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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    They could also just stop making helicopter pilots. Can the W buy, turn all SMAs into sensor operators, etc and all the pilots go fly the new AT-6, etc since we have been qualified on same or like aircraft. Solves the AF’s lack of give a shit. UHT is a joke and should be aborted. Quickly. The again, I’m getting out...who knows, maybe I will find a financial backer and make a bid myself. I’m gunna be Oprah rich!! CH, thanks for the updates!
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    If you guys could all just be a bro and stop this getting out business...I can quietly finish my palace chase before I get trapped. Mmmk. Thanks.
  3. Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    Will this cancel all currently planned/scheduled TDYs? I have orders for a trip on 31 Jan.
  4. Palace Chase info

    PC submitted finally! W11H. I asked for 5.5 months off of UPT ADSC. Package submitted with intent to hire letter and CC recommendation.
  5. Columbus AFB Information

    Something you should consider is to never pass up an opportunity for Uncle Sam to pay you. Whoever talked about the weight is spot on. Buy the truck and a small home gym. Move that shit first time...make money on the process. Hell, if I was single and a shiny 2Lt again, I’d buy my ass a 5th wheel or some shit. Pay off that MF in the first couple of years then BOOM...something you can use for a long time. Buying a trailer of your own is something that the AF will eventually buy for you through moving costs.
  6. Columbus AFB Information

    You have been given plenty of advice. Your idea to fly in and buy something off the lemon lot, etc has plenty of holes..you should be focusing on preparing for what’s in front of you, working with your classmates, socializing at the club, etc. Buying a junker in the local area opens up opportunities for the car to be a distraction...broken down, filled with meth and dead hookers, unreliable transportation, etc. Listen to the advice of others. Buy yourself a new vehicle and drive it cross country. I’d get one of the new eco-boost F150s so you still get all the functionality of a truck and decent gas mileage. That way you are prepared for what’s in front of you. Make the most of the drive. Stop being a bitch. See some cool shit on the way. Listen to a book on tape. Do anything other than ask for advice and then complain when it doesn’t match your preconceived notions. Seriously, stop arguing. Buy a new, reliable vehicle that won’t be a distraction (to use as an excuse) for your future failures. You don’t know what track you’re going to get (if you graduate). You could end up moving several more times during the pipeline. The scary part of all of this is your SA LOW Light is flashing and you can’t see it.
  7. Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    There was more as well...
  8. Palace Chase info

    I’m running into roadblocks at Nellis. It seems like Flight Med/Med group just changed their 422 policy to where you have to have a separation date to get an SHPE scheduled...to get a separation date, I have to have a 422. This revolving door of suck is starting to make me nervous that I won’t be able to hit my Aug 18 proposed sep date. Additionally palace chase/front has now been bumped down to the lowest priority. This logic seems reverse considering they are working admin seps and retirements over folks that are still willing to continue service in the guard/reserves. I’m not expecting common sense to prevail in this but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Palace Chase info

    My flesh peddler is telling me he thinks asking for anything greater than six months off my ADSC will result in a denial and subsequent flail to actually get a package approved at the six month point. I’m only asking for seven months off for an test prep program with my new company. Flesh peddler said that I could potentially request the 7 months off but in my package put that I could accept a date at the 6 month point. Any suggestions on this from the bros with experience? W11H.
  10. Part of the problem with your statement is defining ‘who is jack’. ACC rescue is rarely in position to execute a SOF CSAR because they are holding alert for the CAF. I do agree that ACC holds the reigns far to tight. Freedom of maneuver would be great but it comes down to defining the mission. You can’t have a niche mission that isn’t defined as you just end up being good at nothing because you prepare for everything. It would be great if someone would just make a decision...until then I will just continue to look for ARC/ANG jobs. Anyone have any openings (sts)?
  11. With the constant threat of TL;DR: http://www.dtic.mil/get-tr-doc/pdf?AD=AD1015743 I appreciate the dialogue. It is starting to feel like this decision is being made in a HAF vacuum so I mainly wanted to start the discussion to see if those who rely on our service was aware that it may be changing in the near future.
  12. Fingers falls in the same category as a customer of AFSOC. I wasn’t around back then, but do you think that AFSOC has changed after 16 years of GWOT? I’m asking those still strapping on the jet to cross the wire into OIR if they think it is a good idea to have their insurance policy being held/funded by a different MAJCOM that may or may not hold the mission of CSAR at the same level of priority.
  13. Part of my concern is the rumor floating around the punch bowl is that the HH-60W purchase is going to be reduced so they can buy an additional 12-18 CVs. My concern is that AFSOC doesn’t actually want the mission and you “customers” won’t be as much of a priority as a secondary mission set. This move also causes problems for the guard/reserve side of the house from what I understand. The more this discussion continues, the more I wonder if this discussion is occurring because ACC doesn’t want the mission either.