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  1. 17D_guy

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    Ah, yea. I still have to see that one. As much as I love Tarantino I just never see his films in the actual theater. I enjoyed the way 1917 was shot as the unique things the director did for that movie.
  2. 17D_guy

    Latest Movies

    Really? What did you like more that fits the bill better?
  3. How fucking stupid is the Air Force that this is something that was dealt with in the missile fields and they can't figure it out?
  4. This was a good talk to come out of the CCC conference (hacker conference) on this topic. I've been following it for awhile since the software side is in my lane.
  5. Maybe I'm just jaded on here and from my experience on the non-flyer side.
  6. That's awesome -- no sarcasm. I'm not a fan of the instant victim. However, was the it the OG/CC? If so...same rules would have applied w/ no repercussions to you?
  7. How the fuck would this work "in the good ole' days." "Yes SP, I punched the Full Bird in the face because my wife said he touched her ass. Yes, I'll take the blue jumpsuit. Thank you." Holy fuck, like the Sq/CC would have any power back in the day? I didn't live through it, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn and have read a ton of USAF history which seems like punching the dude would not have any good come from it for the man.
  8. Do we know that this didn't happen? Not that a Sq/CC asking for an apology for his wife is "at their level." But it's as close as it's going to get.
  9. Tracking - sacrifice more now, so you can sacrifice even more later...all of it of questionable value. How's pilot and cyber retention going? Looks like Chang is back.
  10. You're not allowed to say that anymore. Report for re-conditioning.
  11. I clicked the retirement button this morning...
  12. I hit 20 this past Feb, and ADSC expired in Nov. It's amazing how much parking becomes available once you don't care anymore. "Why yes...I am attending this conference. No, you can't see my pass."
  13. 17D_guy

    Latest Movies

    It is. The prequels were better than TLJ.
  14. You guys know this isn't a new thing right? This has been a requirement for almost 15 years. The sectioning off of a singe office for a "mother's room" might be new. But the fact it had to be a sanitary place (i.e. not a bathroom) has been directed since I was an Airmen. Even back then people were bitching about why the just couldn't do it in a stall... I'd imagine the direction for buildings on base designating a room is based on number of people and number of women. Kinda like handicapped parking spots. Now if that's a dedicated room for only that...I can't speak to it.
  15. I keep thinking about this. But when this shit tanks again...who's going to pay that rent? My brother was almost 30 living in a house w/4 other dudes after the Great Recession. Not by choice.
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