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  1. Wing Re-Org Test

    So, if this goes the way of the Comm Sq Next, or Comm Sq-Initiative, or whatever else we're seeing getting pushed (without funding, training or manning btw) then it's possible. They'll have teams there to get after and defend mission systems with the core Comm functions dwindling or getting contracted out. I *think* that nesting a current Comm Sq into the A6 would be a poor function move and not provide what theyr'e looking for. If the A6 picked up Cellphone/Telephone Management, Records Management, Information Assurance, Program/Project Planning...all those pain in the ass Add'l Duties the CS gets and the Comm/Cyber Sq just gets to work on getting your computer working and defending the domain. Man, having my guys worry about getting workstations patched/hunting threats, and not having to worry about filling out an Excel spreadsheet to re-do the Adobe Acrobat accreditation...would be fantastic. But we all know it'll move to the A-staff, but they'll need almost complete products to forward, so our guys will keep doing the actual work.
  2. Stuck at Kef

    It was, then they invaded and the USAF Wx officer led the Marines around. I've read it a few times, really very good. Also a window into a totally different time and enemy.
  3. Wing Re-Org Test

    That's how we roll in the "Cyber NAF." SAF/CIO and AFSPC come down with edicts on what they direct us to do on Net and Wedge has a polite (or not so polite) "Stay in your lane conversation." He's had to do it a lot since the Win10 migration stuff and people are looking to foist blame somewhere for issues. It's amazing to see someone who understands the actual purpose of a NAF and "operational-ization" of Cyber punch way above his weight on these issues. Doubly so because he's right, knows what he's talking about and has pushed us to fix so much. Wedge is fantastic.
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    It's almost like deciding to serve for some higher purpose requires some sacrifice and dedication. Good post man.
  5. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Best part about all this is we can see how the HAF is going to deal with the oncoming exodus of Cyber dudes as well. We've already heard the rumblings of "increase the pipeline" on our side and increasing ADSC's for doing the keyboard-ninja stuff. RUMINT says those that took the Retention Bonus are going to get the "most desirable" assignments coming up. Solid copying of our Rated brethren...why would this be any different?
  6. Stuck at Kef

    Spent 2 weeks in Iceland a couple of years ago for vacation. Drove around the whole thing. It's amazing country and we'll be back. Can't recommend highly enough. AirBnB is a must have!
  7. Latest Movies

    Concur. It had a lot of heart for a "comic book" movie. I'll watch it again.
  8. Awesome. Good luck!
  9. This dude cybers...
  10. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Those RPA bonus taker numbers were pretty interesting. Not as bad as advertised or am I reading something wrong. I'm not used to such grand slides.
  11. Lol, thanks for the heads up guys. Client Systems (3D1X1) - Help desk monkeys who do customer visits. You'll do a lot of workstation fixes (java repair, headset's not working, etc.) Cyber Systems Operations (3D0X2) - Not exactly sure, but I believe this is the NCC Server Monkeys. So you'll be working with ACAS, Vuln patching, SCCM etc. Cyber Transport Systems (3D1X2) - Router/Switch Monkeys. So you'll be working on the transport making sure cables are plugged in and routing is working correctly. RF Transmissions Systems (3D1X3) - Antenna Monkeys. If you don't like heights DO NOT get this job. Spectrum Operations (3D1X4) - Desk job ensuring that USAF Spectrum is being run correctly. Hard to describe this one. They make sure all the emitters on the airfield are not interfering with the civilian world and vice versa. Example - Someone complains their garage door is opening on it's own every time aircraft X comes in to land. Your job to figure it out--that's a true story. No certifications that I'm aware of, you don't actually work on any equipment. I'm sure some of the bros on here have stories about country music drowning out the ILS or some other such thing. So.. if you're looking to go further with IT/Cyber do not pick the last 2 jobs. There's a reason they have a bonus. I'm partial to Transport Systems or Systems Operations, but that's kinda where I've spent the bulk of my career/professional focus. There's nothing wrong with Client Systems either, though if you've got a CS degree...I'm not sure if it's going to feel like meaningful work. IF you wanted to get into the cyber ops side of the house the two I mentioned above will be the closest to a natural transition over. Please let me know if you've got anymore questions.
  12. The Next President is...

    Going to say that this election has caused more office talk about politics that I'd seen in 20ish years. A lot more liberals coworkers, and concerned conservatives than I'd thought were around. The die-hard conservatives aren't around as much as I thought they'd be...plus they're usually Guard. Go figure. I'm on staff...maybe it's an age thing.
  13. The Next President is...

    Not a Demo, but lets not act like 2-4 aren't pinnable on the "Conservatives" currently in office.
  14. Latest Movies

    I think I grew up with more Orcs and Fairies than you did.
  15. The Next President is...

    So...no responsibility of conservatives for the current situation. Ok.