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  1. "They told me on Facebook that I wouldn't have an ADSC!"
  2. You ask as if you think anybody thought about any of these things before changing this reg.
  3. They asked for $60k per year and at the same time told congress it wasn't about the money. Now they tell this revisionist history narrative that blames congress rather than their own mismanagement.
  4. Jaded

    Questions on the GI Bill (Tuition Aid)

    Anybody know if dependents can be added if you're in the IRR? Benefit is already transfered.
  5. So can you now 3 day opt all 365 deployments within 4 years of your ADSC, since the return requal will trigger this new ADSC which will put you beyond your UPT commitment?
  6. Jaded

    The new airline thread

    Flying at night in Asia is like day flying in the states. But no seriously your body clock is way screwed up for a couple days. The amount of night flying you do is, you guessed it, based on seniority.
  7. Jaded

    The new airline thread

    Are you more scared about single pilot ops or outfits like Norwegian Air?
  8. There are QOL options at the airlines too. A lot of people talk about living in domicile, but you could always just drop a percentage of your schedule each month. If, say, 12 days a month netted you 180k, you could drop 1/3 of your schedule, work 8 days a month, and still make $120k.
  9. Jaded

    The new airline thread

    I commute from Fedex, and am gone from home 12-14 days a month in my 2nd year. We have many trips that start or end away from domicile, so some of those days of paid "work" are just you as a passenger flying to or from your real home to whatever city your trip starts or ends from. It's surprising to me how little seniority you need to hold the commutable trips. Fedex has limited domiciles but great commutability.
  10. Jaded

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Yeah, the first year at the airlines sucks. However, due to the seniority system, every month is ever so slightly better than the previous, which is kind of the opposite of how the air force worked.
  11. Jaded

    The Next President is...

    I didn't understand it either until I tried to get a new driver's license in Texas after living overseas for several years. Showing up with all my forms filled out, all the ID requirements from the website (including my military ID), and getting turned away because my military ID doesn't have my SSN on it (Wtf). It ended up taking 3 half days off work to get a driver's license (first day at the DPS, next day at the social security administration, third day back at the DPS.) If I couldn't afford those lost wages or if I would lose my job for missing that much work, I just wouldn't have an eligible voter ID. Obviously you only accept sources that reinforce your world view, and I'm wasting my time providing a personal anecdotal counter example, but whatever. Here's a 17 minute podcast that goes through a methodology of voter fraud claims. https://www.thisamericanlife.org/630/things-i-mean-to-know They use math as their source though, so not sure it it's something you are going to believe.
  12. Jaded

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I wish there was a way to educate cadets about how the military justice system actually works. They have a right to know what they're getting themselves into.
  13. Slackline, You misunderstood, have been debriefed, and are now quibbling.
  14. Has there ever been a more crystal clear sign that an organization is fundamentally broken than the fact that this celebratory thread (the largest in years) is for an individual essentially getting notice he is being fired? That said, congratulations!
  15. Jaded

    What is right with the Air Force

    Nah, it must be because you're a "millennial."