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    “I couldn’t decide which shoes I liked more so I got both....” -My Wife Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Booze! Can’t go wrong with booze. Be sure to put your name in.
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    We’ll see what happens, but I think I’m enjoying your delicious scotch in 14 months. I plan to drink it from a brown beret.
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    You’ll be able to have a normal AF career, for what that’s worth. With what I know now I’d do it all over again, but better. Best advice I’d give my younger self is one, to find someone smart on the AF and ahead of you career-wise who will mentor you along the way and stick with you for the long run. Two, be assertive and take control of your career while remaining humble and respectful.
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    A jail sentence... it’s the answer that I got when I was thinking about going AD. Most of the dudes I talked to were in the C17 community. It might be different in other aircraft families. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Damn, I'm waiting for my OTS and UPT dates and can't wait to get on Tricare. Most airlines have MUCH better coverage than 95% of civilan employers, so I understand the argument, but for most other civilian jobs the coverage isn't even close. My civilian job's is at a very large and "good" company. The insurance is $250/mo and has a $1500 deductible before anything is covered. So I would basically have to spend a $4500 out of pocket before I get any benefit. The premium would raise to almost $600 and the deductible would double if I added my wife. I routinely hear about how we have such good coverage at this company and it will say that it is way better than what was available at my previous job. But it's still garbage.
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    Zero impact. Probably helps. The Air Force only cares about year group. Age will only be an issue if you don’t act it or try to use it to get respect you think you deserve because of it.
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    Whats intriguing to me is how we had a relatively robust light attack fleet during the cold war, at a time when a conventional war with Russia was the thing we were preparing for, then after the wall fell we got rid of all of our OV-10s, A-4s, A-7s, and half our A-10s and switched our CAS platforms almost exclusively to pointy noses when no near-peer enemies existed. Then OEF & OIF rolls around and we have a situation where Vipers and Hornets are putting GBUs onto guys with AKs and trucks that cost less than a fin on said bombs. Seems like we went the opposite direction we should've.
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