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    Thanks man! Madison
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    Just wanted to say I got picked up! I've been on this forum for almost 2 years now and it has helped me a lot with SA. Looking forward to the adventure and thanks for all the help!
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    So you are trying to switch Laughlin for Vance? Bro good luck that’s like offering a kia for a BMW. Good luck! Also jokes aside I’ll ask around and see if anyone is interested.
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    Nay 😞. But we move on.
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    Except for the sound of fresh corn being made?
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    When I went through back in The Good Ole Days, "strike nav" training at P-cola was separated from "heavy nav/CSO" training at Randolph. And that tracking was based on "data" from your commissioning source. So kids were chosen to fly the strike eagle or bone based on...marching? Again...the more things change the more they stay the same. Hope it's working out well for all involved and producing a good product for the FTUs and combat squadrons.
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    Yes all mortgages require a hard credit pull to underwrite them. Haven't ever seen it impact someone with good credit. Servicing rights get sold a lot. Our main servicer tells us they shoot for a min of 18 months and usual sell by 3yrs. Jon
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    Of course, I know what taciturnity means, but for those who don’t: - the state or quality of being reserved or reticent in conversation. - Scots Law. the relinquishing of a legal right through an unduly long delay, as by the silence of the creditor. So yeah, you know, being reticent dude. Totally. Which for the dummies out there means: - disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved. - reluctant or restrained. So like when you’re disposed. Which means: - having a certain inclination or disposition; inclined (usually followed by to or an infinitive) Ok fuck I’m lost.
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    I feel lucky that I flew on these for awhile. The Fulton pickups were a hoot even though i didn't do any live ones.
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    FWIW, it seems like our drone pilots are removing a lot more bad guys from existence than the average fighter pilot.
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    With your pilot and PCSM scores why would you take the AFOQT again? You know they take your latest scores first? That seems like a wasted effort and a risky proposition.
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    Contrary to the opinion above, I would recommend retaking the AFOQT. Most fighter apps will have higher scores across the board, so getting those up will only certainly help. It’s one less thing in your application to have to “explain”, at least.
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    Not to be a jerk, but you’ll need to consider retaking the AFOQT. Majority of competitive fighter applicants have 90s across the board, not just in the Pilot category.
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