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    Biden got on the "mandatory assault weapons buyback" train a couple days ago, too. How can you "buy back" what you have never owned to begin with??
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    Nobody who's sane is suggesting the WH is pressuring individual aircrews to make specific technical stops that might somehow benefit the POTUS. The frustration is that our commander in chief hasn't divested himself from his business interests while serving us. It leaves him open to accusations of all type. Nobody expects President Trump to impoverish himself and give away his assets just for the privilege of leadership. But he should not own or control them in any way while in office. This would be analogous to your new wing commander (Colonel House) owning a real estate sales company that had a large, two page spread in the base newspaper. He also owns a country club. Your OPS group commander buys the largest property they've got for sale and a membership in the club. Later, you see his name on the O-6 list. Totally legit, right? People just want to hate on Col. House because they really liked the other candidate for Wing CC that got passed over. People had better just quit their bellyaching about Colonel House. It's all loser sour grapes. Colonel House is the best wing commander we've ever had. So what if he broke a few rules selling subordinates houses? Who gives a crap about propriety and rule of law when we're finally winning? Also, Colonel house has amended the TAFs on your weather sequence with his black sharpie, you're good to go - no alternate! Best get stepping to the jet and stop being a pussy about weather minimums, he knows what's best for us all.
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    While it may take more mental effort (though even that claim is questionable), there's no way it's more beneficial. I'd bet right now that if I gave one guy ### hours of sim time and one guy the same number of hours chair flying, you'd be safe betting on the Sim. Chair flying is still good, but if you happen to own a simulator, do that.
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    Clearly it’s Trump who determines every stop on every airlift mission. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Since Popular Mechanics calls it "a badass plane", I'll post this here: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a28872861/u-2-plane-history/?fbclid=IwAR18hdRo5XmuSABUHzvAEeU9JsS3iM-VbuiXqBHn4vBGNSkFqh7sPlGhWAQ As for Chuck Maultsby, I've heard the story told a bit differently, but no less epic. However, Chuck later was picked up for the Thunderbirds in 1958 as #3. He previously spent 22 months as a POW in Korea. Quite a career, to say the least.
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    Here’s the link to the Senate nomination: https://www.congress.gov/nomination/116th-congress/982?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%22%5C%22Air+Force%5C%22%22%7D&s=3&r=11 You can check the latest action, and you can surf around and see when it’s up for a vote on the committee/Senate calendars.
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