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  1. You’ll get your BAH only, live off base if allowed, there’s some doublewides if you’re cheap.
  2. Is there a belt on the 2 piece flight suit? If so, fuck that and a g-suit.
  3. Thank you MCO, sorry if anyone had to go through that. What a douche, the basics of leadership failure. Sounds like he had marching orders to change shit (non C-130 dude showing up), and did it poorly, it would mean somebody up his chain of command condones his behavior. On a related note, looks like he works on the 737Max, how poetic. (LinkedIn) Still doesn’t sounds as bad as that other guy we don’t name.
  4. Anyone have the summary of “that guy”?
  5. Who you kiddin, it’s mostly the same crew that always flys nights, even some fighter pilots are sure the F-16 doesn’t work at night. As far as distance, some units require a 2 hour drive time max, quote law all you want, that’s the rule and they’ll find others ways to enforce it. Go ahead and be “that guy” and see how far you get. (Usually fighter units with an alert tasking, a lot of good reasons for it)
  6. You’re not thinking big enough padawan. I’m thinking some sort of widget attached to everything Delta owns, It’s better than that, but use your own imagination.
  7. The future is a widget they can put on all planes then network them, tough to do though.
  8. matmacwc

    Gun Talk

    Good question, my bad. Unfortunately it’s a Remington (15/22), I can google as much as the next guy, just looking for advice on AR style conversion kits.
  9. matmacwc

    Gun Talk

    Where would you get a conversion kit for the 15/22? I have a stock one that needs some sprucing up, maybe an inexpensive optic. Thanks!
  10. I’ll have to think about it but “cutting” warfighting capability sounds stupid and agenda driven.
  11. I am the $100 million dollar man.
  12. The OP isn’t clear and is dodging around topics, so we are left to guess. Probably on purpose because I suspect I’m correct. The situation presented to us dictates.
  13. That’s what I thought, no, you must go to USAF pilot training, for airplanes that have people in them. #1 reason the wings should be different, people pulling this shit. You want to waive the entry requirement for TX, that being UPT? Maybe the SecDef.
  14. Have you been to USAF pilot training?
  15. Pres T is good at flipping the script, the oppositions reponses are predictable at this point and show no signs of changing. Dumping the illegals in sanctuary cities is a good example, of course they fight it, those cities already vote democrat, no use for them there. I wonder if the illegals care they are being used or just OK with the promise of free shit, nothing like buying an election.
  16. I’ve seen this, I’ve also seen it reversed. The problem is he isn’t in the “club” yet, it’s going to be tough as an outsider. The guy I knew was an Eagle baby, C-17s mid career then T-38s. He got the reversal during his time in the C-17, but he already had silver wings.
  17. There’s an ARC associate unit at Nellis that flys aggressors. Barabus is correct, not exactly #1 on most AD fighter pilots list. Very important work and still a fighter cockpit, Alaska for those who love it, so not a bad deal at all. If it were the Red Eagles from back in the day, completely different story.
  18. matmacwc

    Latest Movies

    I thought I was burned out on Star Wars, then they release this:
  19. What state is your home unit? It’s not like with a few text we can’t find out anyway, better yet, what part of the country? I’ve seen it done but your going to have to be open to other parts of the country, not everyone has an open slot!
  20. @HuggyU2 I’m curious, let’s find out. I think the straight to Beale thing is a fairly new AF thing though, yes youngins, the Air Force existed before you. Never saw it in 4 years at DLF, I have heard of a particular F-16 pilot that barely made it through MQT.
  21. What he said, just with more diplomacy. What do I need to search on reddit to find that thread, holy shit. No fighter pilot would very use that name!
  22. People that commit to drill can be a problem, every unit has them, and we usually complain about their availability. If you’re a ground guy it’s probably easier, but not the easiest in the world. Change units.
  23. Because it would turn into a revolving door of backstabbing and ass kissing, and without your qualifications in front of us, you’re just another Boy Scout on a tour.
  24. What are you talking about? I’m familiar with Pi, Pd, JAWS, JMEM and a handful of others, never heard of this.
  25. There’s way more to this story, some of the people quoted or interviewed I trust as far as I can throw. I’ve seen/done/heard things worse than a phantom pissing bandit, someone has an axe to grind here.
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