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  1. Shapiro was very hard on Trump's lies about the election from the start. There's pretty good video where he's arguing with his crew about how they're wrong for supporting the former pres saying he won that night. He's done that all along, and pointed out how awful the lawsuits are. Yes, 99% of the time he's going to have those talking points because those are his talking points. But he's on the same line every time, and doesn't shift much when some darling conservative comes in and "does bad, to do good." He annoys me often, but I respect him on that front. Tucker Carlson on the o
  2. There's all kinds of magic bullshit you can do with billets. However, it really depends on what he's doing with the unit, and what the unit needs. If he's low in your grade/exp he is not at an advantage doing it because you won't be off the books until you've got that blue ID card. Which is an eternity in Sq time. You're a year out...ftg (Fucks To Give) should be ≤ 0. If you're coming in/leaving on time and not "out-processing" you're doing it wrong. FYI - out-processing includes calling to get your old medical records from cold storage because they will not have them on base.
  3. Let me know when we find meritocracy. Everything I've seen while in, and my brief time out, is who you know.
  4. Mine was flight medicine some special out-processing office, but COVID was starting so YMMV. I was at Lackland though, so it might be diff for you. It took like...5 min. They didn't really do anything but sign some papers and ask if I had any issues. I didn't notice any physical/mental differences when we went through it, however when I got my VA disability doctor review... It was contracted out by the VA, to some really old doc. He was super chill and reiterated, go until it's uncomfortable. Looking back, it was the first time in 21 years where I was honest with myself about how I f
  5. I was construing it's got a problem with a large amount of toxic people, militias fomenting insurrection and neo-nazis. But social media misfits are ok. And we're not fucking, so I'll spell whatever I want however I want.
  6. What? I was talking about the comparison to AETC and it not being a healthy group of people. If you'd like to go on Parlor, well now you can't. But there's a few sites grabbing responses to "leaders" (ex. Sidney Powell, Flynn) on there and you should look at those responses.
  7. They warned the president multiple times, and provided an explanation after the banning for Twitter. Does this not meet your requirement?
  8. Huh, was different in another article I read. Note to all here: make sure your side piece can keep her mouth shut - Surprised she didn't put it on facebook at that rate.
  9. I know it has been said on here repeatedly, but I've already seen the differences in person. Get a vets org to help you do the paperwork. You will not be able to do it better than them. I went with DAV in the San Antonio area and the dude helped find things that I: 1) forgot about, 2) didn't think needed to be listed (ex. allergies).
  10. I'd rather the federal gov't have this power, that is buffeted by elections and the judicial branch, than unanswerable corporations whose only motivation is profit.
  11. I've watched some truly awful shit online without incident, but this one makes me gag.
  12. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2021/01/08/sex-with-subordinate-inappropriate-relationships-cost-fired-warfare-center-commander-two-stars/ "DV One, cum on over” —Maj Gen Peter Gersten, to one of his subordinates
  13. I did it before I started terminal, which was about 90 days for me. They didn't give me my actual rating until ~11 days after my last day, and I didn't get paid until a full period (30 days) had passed. So I got my rating in Aug, and didn't get first check until Oct. I believe there's some system handoff that ensures you don't get paid ahead of time because when I'd login to check status it would be waiting, and other status said basically "still AD."
  14. I would also add there is an intelligence reason to not taking those down so fast sometimes. I cannot go into further detail. But they do take down a lot of stuff, just because you don't see it doesn't mean its happening. I've posted on here some about the "hunters" that go after bot/ISIS/disinformation accounts. Watching their work is pretty amazing.
  15. And...they didn't when Trump was in office?
  16. Twitter's reasoning if you want it - https://blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/company/2020/suspension.html And a great video from Parlor about some supporters, and why it's important to not have insane leaders who suggest crazy things - https://twitter.com/parlertakes/status/1347680738586447872?s=20
  17. Flynn and Sid Powell as well. Imagine Linn is up soon as well. Apple also I told Parler to start getting rid of the calls to violence or they're out the app store.
  18. Thanks. I went with a whirleypop (https://www.whirleypopshop.com/) and have been pretty happy with it. Orivelle is the same oil I roll with most of the time. Planning out a popping area now where I'm going to upgrade to something a little more grand.
  19. First, thank you for your service. What is your normal oil, the orville?
  20. So I get not wanting a black list for censorship or otherwise harm to an individual. But I also want a list of who supported challenging votes so I can give money/support to whomever they primary against (if upholding the election) or in the end run against.
  21. Don't you remember all those other times the capital building has been invaded when the losing President/party called for a it?! Yeah, me neither.
  22. Never was a leader, cared about this wonderful country or its people.
  23. Sure seems like they dropped off here, must be busy building a cabin and searching Parlor for more evidence.
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