedent that you won’t get in trouble for doing it, therefore, the next guy can do it. I’m not saying it’s right, it should be shut down. Trump isn’t stupid, I bet he tries to shut the door on this, toward the end of his last term. If he does it near the election of 2020, it will be a pretty good sign he thinks he’s going to lose.
  10. I used to do this too, until a wise man told me how any safety report would read if I was involved in it......” MIP 1, Huggy 01........”. So much for privilege and safety anonymity.
  11. For locals, we could just make them up. Dude flew with FURLO last government shutdown. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. Yes and no, you sign the commitment a couple of times just after swearing in, if booted from pilot training it’s 4 years doing something else.
  13. I see two intentionally stalled C-17s in my comparison, didn’t think it was that hard.
  14. The chances the camera was there during the sequence of events you explained makes it iffy. For those who don’t know, open source. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/c-17-crash-report-exposes-cracks-in-usaf-safety-cult-351032/
  15. These fucks need to watch the Alaska crash video, they aren’t max performing anything, they are playing Russian roulette. If I was their CC I’d gather all the facts and if shown the pictures are correct, I’d Q3, ground and PCS the crew to a radar station in the arctic.
  16. You might be right, I was at Shaw for 3+ years, longer than most at the time. I saw enough turnover for old, terrible ideas to become new ideas again. I voiced my opinion but as a Captain, was told shut up and color. Another example of why the ANG runs smoother in certain situations.
  17. Basops classic. Back from the vault.
  18. I must admit, I ran into more “good idea” fairy’s in the fighter pilot culture than others.
  19. It’s also tough to judge because we don’t know your flying history, it’s possible you’ve been clean as a whistle, it’s possible you’ve had a few bumps along the way. If the latter is true, the CC may think this needs to be documented for future commanders and/or justify a future assignment or job. How many times have UPT instructors wanted to eliminate a student but the “paperwork” doesn’t s support it? In this case, the CC may be making sure the “paperwork” is in order due to a trend. I’m just spitballing here, not saying you’re a bad dude.
  20. I’m fairly certain it’s one of those things that cannot be wiggled out of, its why it’s used for more than just flying.
  21. Officer living with enlisted is no bueno.
  22. I think they’re running out of choices, gotta get that watch into a vault.
  23. See 2 posts above yours, I haven’t read anything above 12K, P&T might be 100%. And congrats, I might have saved you almost $1K a month.
  24. Do they know what they are getting into? I’d like to think (hope) cyber has a big red button that would turn off all the lights in Iran.
  25. Yeah, I’m 100%, I should be running to TX but there’s nowhere there I really want to live.
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