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  1. For real, watching a dude come back with a beard and gut complaining about all the new "faggots" was a bit of a head turner.
  2. Weird because I've been watching a lot of Australian youtubers. Sure, left leaning, but apparently their news is very right leaning? Either way they've gone on at length about the sweetheart deals that China has been given by the Conservative governments. Plus you know, fires destroying their country. So, I wonder if that's a money thing.
  3. well, at least I know about the viper meme page now, so something good came from it.
  4. In my little part of the AF early on (MSG) I ran into a few blatant racists, who were really passive aggressive about it. Never met a rapist, but I know 4 guys who got charged for it. I was in Comm...plenty of creepy bronies and now weebs with their waifus. In "ops (cyber)" I didn't have out-right racists. I had people that were making ignorant decisions that looked really racist. We educated (somewhat forcefully and directly) and problems were solved. God I loved ops so much more. Calling people out on their bullshit was so much easier (and getting called out was much more help
  5. And no natural gas. So, dig a well for water, and set up a bike to pedal for power? I've got friends who ran out of food and power, they went through their 72 hr kits. Their generators ran out of fuel. You ready to go 3 days or more without power, water and gas in a major city? What the hell is government for if it's not to make sure our communities have utilities? How are our every-day Americans getting blamed in this failing of the business, regulators, and government?
  6. You sure? Pretty sure you spent most of that post showing reasons he should die, and 1 line saying he shouldn't. I've watched the whole video before it was removed from everywhere. I disagree with your assessment of "truth."
  7. Plus, the fact he lied again about how long he was going to be gone, and said it was his kids fault. Oh, good. I thought he was a US Senator or some other kind of leader. Tons of those in TX. Not like he could organize help in his neighborhood/city (instead of planning to flee for a week while leaving the dog), or raise some funds to help those who'll have massive bills coming, or home repairs. Nope, only thing he could do as "just a normal guy with a pretty bland, do nothing job." Pray tell what you're going to do when you run out of gas. Yep, nothing could be d
  8. It's good to see you've figured out how to log out of one account and back in with the other so quickly. Politicians could learn from you.
  9. Your transformation to Immorten Joe is complete.
  10. Was trying to do an alley-oop, failed. Noted, will attempt again later after better planning.
  11. <200 F22's...and the Russians got us beat at quantity.
  12. Saw this drop on twitter. Don't think it fits on a different thread so I made this one. https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RRA388-1.html The Air War Against The Islamic State The Role of Airpower in Operation Inherent Resolve
  13. Legit had a Lt that parked in "General Officer" spots because she thought it meant "any."
  14. You're asking him to look past the numbers and get to a reason. Good luck. To him, minorities are just more violent, and less educated by nature. "Those people" are this way now, and always have been. I've had the same discussion with people where they're like, "Why don't they just move out of those neighborhoods?! If they didn't like it they would leave." Zero desire to dig into the issue, really look at the blatantly racist housing issues that kept minorities that could leave in bad neighborhoods (red lines, racist lending practices, racist development [ex. 80 through Omaha], et
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