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    Been a couple of weeks fellas but I’ve been working the rounds at the local offices trying to drum up additional interest and I have six total commits so far. Still looking for 2-4 more players to kick it off officially as the NFL kickoff is fast approaching and I would like to do the draft during or just after Labor Day weekend. As a reminder for anyone interested in joining, we’ll be a 1/2 point per reception and 1/2 point per first down league played on the Sleeper app. Buy in is $25 paid via League Safe. Hit me up with any questions!
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    Ok 30, my off-the-cuff number was off the mark by quite a bit. But my point stands. We’ve broken the force, and subsequently eroded our position of dominance in trying to do too much but without full commitment to anything. Some would argue that it’s the inevitable end to a unipolar system. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Well I'm sure we'll see the light airlift platform mother blue buys sitting on the ramp next to the light attack (AT-6B/Super -T/whatever) at a deployed location someday soon.... (yeah, right)
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    Before anyone asks, it was sent to me by a bud in the UK...
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    If you’re in flight suit version of OCP, don’t blouse.
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    ...and when a UPT Wing Commander's job effectiveness wasn't measured using graduation rate.
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    You're welcome! Elena did a great job as always. I still can't believe that local guy was over 1% higher than us. We see tons of quotes from lenders across the country and that was one of the worse. We usually beat everyone but that one was not even a competition. Thanks for trusting us to take care of you and your family! We're always happy to quickly sanity check any rates people are getting quoted without a mass of paperwork or credit pull. Jon 850-377-1114 or jk@mythl.com Sorry, no OH yet. Marty is pushing to get us licensed in as many states as we can over the next year, but it can be a slow process in some states. Banks are automatically licensed in every state. I'll ask around for a good OH lender referral for you. Amy is right on the funding fee stuff. Based on your scenario, you won't be able to get it refunded if you close on the refi before the disability award date next year. The VA is trying to push through claims if you're buying a house so that the award is prior to closing even if you can't get your check until after your official separation or retirement date. You can apply up to 180 days prior to separation/retirement which can definitely help people as they transition out and need to buy a house but want to avoid the funding fee. https://www.va.gov/disability/how-to-file-claim/when-to-file/pre-discharge-claim/
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    We handle all 50 states and I do a lot of business in OH! Per the VA, "if you paid a funding fee at closing ..... and your VA compensation award provides an effective rating date that is prior to your loan closing date, then you may be eligible for a funding fee refund." Not sure the timing would work for you? Depends on when you close and how far into the process you are... Let me know if I can be of any more help! Amy
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    To piggyback on this thread with similar questions, I'll be hitting 17 years of service this November. Currently ANG tanker dude. O-5 ROPMA for me is Oct '20. My plan is to start the 1288 process this Fall and shoot for a Cat-E job by early '20. I was rushing my local CAP unit who said they were planning on hiring quite a bit more this coming year, but I haven't talked to the CC in 3 months or so. Hopefully this hiring freeze spoken about in a previous post doesn't last too long. My question is, if ROPMA for me is Oct '20, is bailing in early '20 too early for me?
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