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  1. Where does it say we are authorized to wear the A2CU tomorrow? Legit question that I can't find the answer to.
  2. I'm in an ops squadron, but it's more about dealing with leadership who has a hard-on for this kind of stuff.
  3. Thread revival. OCP wear (ABU equivalent) can happen tomorrow per the guidance. I don't see where this includes the A2CU (2 piece flight suit). The AMC Sup says you can only wear it while performing flying duties or the sim and hasn't been updated to state that it can be worn all the time. Does anyone know of any different guidance?
  4. Anyone know the validity of this? I don't see it anywhere outside of this FB page. If true...thoughts?
  5. Has anyone on active duty had luck waiving the bonus ADSC in order to retire? I know it was easier a couple years ago when the force management programs we're taking place, but am looking for more recent stories of either approval or disapproval.
  6. If you took the bonus prior to FY17 and it has not expired, you can renegotiate your contract. Problem is that it has to be a minimum of 3 years and is only for your current contract payout. You don't get the benefits of the FY19 rates. Not worth it.
  7. I did not misunderstand you. Leadership doesn't want the entire AF in OCPs in garrison. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  8. Not going to happen. Leadership believes we should have a uniform for in garrison that distinguishes us apart from the other services. When we deploy with our joint partners downrange is when we should look as one team in order to make it harder for the enemy to distinguish between the services. Not my words, just relaying what was conveyed in an open forum less than a week ago at Maxwell.
  9. Not sure how that's possible since AFPC doesn't even send them up the chain until after the end of the FY and all eligible applications have been processed (they just sent them up late this week). It may have been sent up by his leadership, but nothing has been approved by HAF/A1P.
  10. MyPers website via the portal. There is a link for Air Force Personnel Statistics. It's all the way at the bottom.
  11. Final numbers have been posted...55% take rate. They also have the end of year report up if you want to read it. What's alarming (to everyone but Big Blue...nothing to see here) is the fact that the overall pilot loss rate was 61.7%, with almost 71% of eligible mobility pilots leaving (if I'm reading that right). This also leaves the mobility pilot force the youngest out of all the types. What could possibly go wrong? Edit: I think the percentages of pilots leaving is based upon those eligible to leave during that FY.
  12. Just stop. 10 U.S. Code § 632 - Effect of failure of selection for promotion: captains and majors of the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps and lieutenants and lieutenant commanders of the Navy (a) Except an officer of the Navy and Marine Corps who is an officer designated for limited duty (to whom section 5596 (e) or6383 of this title applies) and except as provided under section 637 (a) of this title, each officer of the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps on the active-duty list who holds the grade of captain or major, and each officer of the Navy on the active-duty list who holds the grade of lieutenant or lieutenant commander, who has failed of selection for promotion to the next higher grade for the second time and whose name is not on a list of officers recommended for promotion to the next higher grade shall— (1) except as provided in paragraph (3) and in subsection ©, be discharged on the date requested by him and approved by the Secretary concerned, which date shall be not later than the first day of the seventh calendar month beginning after the month in which the President approves the report of the board which considered him for the second time; (2) if he is eligible for retirement under any provision of law, be retired under that law on the date requested by him and approved by the Secretary concerned, which date shall be not later than the first day of the seventh calendar month beginning after the month in which the President approves the report of the board which considered him for the second time; or (3) if on the date on which he is to be discharged under paragraph (1) he is within two years of qualifying for retirement under section 3911, 6323, or 8911 of this title, be retained on active duty until he is qualified for retirement and then retired under that section, unless he is sooner retired or discharged under another provision of law. The officer promotions AFI also references sanctuary multiple times for AD officers. 3.10. Effects of Nonselection for Promotion. Generally, officers not selected for promotion to captain through lieutenant colonel for the second time are separated in accordance with AFI 36- 3207, Separating Commissioned Officers, unless they: 3.10.1. Are retirement eligible or within 2 years of qualifying for retirement (i.e., in the sanctuary) as of the mandatory date of separation (DOS) established for officers twice nonselected for promotion by that board.
  13. 84% was the promotion opportunity for the board. What I don't know is if it is combination of BPZ, IPZ, and APZ though as I never saw said email.
  14. Not sure where this 84% keeps coming from. I'm hearing 72% across the AF...up from 67% last year.
  15. June 9th is the official release. Haven't seen anything yet on continuation or TERA.
  16. Were you in the room and actually heard what Keltz said or are you just insinuating that the account given to TC is incorrect?
  17. Noticed the ACP link isn't on MyPers. Wonder if they've taken it down because they don't plan on offering the bonus this year. I mean, if you think about it...why should we have to pay pilots to stay in when they should be fueled by an inherent desire to serve and fly for the Air Force? /GC
  18. May nominate no more than 20% of IDE and 25% of their SDE candidates. They MUST nominate 100% of their selects who meet time on station requirements.
  19. The rack and stack will happen at the Central Selection Board this year, prior to the DTs getting the nominations. If selects have been sitting on their ass knowing they are going to school versus candidates that have been trying to prove they should get the opportunity, then selects may miss out on those "better" schools. DTs will still vector towards a school, but I'm not sure how much that will factor in when the rack and stack has already occurred.
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