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  1. SD? MI? WA? I guess not WA...they had the first round.
  2. Oh, we're going with the Hugo Chavez voting system thing still even though it's backed-up with paper ballots? K.
  3. Man, if they could only have presented competent cases in court where evidence is actually required.
  4. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    The merc engine...it's so...whew.
  5. Here's Cody Garbrandt's update on why he hasn't been in a fight this late in the year. Meh, healthy young prize fighter, brick for right hand, healthy. Shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Is 12% the national average? Where are you getting this number? For UT the last number we have for positivity is 23.6%. Which means, according to the experts, there's a lot of people that aren't getting tested that are positive. Our hospitalization rate is high, also: Percent of all non-ICU Bed Occupied - 53.7% Percent of all ICU Beds Occupied - 87.9% Percent of Referral Center ICU Beds Occupied - 91.9% So I guess the question, for us locally at least, is when do we want to get serious about burning out our healthcare workers and not having to ration care? Of course we've got people trying to break into hospitals to show it's a hoax, and saying germ-theory is a lie while protesting the mask "mandate" also...so. This is exactly what happened to us. Ex-wife is a school teacher, she needs that check (she didn't get any of my retirement..woo) and had to go back to school. Daughter goes over before Ex has symptoms. Boom, 8 days later daughter has COVID. Ex's husband had to do a few days in hospital, and a week later is still on O2 looking really rough and she's had to go back to work but is exhausted at the end of the day. Ex's symptoms were done last week. Are we counting people in their 50's as elderly? That's the median and average age for hospitalizations in our State. Yes, avg deaths is prob the same as everywhere else - 70's. Our state is extremely healthy, and extremely white (minorities are having much worse outcomes). The gov't here, in ND and Republican Gov's across the midwest have been suggesting wearing masks for months. Doc's sure weren't making the policies here because the Gov's ignored their pleas for months for a mask mandate. But the gov's damn near begged people to do it, and asking businesses to enforce it. Why would the Governors change that now to a mandate? Do they suddenly hate common sense, and got a case of the "COVID fear." Might be because North Dakota had 9 ICU beds left in the whole state. UT's had exponential growth and an extremely stressed healthcare system. Plus people throwing Halloween parties in warehouses because "they engaged in plenty of high risk activities that are more likely to cause harm than COVID. Life is to short for us to hide in the house for something that most likely a non factor." But they're young people, they'll not be hit to hard and prob go out with a slight cough. Get someone sick in line at Starbucks who's in Healthcare who just wants a coffee before another long shift at work, or a teacher, or a nursing home worker, or a grocery store worker. Advising doesn't work for the majority of the population, ever. Didn't work for seat belts, smoking indoors, drunk driving, and other "personal liberties" that were eventually legislated against. Which is really too bad. This could have been a moment where we can together as Americans to fight a common foe like many other countries. I'm pretty sure I posted this when it kicked off, but this whole thing is a giant, "It's not about you" test.
  7. I gave it a listen. He's very right about what the pandemic has caused. Now, there's a couple of caveats moving forward to remember when thinking about cyber. I also think that we're going to see big change on this within 5 years. 1) Cyber is not currently a "utility" in the US. It's not treated like water or power for individual consumers, or even small/med businesses. It's not a necessity or right. That mindset allows it to be almost an afterthought. There's no big push to get fiber everywhere, to make us competitive across the US like some of our peers are (Japan, SK, Europe). Our costs are expensive in comparison with less to show for it. This is mostly a political and commercial discussion. But this framing is important because we (USA), as a people, don't really think it's that important. (Counter to my point above is mobile access...but you can't do everything on phones, and they're just as susceptible to hackers, if not more in some respects.) 2) Cyber operations, as levied by nation states or very advanced hackers, move in a larger spectrum than just the internet. It's literally across the electromagnetic domain, and that's all I'm comfortable saying on here. There are little/no norms, and the norms we have are poorly formed and based mostly on leadership personalities. Trump's cyber engagement was VERY different that Obama's. I'm not saying here whether one was better than the other, but that for the most part our other norms of military engagement don't change too much from one Pres to the other. So, on one had we have a domain we're actively fighting...kinda. And at the same time it is the baseline for modern society to function, but it's "nerd shit" that doesn't need a second thought until you gotta call the geek squad. Everything is digital now: TV, voice lines; nothing comes to your house that isn't wrapped in a IP packet. Many leaders are of the mindset to either pay it lip service and not fund an adequate amount, or do a checklist approach with a "jobs done" when they meet the bare minimum. There's also a lack of skilled workers, which is a whole other discussion. The pandemic is pushing it forward faster, but I'm worried it's going to take a lot more. We're already seeing the creep and what I believe is a failure to engage correctly. For example, I talked about red lines for voting machine/infrastructure, is crypto-locking up hospitals a red line? I think it should be. I think the Pres should be able to say that is a clear-and-present danger to the US and our way of life and vector the DoD to fix that problem for us. So this dude is right, we all have to figure out the fix together. But we're all fighting across it, and there's no norms. On top of that, as Americans we actively resist the idea of centralized control, which is what is needed in the setup/build phase. I need a fully redundant and resilient power grid -- well the power companies, and states, are going to tell the Fed to pound sand because a myriad of reasons. The Fed, prob DHS, is the exact cross nation organization to lead that effort. I'm rambling, I apologize. I'm still going to post this, but let me know if it made/didn't make sense. I'm very tired.
