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  1. Funny. In cyber it was different. Moved on to training (UCT, Academy, SOS, etc.) you're "outside the community" and it was a black mark. That history has come back to haunt us, that now no one wants to go to our school houses and instruct. We've got the new program coming out for "priority placement" or whatever where you can opt in/out on MyVector. Across the whole 67 CW...4 officers have opted in. 1 Lt Col, 1 Capt, 2 Lt's. I opted out immediately. I don't care what "notes" the CSAF sends the promotion boards, the shoes running them don't care, and I know too many O6's who just do it their way anyway.
  2. No doubt. That's not what they claim (they want full amount) and the Maj/Capt/Civ's are doing it and expect the SrA/SSgt's to float the remainder for 30+ day TDY's as well. Enough derail, back to not doing ACSC!
  3. That's comm (MSG)...not cyber (OG). Hence the 2 AFSC's like I was saying for future promotions. I'll have to update the Cyber Thread with the latest Open Source stuff that's gone on. The part about soft-power is spot on. Now I'm busy trying to deal with nerds that think "operators" (ex. pilots) don't have to manage their GTC's correctly, that OSD & COCOM/CC visits are just "ADCON getting in the way of Ops" and other such bullshit. "No, motherfucker...you can't stay at the Marriott if there's lodging available on base."
  4. Because there's so few pilots compared to the other categories? Just thinking, not saying it's right. Be interesting to see what happens to cyber. Finally got CSAF/SECAF to agree your comm sq officer and your cyber effects officer aren't actually the same AFSC and should be split. I can hear the gnashing of teeth from AFPC...
  5. Looks like some more year groups (at least for Cyber) got vectoring again. The whole top/mid/bot-third w/ three pushes. CC walked in with mine today...this shit is so black magic I don't even care anymore.
  6. They become a Special Assistant to the Commander!
  7. Hit 20 in Feb, ADSC up in Nov, and TAP was done last week. Informed I didn't get a push for school (first look). What a fantastic feeling, good luck the rest of y'all.
  8. For not non-flyer, because the perspective is difficult, I'm assuming it's a cargo aircraft and the load shifted all back?
  9. 17D_guy

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    Yep, all these media companies think the breaking off Netflix/Hulu/Amazon into separate $10 a month services is going to get people to subscribe and not pirate. Bold move...
  10. Sounds about right for the ole' USAF. "Please do all this extra work so my job is easier."
  11. We don't have the death problems in cyber, but this is exactly what it's like in our space now. Hopefully we can replicate your success as fast, if not faster. I'm going to steal your words for when I have to brief another GO about why there's no cyber "easy button."
  12. 17D_guy

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    Captain Marvel was pretty good. Wasn't man hating and well done female empowerment. Plus, lots of "vintage" AF stuff all over it.
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