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  1. Mikey Donuts

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Dibs on the "Puerto-Rican/Italian married to an Asian" flight commander job.
  2. Mikey Donuts

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How to give the appearance of doing something while actually doing nothing and get granted "forgiveness" by the people you've pissed off: Step 1: Ban alcohol and going anywhere off base. Step 2: Local businesses, namely restaurants all over Okinawa suffer immensely and complain to local officials. Step 3: Local officials/Governor of Okinawa inform base that's it's cool to release the animals (us) back into genpop. Oh, and Step 4: Japan based aircrews request permissive to conduct airline interviews and rush guard units.
  3. Don't forget that one year to The Died is technically a PCS. We won't give you a 365 deployment, but here is your remote. You can make it a two year if you want your wife and kids to join you. Contract not violated. Trust no one.
  4. Mikey Donuts

    1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Conscientious objection? "Although I've recently enjoyed killing people and/or supporting those who do, I've had a serious change of heart and feel that the use of military force/powerpoint is wrong in any way, shape, or form". You're welcome.
  5. Sooo....Afghanistan then?
  6. Hey Generals, open your f'n eyes. We want job security and loyalty from our employer. You offer neither. Run for the hills boys...
  7. Mikey Donuts

    Toxic Communities

    You must be in a different KC-135 community than my KC-135 community.
  8. Mikey Donuts

    Selective Continuation to 20 years

    If I remember correctly they give you a week or so to accept or refuse.
  9. Mikey Donuts

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    When I become a farmer several years from now I'm going to set aside room for a handsome young boar even though I won't really need him. I'm going to pump most of my time and money into him even though he won't perform nearly as well as the older boars on the farm (they'll need to be sold or slaughtered). I'm going to feed this bastard as much as possible so that he'll barely be able to waddle his fat ass around the farm. He won't even be able to make bacon with the lady pigs. But damn it all, he'll be a pretty pig and I'm going to keep his beautiful, sorry ass around and lose most of my money doing so. And all of the other animals on the farm, and my family, will suffer because of my stubbornness and stupidity. This pig will named "Lighting II". I'd also like to create my own original breed of pig. I'm going to ask all of the experienced farmers in my area about what characteristics would be the best to strive for. In the end though, I'm still me and I'll ignore centuries of experience. When I'm finished I'll have created a pig that looks beautiful on the outside but will have major problems like not having an asshole. "Who would have thought a pig would eventually need to shit?" I'll incredulously say. The experienced farmers, that's who. I'll sink a ton of time and money into this pig as well. And more suffering will ensue. I'll call this pig "Pegasus". It sure is tough to make a living by being a farmer.
  10. Mikey Donuts

    VA Loans

    Besides providing me with endless hours of entertainment concerning upper management shenanigans, AFPC buffoonery, and pilot watches, I'll be forever grateful to BODN for one more thing....this thread. When a cynical bunch of crusty bastards consistently recommend something, odds are it's legit. After perusing this thread and looking at USAA rates I gave NBoKC a call. Jackie Runk was my gal, and gents, she absolutely kicked ass. Super cool, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. I was able to get 3.5% on a 30 year fixed. Would have closed inside of 30 days but the seller had requested more time to move out. Jackie made the entire experience so smooth, I can't recommend her enough. Many thanks to her and to you guys for recommending the bank. Now...back to reading about jackass Wing CCs!
  11. Mikey Donuts

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Sweet baby Jesus, I might be the only one left! Maybe the fact that I JUST PCS'd might have something to do with my retention. It definitely wasn't my "on track for AETC SQ DO!" push that I got on my last two OPRs (from a real sweetheart).
  12. Mikey Donuts

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Twice passed over '99 11M here. Offered continuation (this board). Applied for TERA first go and was denied. Go figure.
  13. Mikey Donuts

    US KC-135 Down - Kyrgyzstan

    That's one aspect of the report I don't buy. Mistaking the EFAS switch for the syd? I personally don't think so, nor was there any conclusive evidence that he did so (switch position impossible to determine). I believe he thought it was inop based on voice data and did turn off the correct switch but that didn't have the intended effect. Makes sense to me...."syd's inop, let me turn the switch off". The dutch roll became extreme as the airspeed increased in the last 45 seconds or so. Probably impossible to manually damp the dutch roll with the syd making agressive corrective input. Agree on the rudder. Not enough guys know about AA flight 587. I think Tyler's rudder inputs were last ditch following a failure of the ailerons to dampen the roll effectively. In any event, it was a tough to diagnose malfunction (even for us old guys) which required immediate action. Definite lack of training about the nuances of the system and ALL possible malfunctions.
  14. Mikey Donuts

    US KC-135 Down - Kyrgyzstan

    Guys, a malfunctioning syd was a major contributor to the instability of the jet. Negative dampening from the malfunctioning syd was the cause of the oscillations (along with a busted PCU). Picture a sine wave with the peaks and valleys as rudder inputs. The jet began a very high frequency (but low intensity) left to right rudder oscillation after t/o which increased in intensity as the flight progressed. This is negative dampening and is essentially the syd going nuts and making incorrect rudder corrections. These inputs from the syd look just like dutch roll. So... picture yourself sitting there and you get what is perceived to be dutch roll. Why the hell would you ever want to kill rudder power or turn off the syd? The answer is simple...you wouldn't because you think it's the only thing keeping the dutch roll from getting worse. Unless you know that negative syd dampening and the resultant oscillations is even a "thing", turning off the rudder power would be the last thing on my mind. We're only ever taught that the syd is helping you. I never knew that a malfunctioning syd could cause what looks almost exactly like dutch roll (especially with no pedal movement). I would assume dutch roll and RTB as the crew was trying to do. Full report shows that the crew had their shit together. They assumed dutch roll and an inop syd and the main thing they did which didn't help was continue to accelerate. Flight control problem generally = slow the down. I know from talking with a lot of guys (before they got the full brief but after I did) that they would have tried to handle the situation as if it were dutch roll. Willing to bet that a good percentage of our crews would have met the same fate as the guys on 77.
  15. I'm getting my ATP/737 type from Higher Power in April. All of this is applicable to 9/11. I don't have a clue about Montgomery. The process so far has consisted of this: 1. Find a VA approved flight certification course. You're allowed roughly 10.5K per year for flight cert. I've spoken with the VA rep at my base as well as the VA education rep at the main VA education office. According to the base rep, I'll be charged for one month of education benefits. Big VA says they charge one month for every $865 so roughly a year for me. 2. Once you find a course & get a class date go to the VONAPP website: http://www.vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/default.asp You'll find a VA form 22-1990 which is a form verifying your eligibility for VA benefits for the course. Submit the form. 3. Get denied TERA 4. Once you receive verification of your eligibility, attend your course. You will likely have to pay for everything up front. 5. Once you receive your cert, submit proof of attendance & graduation to the VA. Haven't gotten this far so I don't know specifics. HPA does all of this paperwork for you. 6. About a month after step 5, you get paid via EFT. Good luck!