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    Fair 'nuff. Admittedly I like the idea of an all-metal GSG and I've always loved 22LR. Now onto something a little more interesting. Today I got my hands on this little gem. It's Ruger's new takedown 10/22. I fired a few hundred rounds through it via a Ruger branded 25 round clip. I was a bit hesitant because I've had bad misfeed experiences before with aftermarket 25 rd clips from other manufacturers in the 10/22. This was a joy to shoot. There were no misfeeds, FTL, or FTF in over 200 rounds (including rapid fire). I found the rifle to be extremely accurate to 50+ yards with the iron sights, and repeatable even when taken apart and reassembled between sets. Disassembly is a matter of simply moving a lever and twisting the barrel. Assembly is the reverse, literally taking 6-9 seconds. It even had a nice backpack designed to fit all the parts. This is one of the nicest and easiest to use takedown rifles I've personally used. Now just have to buy one for myself.
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    Second best looking cardboard cutout I've seen.
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    New-ish Old School: S&W Model 21-4 note: photos from the Gunbroker auction I won. Not my personal photos. Added this to my collection and took it to the range for the first time today. I can't find the specs on it; the instructions are generic S&W revolver ones, but here goes anyway: I like blued guns with wood grips. I like the classics in both revolvers and semi-autos. This time, it was a revolver's turn. I'm also a fan of the .44, in this case, the .44 special. This revolver has a four-inch barrel, the square butt grips which do well in filling the palm to handle the recoil, but then the heavy mass of this thing does that as well. The sights are distinctly old-school, the rear is simply a channel in the top of the frame while the front is a blued half-moon that to my ageing eyes tends to disappear without a vivid contrast behind it. I intend to change the front site with some sort of gold dot which will help as well as adding one more touch of "bling" to the gun since it has the Thunder Ranch logo in gold on the right side. Normally, I'm not a fan of any sort of advertising or safety inscriptions on the weapon other than an understated manufacturer's name and the caliber, but I have to admit to kinda liking the gold on the blue. I didn't really put a lot of rounds through it because .44 special both in stores and on-line is damned hard to find if you are looking for bulk (50 rd boxes) of jacketed ammo. The cowboy loads are reasonably plentiful, but just trash the barrel, so I don't like using it. The self-defense stuff is great, but at approaching .75 to $1.00 a round, it's prohibitive for a range session. That said, I like this gun. It shoots great; DA pull is a little heavy compared to my S&W Model 29, but not unbearably. The SA is like "buttah," just like most S&W's are. The practical value of the gun is somewhat limited. It would be just fine in the nightstand or even as a holstered carry, but it is heavy and bulky. There are better, higher capacity self-defense guns available and I'd never use this for either method of use/carry. No, I got this just because I wanted it. It will strictly be a range queen, likely only taken a few times a year unless ammo gets more plentiful, but damn if it doesn't just look great. I'll keep the supplied display case in a closet, but the revolver itself will take pride of place in my big gun cabinet.
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    Don't do barrel rolls, ever.
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    Like ... a fucking GUNSHOT WOUND TO THE LEG. Follow this logic: 1. Scared of getting shot in Afghanistan 2. Have spouse shoot me so I won't go to Afghanistan 3. ? 4. Profit
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