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  1. Latest Movies

    Interesting observation. I felt it started of glacially (not a bad thing) and slowly gained speed.
  2. Latest Movies

    There's some short films to tie the movies together with some of the things that were mentioned.
  3. More SARC briefings soon.

    'Nother 3-star lets a buddy off. Prep yourselves. WTF is going on? https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/how-the-military-handles-sexual-assault-cases-behind-closed-doors/2017/09/30/a9df0682-672a-11e7-a1d7-9a32c91c6f40_story.html?utm_term=.1ca3cee77b63#comments
  4. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    As a non-flyer we've got "showing the hand" issues as well. I said I "was retirement eligible in 2 years" to the wrong person--no strat on OPR. I may not be in the top 5 of my organization, but I'm in the top 10, 15 at the very least. Corrected that statement in future discussions--made a candidate list. Staying in is really not my decision, I've done my 20+, now the family gets the vote. If nothing else the lack of strat situation illustrated how stupid the games we allow to be played are, how much O5+'s will go to justify wrong behavior/actions of peers/superiors, and how much I love my Airmen in my current assignment. Every one of them came to commiserate with me when they found out. It was...strange, but I really appreciated it after the work I put in (not X-mas party planning). Wife, who was forced to separate so we wouldn't spend 18+ months apart until AFPC "could look at getting us together," was livid. She actually said, "How could you want to command for people like this?" after I told her I wanted to lead a Sq. If I get pinged for the only 365 "leadership opportunity" the family going to be disinclined to ride out whatever comes so I can Sq/CC. Even if there's a "good deal" after the remote. We've also had numerous times where Capt's say they're getting out--deployment. Even where Lt's/Capt's are getting ready to PCS, and because they're not staying in the unit they don't get put in for some advanced training that was lined up.
  5. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    I would like this Air Force back please.
  6. Promotion and PRF Information

    Just send it to JQP, he'll write it up and it'll ruffle some feathers enough something might happen.
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    Well.. not just this YG - http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2017/09/18/all-eligible-air-force-captains-to-be-promoted-to-major-for-next-three-four-years/ "Goldfein also said that promoting all qualified captains will mean squadron commanders won’t have to do the paperwork involved, which he said amounted to “a pretty significant administrative burden” and would free up considerable amounts of their time. Wilson also said that without these promotion boards, squadron commanders will have to step up and tell underperforming captains that they’re not cutting it. “If you’ve got a captain who really shouldn’t become a major, you need to step forward and say so, and not move it to some faceless promotion board,” Wilson said."
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

    Negative. This is pushed from higher, with bad word-of-mouth if a unit/wing isn't putting in for these BS awards. I can say when I've been in positions to deal with these, everything we can "neg respond" on, we did. That was a pitiful number though.
  9. Why the ZZ at Kadena?

    Weird to see Rainman on here as a Guest account due to the update. Hope he's doing well.
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    Here's a possible reason - "Look, you guys got promoted! Please don't flee for the airlines/industry!"
  11. This is cyber now. Everyone is all-in for the CC pool, no one can opt out if they have retainability.
  12. Latest Movies

  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    We're in the new, longer version now. Guess I'll provide a review once complete. I will say that I'd much rather be here than the job I was working (Staff), so I'm going to be biased. If nothing else, I'm enjoying the time speaking with different pilots and other officers. I've been able to hang with some Hog, Viper, AFSOC, and C17 dudes and it's been very informative. I'm getting asked a ton of questions about Cyber. Everything else (re: class) is background noise to learning from my peers. We've been given a lot of social time so far. From some of your anecdotes it seems to have changed quite a bit in just 3~4 years. P.S. Thanks to this board, and RAINMAN, I can follow about 50% of the A10 conversations.
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    In SOS now and we were discussing this whole thing. Same thing happened to me when I received faulty treatment from a major surgery. Wing CC approved waiver, SOS denied it for same reasons. Now I'm still broke, but have to grit through it since it's the absolute last class I can do before my board.
  15. Can't read posts

    Excuse me... that's "Cyber words" now.