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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    New AFSPC brown-noise solicitation message flying around. Seem like appropriate use of a Patch. #2) Aide to the Commander- Estimated start date: Jun/Jul 18- Desired rank: Capt/Maj- Desired AFSC: Any- Additional requirements: Weapons School graduate, SOS complete and on track for IDE
  2. Latest Movies

    Huh.. for the Kindle and Mass Market version Horse Soldiers has been renamed to "12-Strong." Thanks for the list.
  3. Can't speak for the pubs/flying pieces. But these EFB's are a wonderful threat vector.
  4. Texas Church Shooting

    Was not, Sir. I just love posting the video.
  5. How many for cyber? We're having our own retention issues, and to get the cool training you incur a significant ADSC. We've also got our own devil's-money bonus. So I wonder what the pull in is given the drops announced in the other thread. We just finished our Vet day activities, and the number of people excited to celebrate being out was interesting. Not a lot of the nostalgia I saw from vets when I first joined. Though, I'm older and could be jaded.
  6. Texas Church Shooting

    Turn off NCIS grandpa...
  7. Texas Church Shooting

    We've already gotten pressed that "this has high visibility" due to "national story" and we need to figure out how to modify the network to share our fingerprint database, other info. Little late now...
  8. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    That is one thing they pointed out in the podcast "Serial." If he hadn't deserted it would have been an amazing story of survival.
  9. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Not a lawyer either, but our system has some peculiarities that might make this the actual case. Either way, I hold to a belief system that tells me not to judge. So I'm trying to do that in this situation, with middling success.
  10. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    I don't know about now. But my first retail job wanted to know what kind of discharge you had on the application. I think there was also some commentary from the judge saying the comments of the President had to be taken into order when deciding this ruling. Same thing happened with Obama and the sexual assault convictions and undue command influence.
  11. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Thought this was a new topic and he was given no punishment. Whew...
  12. Latest Movies

    Interesting observation. I felt it started of glacially (not a bad thing) and slowly gained speed.
  13. Latest Movies

    There's some short films to tie the movies together with some of the things that were mentioned.
  14. More SARC briefings soon.

    'Nother 3-star lets a buddy off. Prep yourselves. WTF is going on? https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/how-the-military-handles-sexual-assault-cases-behind-closed-doors/2017/09/30/a9df0682-672a-11e7-a1d7-9a32c91c6f40_story.html?utm_term=.1ca3cee77b63#comments