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  1. Good, the honest discussions with each other are worth so much more then having our Airmen browbeaten about how they're wrong, always been wrong and always will be wrong.
  2. Multiple safety briefings about dumb shit. So, you know, the usual. Until they arrived, it was chill, briefings went fast (so back to drinking, golfing, whatever) and our instructors left us alone after class. I'm not salty about it, got some good stories. I mean, beer pong until 0200 on a Wed produces good stories. During a career brief they also told the visiting Gen that the F-35 was a "bad jet" that our adversaries were already doing better, and one asked how they were going too get breakfast before out "exercise" if the chow halls were closed that early. Most took zero feedback about being chill since "they had already been in the AF for 4 years." If anything it showed me why the, "Why can't the AF treat us like adults," refrain from Amn/Lt's gets grating very quickly. SOS was a lot better. Same amount of drinking, less people, better food, less bullshit. Plus I had pilots (A10, C17) in my class who fucking ruled.
  3. Went to ASBC, it was fine until the Academy grads showed up.
  4. And the Right was just sitting there as innocent as can be, doing nothing at all and getting sucker punched by the big mean left. 😢
  5. I live in UT, where it's been mail-in for a while now. I will get my ballots no later than 9 Oct (I think). I can mail them in anytime up to election day, and I can drop them off any time up to election day. They did send out warnings that if they're mailed on election day they might not get counted if they're delayed, or something happens. Love my 1st Amendment, but I like the way the UK does election day. No reporting on it until the polls close in all districts. Would suck for our East Americans, but addresses the, "why bother" if someone appears to be down and a area hasn't counted a ton of ballots. I guess I should add that I heard that was the status in the UK, but now I'm thinking it might be Australia...shit, I don't know.
  6. Is it the AIB that gets released to the unwashed masses? Dude was from where I retired to, the Americans here honored his final return very well.
  7. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    I thought this was a good breakdown of the backmarkers issues with the way the restart happened. https://imgur.com/gallery/wNhC5Kh
  8. While I was AD still (about 31 days ago) cyber/comm had started to push along these lines, but seems to have stalled. Each DT 2 (or 4, can't remember) Year Groups would have their records gone through and be ranked top/middle/bottom. It would also include generic vectors/advice for career improvement. The sig block would also indicate which group your packages were evaluated by so you could (theoretically) call one of the Col's up for feedback. Any of you guys have this? I'd be shocked if it was my AFSC only. It was a good start to getting the career-feedback process right, because Sq/CC's seem to know fuck-all about it unless they're a 3%'er. My first 3 Sq/CC's did, and it led to me planning, and pushing correctly (plus coattails). I've had 1 that didn't, and their guidance sucked (along with their general CC abilities). Because I knew that placement (top 3rd), had feedback from my boss (Lt Col) and his boss (Col), I knew what was the likely outcome for the next 5 years. It didn't work for my family, and I punched. Dream was to be a Sq/CC, got to be a DO...it's ok! AF changed their promotion timelines, and I didn't want to be exiting service at 45-yrs-old coming off my first command tour (maybe). OODA looped my future, and the outside world is so nice. Telling someone they suck is easy; telling them why and how to improve it for a future career in the USAF is challenging since things keep changing.
  9. Check sarcasm detector! 😄
  10. So do you have a refutation for the post, or just gonna run away with your feelings hurt appealing to some supposed future moral superiority? It was well laid out, even had pictures for our presidential types, and has sources. Dude's not a robot, and is passionate about it. "It" being not killing old people with our selfishness. But whatever, you do you from 6ft away and/or with a mask please.
  11. Let us know how the next, "You could do so much better with more pieces of flair" initial/mid-term feedback goes.
  12. Isn't this what Texas, and to some degree (or not) FL and GA did? I was still in San Antonio during the first 1/2 of this year, and we locked down really hard. Then like...a month later the oil prices started to drop and the "hoax crew" came out, and Abott started opening everything up again. Despite local leaders asking him not to yet, especially in Houston and San Antonio.
  13. Never heard of this dude, thanks for sharing.
  14. I do remember he was apparently good with David Duke's endorsement until he said he wasn't, but wouldn't disavow it again when proof couldn't be found.
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