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  1. matmacwc

    Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    Never heard that except in between deployments
  2. matmacwc

    1st female Air Force combat vet in run for congress

    That doesn’t take in consideration the people he did hug and win. I can’t see voting for Ducey and not McSally, it isn’t how R’s generally work. If I remember Ducey was #1 on the ballot and McSally #2, why do you suppose they would mark him and not her? Sen Synema ran a very middle of the road campaign, he wearing a pink tutu and telling people she doesn’t care what American joins ISIS was on blast as well, her message was pretty good but every D and R knows what she’s goona do when she gets to Washington. Im not saying anything, I’m just sayin.
  3. matmacwc

    Article on New Cancer Research for Flight Crews

    Better hurry up
  4. matmacwc

    1st female Air Force combat vet in run for congress

    I don't get it, I would have thought the governor's race and Senate race would have very similar numbers.
  5. matmacwc

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    We briefed the whole AETC Wing at a white jet base the Alaska C-17 accident cause everyone needed to know that. The problem would be with your local safety shop. BTW, don't watch that brief without some booze on hand.
  6. matmacwc

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Blue 4 News is supposed to do this
  7. matmacwc

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Step on the good motor, correct? (Centerline guy)
  8. matmacwc

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    I'm surprised they have airplanes at all, and I would of said that before this accident.
  9. matmacwc

    That Cyber Thread

  10. matmacwc

    The Next President is...

    And nary a word of Russians this election result cycle, color me shocked. Want more proof the Russian thing is bullshit?
  11. matmacwc

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I had to meet with the cops on mine, you get to learn alot about what you never want to learn. Oh, and most people aren't completely dishonest, just a little bit.
  12. matmacwc

    Lifestyle of Helicopter Pilots

    WTF did you google @di1630 to find that.....never mind, I don't want to know. I never figured you for one, not that there is anything wrong with that.
  13. Seems like a hell of a cool job in a great locations, wish I could get the medical. Of course that's from an old fighter pilot from Lodi.
  14. Flying class medical? And how is the Mclleland seniority?
  15. matmacwc

    Hurricane Michael

    Anyone at Tyndall? The Fox news says the eye is going to hit Tyndall. Pics in the eye would be cool, stay safe.
  16. matmacwc

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    What did they name her and how many stars was her daddy. I am not being sacrcastic I thin this is the key to the whole shebang. Can I say that?
  17. matmacwc

    Promotion and PRF Information

    This is why it is broken, the secrecy and all that. I know there is a tiered system( 1,2,3) where tier 1 are your HPO's, 2 is everyone else and 3 is the dude why can't pass a PT test. You'll never see that one either.
  18. matmacwc

    Upcoming Boards

    You, son, have lots to learn.
  19. matmacwc

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    Their planes won't last more than 2 years if my TV is any indication
  20. matmacwc

    Tanker to Fighter

    Yes. Everyone screwed up from the controllers on up as I recall. F-16 hits C|130 full of dudes and a lot die, nobody hid anything.
  21. matmacwc

    Latest Movies

    Holy crap I thought this was good, mostly German subtitled but also in English. East German commies trying to deal with 1986 by switching to “capitalism”.
  22. The medical rules are the same in the AFRC/ANG as AD, so no.
  23. matmacwc

    MFS-N for interservice transfer

    Probably go straight to schoolhouse, no pilot training for you unless you're a helo guy then good luck, we are all counting on you.
  24. matmacwc

    1st female Air Force combat vet in run for congress

    Cause we already know. She's an R straight down the voting ticket.
  25. matmacwc

    1st female Air Force combat vet in run for congress

    Sounds pretty easy to me.