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    The hiring boom is here! https://www.swajobs.com/ci20/index.jsp?locale=en_US&applicationName=swaExtCI&SEARCH.JOBCATEGORIES.VALUE=JobCategories.PLT&SOURCE=category&SEARCH.JOBCATEGORIES.FIELD=jobCategory&EVENT=com.deploy.application.ca.plugin.PostingSearch.doSearch&SEQ=postingSearchResults&SEARCHOBJECT=Posting&SOURCEINFO=Pilots
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    Your level of douchebaggery never ceases to amaze me. You have got to be a troll.
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    As of tonight, I'm getting these two pages when I try to go to the forums main page. I'm using Firefox 23.0.1 on OS X 10.6.8 And when I click "Why was this page blocked?"
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    I know of a certain OG that not only looks at PT scores but BMI... Just saying, the wheels are off the bike.
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    Anyone in California looking for a safe home for their AKs, there's aways room in my safe! Ya might not ever get them back though, but they were as good as gone anyway...
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    You can't compare the two... it isn't realistic, especially for a pilot to expect an AAD for SOS. 1 Year sitting around casual waiting to start UPT, 1 year in UPT, minimum of 1 year between Land/Water survival... RTU... PCS... Mission Ready program. So now you have a 1 Lt who knows just enough to be dangerous and through no fault of his own probably sucks at flying the jet just because he is new/little flight experience and we have these douche bag Commanders basically telling them they better not only start, but finish their AAD immediately or else?!? Not sure what the 100% SOS in residence plan is, but I can tell you that we have many more Capts in our Agency that have not been than there are in resident slots... granted there is obviously a 3 year window, but with the averages there will still be a decent amount that will not be able to go unless our slots increase.
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    A VSP would just result in a bunch of rejected applications from pilots (or no applications if you didn't include them) The fundamental problem is that, in aggregate, we can't get the officers we want gone to leave. At the same time, we can't get the officers we want to keep to stay. On the short haul, I would do a mix of a RIF and bonuses. Well, we're doing half of that. On the long haul, promotions need to be career-specific. ...but nobody asked me.
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    Love the pic you chose. Well done. Yep, everyone's right. The AF will teach you what you need to know. I will say, however, that basic abilities go a long way. I flew the mighty tweet (it had very old school instruments)....and I learned a lot. The C-17 is glass (as most airframes are nowadays) but I feel comfortable flying old school, too (it does have standby steam gauges). I've noticed over the years the T-6 types rely on the automation/glass and don't understand the steam. IMHO, if you're trying to be a good instrument pilot (good on you), I'd go fly some approaches in a 172 under the foggles. I mean this sincerely. Yeah, the panel won't apply directly to a T-6 or a C-17 or whatever, but the basic skills definitely do. Edit: do approaches in a 172 that has steam gauges. Almost forgot that some current 172 panels make what you'll see in the AF look archaic.
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    H1's & early H2's have them as well. Can I sign off my systems refresher now?
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    "Super E" is a misnomer...those aircraft are technically straight-H models (as opposed to the H1, H2, etc). The very early H-models were E-models with the T56-A-15 engines. They still had the small flight deck a/c system, the GTC vs an APU, etc. The H1s introduced the APU and the more capable flight deck air conditioning. Aside from not cooling the flight deck well in the summer, the do fly faster than the other H variants because of the lesser drag from the lack of the larger air scoop on the right side. A normal H1-H3 will true out at 300-305 or so but the Hs will get up to 315ish.
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    Remain over night... In this case it sounded like they just had some hours to burn for off-station training (and where I have a problem with the investigator's argument is that some kind of RON was going to happen somewhere, and hypothetically if they had gone to Sacramento instead and Wilkerson banged some woman he had never spoken to before, that would have been considered perfectly okay). Agree with pretty much everything you said... The ex-Wg/CV sounds like a real piece of work. Knowing what we know now, the right thing for Wilkerson to do would have been to come clean to Franklin and agree to serve in a job that doesn't require a clearance until he could retire.
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    Yeah, but I'm getting too old to remember what I ought to know.
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    Goes to show how shitty the morale is in AD, when people consider shaving a piddly 10 months off an ADSC or taking an ART job in DelAltuclovgordumbus as #winning. Meanwhile the dopes in DC still say they got this under control. I'm not an airline wave fanboy, but I can't wait for the airlines to up the hiring by a mere RCH and just watch the wheels on the Blue bus come off the axle. It's gonna be like those movies where the armored car explodes and money rains from the sky and people run around re-enacting the fall of Saigon. Money and carte blánche assignments for all my friends. #winning
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