  8. How about one about seat belts or drunk driving?
  9. I don't know, would the leader of the free world have called it a hoax of the opposition, not a big deal and under control while s/he encouraged people to disregard their local leaders while suggesting injecting "disinfectant" and internal sunlight until it's gone this summer, winter, next year when there's a vaccine? Salk said he wouldn't patent the vaccine because it would be like "patenting the Sun." That's how much fear polio caused. We've been coddled in our lifetimes with no serious epidemics in our country.
  10. Before I got out we were all hands on deck for protecting this election in case DHS called for federal help. We did some prelim research into the voting system and figured out it was a fools errand, because each state does it their own way, and we literally couldn't prepare for 50 eventualities with our resources. We could focus on the top 3 producers of voting machines, but they, like state gov'ts, do not want any "help" as is evidenced in the video. So, I don't really have any idea about what types of machines they had in particular. But again we get back to the breadth of the term hackable - everything is. There is a port somewhere on those machines, even if it's just the power cable, the CPU fans, the hard drives spinning up. Ben Gurion University in Israel has been doing amazing research on it. The question is: is this hacking plausible knowing that cyber is a finite resource that can cost a lot of treasure to be done at a professional level? Here is a report from a hacker group attacking a professional malware development company that goes through a lot of what is required. It's getting older now, but a good read. Note, it reads like 1 person did this, but it was probably at least 3, maybe more. I've seen the NBC video before. The work they do at DEFCON its great, it's why we send folks there on the regular. I think at the last one they did some of our satellites and found some of the exact same problems. But this just dropped a few hours ago about hacking the Dominion machines, Steel is the PR dude: "Well, it's physically impossible," Steel said of vote switching. "Look, when a voter votes on a Dominion machine, they fill out a ballot on a touch screen. They are given a printed copy which they then give to a local election official for safekeeping. If any electronic interference had taken place, the tally reported electronically would not match the printed ballots. and in every case where we've looked at -- in Georgia, all across the country -- the printed ballot, the gold standard in election security, has matched the electronic tally." EDIT - Actually, you need to read the article, I think it address all the lies "soon to come evidence" that is being thrown around. But I could be wrong, I'll wait for the evidence that's "Going to explode Georgia." So there is a physical audit for at least the Dominion machines. I'm 99.99999% positive there were also instructions for voters to check their paper ballot to make sure it actually reflected what they wanted. Sidney Powell's claims are just...absurd. I give it a 0% chance that "communist countries" got together to share in the spoils of a hack on the voting infrastructure of the US. Who... Cuba, Venezuela and China? Did I miss anyone? Oh wait, NK - technically communist. I guess Vietnam as well. These renowned "cyber powerhouses" that are so secret and quiet we'd never catch them until after the election was over? I phrased it that way because China is very loud on the wire traditionally. These countries have not been after these types of systems in the past. You can check online for what APT's come out of these countries and see what they target, but TL;DR - Banks, economic espionage, casinos, etc. CN tries to steal for their economic benefit to industry (J-20 anyone) and everyone else is trying to make Bitcoin through various frauds/cryptolockers. Could they have shifted their TTP's to target something else...I mean, technically anything is possible. But I'd think it very, very unlikely. Tooling up for these things takes awhile. Also, they're not culturally aligned for it. It has been amazing to see just how much the culture of each one of these nations (and our own) impact the way we all operate in cyberspace. I don't know if that's reflected in how they fly either. Is it? For the rest of the twitter thread, they disabled the computer and there was security guards doing the rounds. Looks like the report slipped in when they walked away. Humans doing human things.
  11. That's fucking cool, sign me up. Also, I had a post here that I guess didn't actually post. But where I'm at, currently our numbers are: Percent of all non-ICU Bed Occupied - 58.2% Percent of all ICU Beds Occupied - 90.8% Percent of Referral Center ICU Beds Occupied - 94.3% So...not good. Articles have already started about rationing care, and not allowing anymore transfers in from outlying hospitals AKA where people say it's not bad because their hospital isn't full. This one stuck out to me though for all the "co-morbidity" folks, for our hospitalizations the percentage with at least 1 pre-existing condition - 49.7%. 4K cases everyday through the weekend so far. Only thing helping us in Utah is the fact that we're a rather young population state, mostly white, and mostly healthy. According to our gov't roll-out plan I won't get the vaccine until about next Jul.
  12. Typical non-leader shit. Correct question is, "What am I going to do." I hate it when the GO's came to PME, or anywhere for that matter, and pulled the "what are you going to do to fix the USAF?" Nothing Sir, even if I gave you the answer you wouldn't advocate for it, wouldn't do it, wouldn't give it an honest wag. The only time I saw shit fixed was when the GO's put their foot down on the Col's/Lower-GO's necks and said what was going to happen. Then the Capt/Maj that advocated for that thing got burned in promotion/assignment unless the GO also followed their career. Guess how I know. 🙄 I really enjoyed how he laid out these organizations that changed the standards, not the leaders that put it into effect. Funny, I don't think AETC's LOM said, "AETC lead x, y, z in UPT 2.0 development." I'm pretty sure they used his name. Like this, "Gen Shelton, former AF Space Commander, FUCKED cyber development for years due to petty squabbles with other GO's and an inability to grasp how the world was changing with the new domain of warfare." Edit to say - Thanks for you guys letting me peak into your world and for doing the dangerous jobs.
  13. here's another reason ratings are down - https://nflbite.com/ Free football. That's your cyber (or pirate) tip of today. Also, have an add blocker installed. You can do it on mobile as well if you're using Firefox.
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