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  1. For not non-flyer, because the perspective is difficult, I'm assuming it's a cargo aircraft and the load shifted all back?
  2. 17D_guy

    Latest Movies

    Yep, all these media companies think the breaking off Netflix/Hulu/Amazon into separate $10 a month services is going to get people to subscribe and not pirate. Bold move...
  3. Sounds about right for the ole' USAF. "Please do all this extra work so my job is easier."
  4. We don't have the death problems in cyber, but this is exactly what it's like in our space now. Hopefully we can replicate your success as fast, if not faster. I'm going to steal your words for when I have to brief another GO about why there's no cyber "easy button."
  5. 17D_guy

    Latest Movies

    Captain Marvel was pretty good. Wasn't man hating and well done female empowerment. Plus, lots of "vintage" AF stuff all over it.
  6. Cyber is all in now. Which means you can roll of a ops unit, taking the fight to the enemy and doing cool things. And roll into command a communications cyber squadron at Tinker fixing email and cell phones. https://tenor.com/NsbZ.gif
  7. Sold my bike when moving to San Antonio because the drivers here are garbage. Always wanted a SV.
  8. More academic bullshit from someone with too much time on their hands, cashing a government grant, pushing the everyone's special narrative and helping absolutely no one in the real world. The fucking stalls don't fit my (imaginary) dragon-kin wings.
  9. For real? That went through Congress...remember we have to pass the bill before we can read the bill?
  10. Had a buddy who once called me because he was a poor missile maintenance officer at Minot arriving shortly after failure #2. His boss was up in arms about something great the Lt did, and wanted a story to sell to leadership. CC was known for taking off he's lower ranking officer's names in emails and drafted MFR's to make it all about himself. Told my bud to write out the MFR, print it, sign, scan and email it. Then claim ignorance of doing a digital signature, or of saving the file to disk.
  11. The Air Force doesn't define who you are. Great day when I realized that.
  12. TIme for my boy to start shaving so I'm getting him one of these - https://www.amazon.com/MERKUR-Classic-MK-33C-3-Piece-Double/dp/B002A8JO48?th=1 And a pack of these to pick a double edge razor he likes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0038KA5RC Taking time to learn how to wet shave, and the ritual involved, seems like a forgotten thing. I know I've let it slip and am currently using a Schick 5-blade cartridge. But when I was divorced and out of money, it came in handy paying 10 cents a week to shave.
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