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  1. This impacts me directly. I'm slated to retire 1 Aug, with terminal starting late May. I fully expect it to happen and think it's probably the right call if we're "maintaining mission readiness." I'll always love this country, and I'll be grateful to the AF for my opportunities...even if she's a fickle bitch quite often. That being said...if I don't get moved to a job where I can legit telework 90% of the time and not be hassled by the Bob's asking me to line up shit on a ppt better I'm going to start having "discipline issues."
  2. Can someone tell me what that is? Do they mean the Comm squadron, because that's not fucking "cyber."
  3. So, not sure if there's gouge on here. I applied for retirement, got orders, finished TAP this week (for the second time.) However, now all the places I need to outprocess are closing and the medical follies flight is cancelling anything below urgent treatment. Stop-Loss would be ok (especially w/ the PT test waived)...I just don't want the hurry up and wait and then gotta move ass on fire and sell back leave.
  4. Is that for yall air-breathing types only? Also, holy shit.
  5. Holy balls this is like dealing with CYBERCOM. CYBERCOM - "We own you 24/7, and you need permission to do ADCON duties." When we ask what we're supposed to do if we're not "operating" we get this: O5-O9 - "Sprinkle some CyberOps over there." Tactical/Ops Minion - "Yes sir, what's the effect you'd like?" O5-O9 - "CyberOps?"
  6. People don't seem to grasp that the health care system is also a finite resource. Read the articles and look at the videos that came out of China a few months ago.
  7. We face the same thing now. We've got 'operational' GO's who don't think certain exercises are a good idea because they're not operational enough. Like...wtf.
  8. Do you think the fringe will take this as a clue to back the fuck off shit like...gendered language, and dick on chicks is cool?
  9. Along with "Fighter Pilot," Bud Day's biography on one of the past CSAF's Reading Lists was one of the best books I ever consumed that actually taught me about what being an Airman was. Also, fuck that douchbag. Funny how so much success can come out of a small group like that and then have one of them rip the heart of an institution.
  10. 17D_guy

    Latest Movies

    Hopefully they invest some more in the CGI. These movies always look "too clean" for my liking. However, I am excited for the story about crossing the North Atlantic during WWII. A lot of that sacrifice is forgotten and/or simply a note in the text books about "U-boats attacked convoys." It's sounds terrifying...not as terrifying as being in a bomber, but close.
  11. And this is what the real truth is. You want him to ruin any chance he has of positive impact for the force for the future. He goes balls to the wall for what and lose any ability to advocate for the service. He's got to fall in line with all kinds of civilian leadership, on top of ensuring he gets buy in from the 3-stars and up that his changes will continue. Are there people here who really believe there'll be mass retirements in protest from the eligible 4-stars over...additional duties, or 1 failed aircraft acquisition? Is it just jr. Capt's on here complaining the Finger's has done nothing but the song changes and the light attack? CSS' have grown, and we've seen more power return to the Sq CC's that have had the balls to use it. If yours hasn't...that's not on Fingers. I've also seen a thawing of the frozen middle we detest at the ops levels...staff is going to take awhile. 2 line PRF's, extended the HPO pole years and come down on the way we're grooming officers, Cyber moved to ACC, and there's been tons of good growth there that came from HAF, changes to our IDE selection and ability to attending/timing, tons of positive changes to the E-side of the house. I've seen the attitude of the USAF change positively since he's taken over.
  12. Yes, unless there's some tea-leaves I can't read (always possible) he seems like the least "get exec early and ride coattails" GO I've seen in a long time.
  13. And killed the original Cyber NAF for Strategic Command Global Strike Command
  14. For real...that's a shit move that doesn't make any sense at all for PRF/OPR. Unless that 1/7 Maj's is a HPO they're sliding into GO-ranks some day. Shit move that fucks over bros. Also, retirement orders in hand so I don't have to deal with this sort of black magic fuckery anymore. Feels Good Man.
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